Man In Hollywood Brutally Rapes Woman Right Next To Her Baby, Forces Her To Do Demonic Sex Acts, Absolutely Disturbing And Horrific

Ronkedrick Alphonse, demonic rapist

Ronkedrick Alphonse, demonic rapist

By Theodore Shoebat

A man in Hollywood brutally raped a woman in Hollywood, right in front of her child. The brutal and graphic details are in this report:

During their first encounter, police say, Ronkedrick Alphonse threatened a woman at gunpoint outside her Hollywood home and she escaped by locking herself inside.

When he returned less than a week later, she wasn’t able to get away from him.

According to Hollywood police, Alphonse, 28, came back on Aug. 4. and crept up on the woman as she smoked a cigarette outdoors. She raced for the door, but wasn’t fast enough to lock it and Alphonse, threatening to shoot her, pried the door open and forced her onto a bed.

Detectives say Alphonse, of Hollywood, raped the woman in her home with her baby daughter was in the next room. The woman gave police chilling details of the sexual battery.

According to a police report, Alphonse told the woman he didn’t want to hurt her, but continued to threaten to shoot her. When he removed his pants, the woman told detectives she heard the “clunk” of the gun hit the floor and saw its handle.

He raped her and then forced the woman to perform oral sex on him, threatening to “bust your teeth in” if she hurt him, the report said. He used a condom to rape her and took it with him when he left, detectives said.

The woman was able to preserve evidence for police by spitting out Alphonse’s bodily fluids into a cup, the report said. Police also found the used condom in the garbage outside her home.

While investigating, detectives learned a neighbor had seen a man later identified as Alphonse wearing the same clothes the woman had described him in. He told authorities he had recently seen Alphonse at least three times in blue jeans and a blue striped-and-collared shirt in the area of North 57th Avenue, between Johnson Street and Hollywood Boulevard.

Detectives compared notes and noticed Alphonse had been arrested hours after the rape on a warrant for an unrelated incident and wore the same clothes described by the woman and the neighbor. In that prior pending case, Alphonse was accused of rubbing his genitalson the body of a teenager in 2015.

Alphonse is charged with sexual assault with a weapon in connection with the Aug. 4 incident. He remains jailed without bond.