World Governments Are Now Pushing To Advance The Antichrist Religion All Over The World, They Will Butcher Christians And Great Horrors Will Be Seen Throughout The Earth

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special, Part V, continuation of Part IPart IIPart III, Part IV)

If you asked a hundred Americans to name a western caused holocaust, probably all hundred will name “Hitler’s Nazi Germany”. However, one can bet, that the same hundred would know zilch about the hidden blotted history when the west advanced Eugenics causing holocausts that dwarf what happened in Nazi Germany.

If you spend a day perusing the internet for news articles on “Eugenics,” what you will find are attempts to combat its horrors reminding about the Holocaust and the sterilization of African Americans. Unless you know to search for “the British Raj” during the great famine of India, you will not find out about the millions who were starved in death camps. When Lord Lytton in 1876 prepared to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria as Empress of India, the viceroy justified his inactions (as they did for decades before and after) with the arguments of the social Darwinists and introduced a system of camps with heavy labour, which effectively became death camps. This was decades before Nazi Germany. Today, virtually no one compares how it took the Muslim conquests of that same sub-continent (India) six centuries to liquidate tens of millions.  And lest we forget the 95% of Australia’s Aborigines vanished and the 100% of Tasmania completely eradicated in similar ways.

To make killing fashionable, the West claimed that it was “for a better world” and thus tens of millions were sacrificed for the anti-Christian gods of Eugenics. These gods were not known butchers like Hitler, these were the luminaries; the ‘Enlightened‘ and the ‘Deists‘ of the time, such as H.G. Wells, economist John Maynard Keynes, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, to even include the New York Times. But just as Great Britain did, their is also another blotted history, when the Germans used the same Eugenics in Namibia, where they erected concentration camps for ethnic liquidation four decades before the Holocaust. Within less than a half century, Germany added “positive Christianity,” and the two evil empires, Nazi Germany and the Ottoman Muslim Empire, used the same, Social-Darwinism’s Eugenics, to erase undesirables; around ten million in all, comprising of Jews, Armenians and Catholic poles.

Understanding the sequence how we got there is crucial. The Holocaust did not simply pope up out of nowhere. This is why all this history is blotted, for it will crumble the idea of western superiority and completely shelves the idea that deism and the enlightenment were superior values to the old church. This history is hidden because it reveals the post-Christian world for what it really is.

And you might think that these western induced holocausts have people marching with “never again,” today arises a similar spirit guised as “right” “ethno-nationalist” even “Christian” reviving Scientific-Racialism cellophane-wrapped as “white DNA” “the genomic age” “Human biodiversity” “race realism” and the study of “IQ” guised to maintain a “better world” “economic success” and “national sovereignty”.

This strand of ‘conservatives’ are in reality partial-progressives, mutants, guised as right. What it awaits is to gain momentum and then there is a sudden shift. As revealed in Part IV, Hitler’s ‘racist’ Germany, ended up shifting. It contradicted itself as it united with non-Aryan Turkic Muslims.

This too is a rarely discussed history. These shelved histories are silenced, just as Turkey does with the Armenian Genocide, because they reveal the mechanism of Antichrist.

Genocide recognizes no color. Whether white, black, yellow, all tans commit mass killings. By rejecting biblical instruction, Europe’s Enlightenment surpassed the very Muslim in savagery. So now we live in a West that only complains about the Muslim, while forgetting to examine the logs in western eye.

There is no such thing as burying history. History revives from the dead. It repeats. The tragedies continued by the same “western superiority” thinkers when right before our eyes, they contributed after igniting the misery of the so-called “Arab Spring.” This wrecked the main power pegs of the Arab Middle East. Only one casualty said “no” to the West: Egypt.

Ever wonder why Antichrist takes Egypt by force in Daniel 11 with wars between the “King of the North” and the “King of the South” (Egypt)?

Half of Egyptian Muslims triumphed over their Islamist police state without Western help or even its moral support.

The West’s support for the Arab Spring simply revived another buried history inspiring and empowering Turkey’s Sufi Muslims whom western luminaries supported and even lied about for ages, claiming this strand of Islam as “peaceful”. They twisted the history. It was after all, the Sufis who ruled in the early Mughal periods in India. These were responsible for the massacres we just mentioned. Yet western orientalists like M.W. Watt and Robert Irwin and the rest continued to hide this history. The Muslim warlord who had the greatest obsession with skulls and human sacrifice was Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire. Irwin described Babur concluding him to simply be a contributor of:

“one of the classics of world literature… Writing poetry, together with fighting, hunting and eating fruit, was to remain a lifelong enthusiasm.”

And you might have asked why would the West support the Arab Spring? The Western superiority mindset, while it hones in on terrorists, in reality hides the bigger picture it desires to unite with. Today’s Islamic revival stems from Jama ̄l al-D ̄ın al-Afghani (1839 – 1897), the originator of modern pan-Islamism, called for a unified Muslim response to the west. His message echoed throughout other seminal Islamists like Hassan al-Banna ̄, al-Afghanı’s student. Thirty-six years later, Sayyid Qutub’s ‘‘Milestones’’ called for a pan-Islamic unity. No one really listened to these Islamist luminaries in the Middle East until the Arab Spring by aid from the West. As a result, today the Brotherhood is Turkey and Turkey is the Brotherhood.

With Turkey at the forefront, Sufism became the ecumenical force in which it is the best uniting factor between east and west, Shiite and Sunni Muslims, western neopaganism and oriental shamanism, which expands deeply into Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans, the Turkoman province of Iran and the Uygur district of Xinjian province of China. All this, alongside with Europe’s neopagan movements, both slavic and nordic trends, the ultra-nationalists and populists will play a major role in the end times. We predict that the Antichrist is likely to be a syncretist and a Sufi who will complement Christ, Buddha and Muhammad.

Whether Muslim or European, without Christian ethics, all these are cut from the same cloth. The differences are only in method, labels and the efficiency in killing, while the similarities are the same old rise of antisemitism and the daily bashing of Christianity.

The legacy of the post-Christian “white race,” is really no different from the legacy of all the other races, the “Muslim Ummah”, after all, the Muslims Ummah encompasses a milieu of every race and color that exists on the face of the earth.

All we see are new cellophane-wrappings for the same old dung. Many are falling for the same traps by accepting scientific racism, while at the same time, they claim that they are not racist! The denial is not only in Turkey, Germany and Great Britain; Fascism in Italy as well ‘officially’ claimed not to be racist. However, racism against native minority populations was encouraged by Italian Fascism, just like we see in today’s European nationalist movements. The Slovenes became the first victims. In September 1920, Benito Mussolini stated:

When dealing with such a race as Slavic – inferior and barbarian – we must not pursue the carrot, but the stick policy…. We should not be afraid of new victims…. The Italian border should run across the Brenner Pass, Monte Nevoso and the Dinaric Alps…. I would say we can easily sacrifice 500,000 barbaric Slavs for 50,000 Italians….

— Benito Mussolini, speech held in Pula, 20 September 1920

In a 1921 speech in Bologna (Italy), Mussolini stated, “Fascism was born… out of a profound, perennial need of this our Aryan and Mediterranean race”.

And similar to what we see today, Mussolini was concerned with the low birth rates of the white race in contrast to the African and Asian races. In 1928 he noted the high birth-rate of blacks in the United States, and that they had surpassed the population of whites in certain areas, such as Harlem in New York City. He described their greater racial consciousness in comparison with American whites as contributing to their growing strength.

Today, once you put all the newly concocted labels together, you will find a huge movement. Instead of using the same old slug, they loaded several pellets into a shotgun shell then blasted the different labels that stems from the same gun; “race realists,” “Nordicism,” “radical traditionalist” “Christian Identity” “white DNA” “the genomic age” “Human biodiversity” “race realism”  “Aryan Nations” “The Order” “Identitarian” and “Alt Right” … and the list goes on.

Its brilliant since now if you mention one of these labels, it is dismissed as “irrelevant minority,” but collectively, like the Muslim Ummah, the mask will only drop when these labels congregate as a fifth column, emboldening themselves into admitting what their true intentions are in response to what they claim as planned jewish inspired “white genocide”.

Today, their is a growing number of Americans who think that the spirit of America is found not in the Declaration of Independence proclamation “all men are created equal,” but in a 1790 law that limited United States citizenship to “free white person[s].” These shame anyone who disagrees with the epithet “cuckservative,” a portmanteau of “cuckold” against mainstream conservatives.

Its all reminiscent to the 1919, when Mussolini claimed that Jewish bankers in London and New York City were bound by the chains of race to Moscow and that 80% of the Soviet Union leaders were Jews.

On the issue of the low birth rate of whites, and just as we see the arguments abound today, Mussolini said in 1928:

“[When the] city dies, the nation – deprived of the young life-blood of new generations – is now made up of people who are old and degenerate and cannot defend itself against a younger people, which launches an attack on the now unguarded frontiers. This will happen, and not just to cities and nations, but on an infinitely greater scale: the whole White race, the Western race can be submerged by other coloured races which are multiplying at a rate unknown in our race.”

Today this same scenario is repeating. The white stock wants to blame the low fertility rate on the ‘colored’ immigrant, instead of admitting that the Catholic Church was right. The mess destroys the myths of a post-Christian western supremacy.

During the Great Depression Mussolini again expressed his alarm at the low birth rate among whites, saying “The singular, enormous problem is the destiny of the white race. Europe is truly towards the end of its destiny as the leader of civilization.”

He went on to say that under the circumstances, “the white race is sickly”, “morally and physically in ruin”, and that, in combination with the “progress in numbers and in expansion of yellow and black races, the civilization of the white man is destined to perish.” This is the same concern the West is making about immigration. According to Mussolini, only through promoting natality and eugenics could this be reversed.

And just as we explained with Nazism’s shift from racism, in 1933, Mussolini contradicted all of his earlier statements on race, saying:

“Race! It is a feeling, not a reality: ninety-five percent, at least, is a feeling. Nothing will ever make me believe that biologically pure races can be shown to exist today. … National pride has no need of the delirium of race.”

History will not change but repeat. The first course is a carrot “lets preserve our kind by annihilating the other kinds”.

The idea is sort of like using Genesis, with the proviso that humanity are simply “creatures according to their kinds …” “bearing seed according to their kinds,” while dissenters to such bad hermeneutics are slain, regardless if they are of “the same kind”; the same exact race.

And then comes the middle course, an immediate 180 degree shift, where this whole doctrine reverses to include “all kinds” so long they are of the same immoral mindset.

Then what awaits is the heavy meal, where wars would cause the annihilation of millions from the very sheepfold they claimed to want to preserve.

And after the disasters, whoever are left and able, these would  flock to lands of the lower cast seeking shelter and protection from the lesser pedigree. The end results of attempting to preserve this “white race” ends up in wars annihilating tens of millions pedigree. Ironically, during WWII, many Europeans ended up as refugees welcomed in none other than the Middle East. Its all ‘hidden history’.

US Army General Allen Gullion and Fred K. Hoehler, Director of the United Nation’s Division of Displaced Persons, stand before a map predicting the movement of European refugees of World War II. Many Europeans would find a haven in refugee camps in the Middle East.

Map where Europeans, largely from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Yugoslavia lived in refugee camps in the Middle East during World War II.

A group of European women and a young girl launder clothes at refugee camps in El Shatt, Egypt and Bab Al-Hawa, near the Syria-Turkey border, in 1945.

God addressed national zeal in II Samuel 21, where God punished Israel for persecuting the unbelieving Gibeonite foreigners. Saul wanted to purify Israel from foreigners and God did not approve as the Church today also disapproves.

God shows a balance. Anomalies can also be considered God’s peoples. Even Christ in one example elevated  “the good Samaritan” over the Pharisee. This, regardless that Samaritanism was a cult.

We could use this to compare a Muslim who did righteous deeds over the Christian who didn’t. The Muslim and the Samaritan, after all, have much in common. Both insist on the absolute oneness of God. Imagine, the Samaritans rejected all the Old Testament, which was the entire bible of the day with the exception of the Pentateuch.

At times we even argue between Catholic and Protestant as to which side endorses the fulness of God’s doctrines, where we debate how Evangelicals are missing certain books of the Bible and even sacraments. However, an Evangelical who does right by aiding the wounded on the Jericho road, is better than a Patriarch who shows no sympathy to the suffering.

The Samaritans, like the Muslims, completely rejected Jerusalem as the center for their faith. And similar to the Muslims who switched from Jerusalem, Samaritans at the time of Christ, considered their holy sanctuary as Mount Gerizim where they pilgrim even today just as the Muslims pilgrim to Mecca.

Both prayer formations are also similar and both reject huge parts of the Bible. In other words, at times an anomaly can carry out God’s will, even though he never read the Bible. The Bible in the heart is more important than the Bible on paper.

Samaritans in Nablus (biblical Shechem)




At times what determines “God’s chosen people” are the actions of a good soul working with the limits of what he knows. But again, this needs to be viewed in balance and is why God created the Church.

History reveals and historians unanimously agree that during Nazism, Catholic leaders were more suspicious of National Socialism than their Protestant counterparts. Why? Nationalism was not as deeply embedded in the Catholic Church, which after all Catholic means universal (global). This is why learned Catholics reject populism, since the Church in Catholic view, is to be controlled by a single ‘elite group‘.

If we put this from a computer processing perspective, the Vatican is an IBM mainframe processor, while Protestants are semi-networked personal computers operating independently.

While it would be unfair to categorize all protestants, in the U.S., there are tremendous examples on how the founding fathers and even later on others fought tooth and nail to abolish racism. However, the originator of their denominations, Luther, did the typical 180 degree shift and became a rabid racist against the Jews.

Thomas Jefferson, while he contributed in the ‘Declaration of Independence’ etching the words “all men are created equal,” he owned slaves and wrote: “The slave, when made free, might mix with, without staining the blood of his master. But with us [America] a second is necessary, unknown to history. When freed, he [Black slave] is to be removed beyond the reach of mixture.”

But no matter how much the West advances, the problem still enters. The protestant wants to be independent from any outside powers out of his state, and so he disconnects from what he considers the old and clunky IBM mainframe.

This is why the rabid anti-Catholicism of figures such as Alfred Rosenberg, a leading Nazi ideologue during the Nazi rise to power, as historians agree, raised early concerns towards Catholic (not protestant) leaders in Germany and specifically the Vatican (the IBM mainframe).

Protestantism, after all, was the reason why Europe had its national splits. A Catholic would argue that Catholicism wanted to keep all its nations clinging together as Christ called for a single unified church “to be one as Christ is one”. (John 17:21, 1 Corinthians 12:12)

Calvin’s Reformed theology, for example, examined ways in which Puritan heirs introduced racism that whites were created superior to blacks. The Enlightenment suffered from white ethnocentric prejudice as Christianity was replaced by modern secular ideas, racism emerged as a secular myth, the Aryan myth, that soon became a rationale for anti-Jewish feelings in Europe. German Protestant theology during the nineteenth century was slowly colored by romantic nationalistic ideas that eventually would open the door to racism where “the nation,” became an “order of creation,” and in this way racist doctrines swept into the Protestant theology of the “right”.

This is why it is folly to categorize Christianity as right or left. The old IBM mainframe was just right (correct) so that if one looks up “racism” from his dumb terminal by accessing only this IBM mainframe, it gives out the same answer “its a mortal sin”.

However, with the Protestant’s personal computer (smart but unsupervised computer) can bypass the mainframe and access thousands of views on scripture interpretations, where one finds arguments to support a multitude of confusing and opposing arguments.

All this added problems. For example, during U.S. history, Spiritual Racism was a Mormon doctrine completely foreign to scripture. Joseph Smith in the Book of Mormon (similar to Nazism’s Positive Christianity) created his own racial origin and rewrote Genesis where Mormons descended from Shem who was “white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome” unlike Hem whom “God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them … cursed shall be the seed of him that mixeth with their seed.” Blacks according to Mormonism, are cursed beings “idle people, full of mischief and subtlety” (See Nephi 5:21).

You have always heard that it is okay to disagree so long we both keep the essentials.  This is the worst myth that was introduced and is always used. With God, one can do communion, confession, sacraments … but burning incense to someone else besides God is enough to plunge the most purest of pedigrees straight into the abyss.

One can believe in all what they think are ‘the essentials’, but add pride, and the desire to consume vast territory and power, this will relinquish all your great deeds and leave you crownless.

Lucifer tried this when he tempted Christ by promising Him the earth for His dominion. These are exactly what Catholic Léon Joseph Marie Ignace Degrelle (1906 – 1994) and Muslim henchman (Haj Amin Al-Husseini) worked tirelessly to advance Hitler’s desire to consume lands.

While Al-Husseini was Muslim, Degrelle kept his Catholic “Essentials” which is today the cry of modern Christianity, where all sects want to find commonality with tyrannical theologies.

But is this verse ‘non-essential’:

“I will plant them [Israel] in their land and no longer shall they be pulled up” (Amos 9:15)?

At first glance, the racist pedigree would think “no” “this is non-essential”. But think about the verse for a minute. First of all, God extradited the Jews during the Babylonian captivity and then the Roman. Therefore, the verse can never be a historic reference unless God erred, which is impossible. He even predicted the scattering of the Jews which He fulfilled. God provided evidence to His proclamations.

Secondly, God did not give the Jew the whole earth, He gave him just a small parcel of land to survive, while the earth till today bickers that “the Jew controls the entire world.” Mussolini and Hitler belabored the same rhetoric we hear today by the rising pre-Antichrist populous movements in Europe.

One can re-interpret the verse, hate it, not know it, bicker about it, refuse to harness it or live with it; regardless if the best pacifier fails to stop billions of crybabies; go against this one verse, and you could take the side of Antichrist, which scriptures also reveal that he [Antichrist]: “divides the land for gain” (Daniel 11:39).

This alone ensures, you need no appointment, for you have reserved your spot in hell. God dedicates entire chapters focusing on the Jewish return being the test for the nations. How people treat the persecuted determines God’s division, wheat from tares, sheep from goat.

So is Amos 9:15 a non-essential? Dare tell God on judgment day that some of His favorite collections of “thus says the Lord” were “none-essential” because some doofus on a church pulpit or a Youtube video said so?