Muslim Terrorist Takes Young Boy And Uses Him As A Living Footrest

fsa-kurd-child copy

Circulated photo alleging an FSA Islamist from Jarablus stepping on a Kurdish child.

By Walid Shoebat

The photo is said to be an FSA terrorist (which Obama supports) stepping on the head of a Kurdish child in Jarablus, Syria. These too, like Zenki are U.S sanctioned Islamist group involved in the Syrian Civil War and had received U.S.-made BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles.

While I could not confirm the photo from primary sources, it has been circulating claiming to be in Jarablus, Syria, where Biden gave green light for Turkey to send in their Islamist battalions. It is not difficult to trust the likelihood of it being genuine, especially when the U.S. supported Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement recorded themselves beheading a Palestinian boy named Abdullah Tayseer Al Issa which that one was definitely confirmed:

These are the types of fighters the U.S. is currently supporting in partnership with Turkey’s largest intervention in Syria dubbed “Operation Euphrates Shield”.

And as it turns out, evidence from the ground and from the civilians in Jarablus is emerging that this whole operation is all a ruse, a sham, a make believe that Turkey is now fighting ISIS. It is not.

Free Syrian Army takes control of Daesh-held Jarabulus

All reports, even from Turkey confirm one ISIS member killed. Thats it. Even that is doubtful. Everything you see circulating about Turkey fighting ISIS (like the above) is simply a show and expect to soon to be hearing of mass rapes of the Kurdish female battalions:

Turkey does not attack ISIS. ISIS is simply handing over villages to other Islamist gangs allied to Turkey. So far, not a single major news media has produced any serious evidence of any ISIS casualties, simply evacuations. Reports from the ground reveal:

The villagers of Jarablus and the footage that are recorded in the region refute the claims of Turkey and state that there is an extensive military deployment in the region as opposed to an operation. ISIS gangs are reported to have evacuated 4 villages and handed them over to gangs affiliated with Turkey … Turkish tanks positioned in the village of Keklice located 4 kms away from Jarablus center, and these tanks were not met with any resistance. Residents of villages in Karkamış in the Turkish side of the border also stated that there were no clashes and the Turkish army’s shelling was only for show.

Indeed. In all the footages we see simply reveal explosions on empty hills. The same reports reveal that:

“ISIS gangs have been crossing from Jarablus to Turkey in groups of 10-15 arriving at Turkey then were given different uniforms and sent back to Jarablus, and emphasized that Turkey’s operation was a mise en scene”.

What President Obama did by sending Joe Biden to make a deal with Turkey titled Operation Euphrates Shield claiming it to be a war on ISIS is all a sham.

And if one chooses not believe these reports, the main Opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) spokesperson Selin Sayek Böke has complained: “We cannot talk of a systematic fight against ISIL [ISIS] cells in Turkey. ISIS organizes picnics in the center of İstanbul,” Böke told reporters at party headquarters on Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton has long been a promoter of no-fly zones in Syria aiming to throw a monkey-wrench into the Russo-Syrian fight against Islamists in the region. The Wall Street Journal points out that during his visit to Ankara, Joseph Biden “delivered an unusual public denunciation of the Kurdish forces,” claiming that if the Kurds do not keep their commitment to return to their strongholds on the eastern side of the Euphrates “they cannot-will not-under any circumstances get American support.” This was a similar message Turkey delivered to the Kurds “if the Kurds do not keep their commitment to return to their strongholds on the eastern side of the Euphrates, expect to receive the hammer”.

Even the wedding party suicide bombing that claimed 54 Kurdish (not Turkish) lives in Gaziantep which was continually used as Erdogan’s excuse to launch the invasion, now his gangs are attacking the dead victim’s Kurdish families who mourn at the burial graves:



And there is more, all terrorist factions are to soon unite to create one front against the Kurds, Christian and Arabs (the SDF) who united against ISIS. In the above video, which one can see the symposium with the names of all Islamists factions fighting, Ahrar Al-Sham spokesman explains the new deal being struck for a grand merger in the coming days of “grandest of Syrian revolution factions” finally coming together. This means that there will be one front to combat all oppositions and it is all Sunni Islamist caliphate minded.

The green above is what the SDF controlled after defeating ISIS. The SDF (Syrian Democratic Front) is an alliance of Kurdish, tribal Arab, Assyrian Christians and Armenian Christians united to remove ISIS from Syria. The Jarablus-Azaz corridor will connect the entire northern Syrian sphere to form a Kurdish territory which Turkey wants to end, which Biden tells them to “go east of the Euphrates or else”, he was sent to do Obama’s bidding orchestrated by Erdogan, Obama’s real boss. Children are meant to have joy, not be abused or beheaded for Allah’s sake.