Sweden Fights Against Taking Christian Asylum Seekers While At The Same Time It Freely Gives Asylum To An Unrepentant Abortionist

In recent news, a woman from El Salvador has been given asylum as a “refugee” in Sweden. Her claim was that she was fleeing “persecution” because she is an abortionist and she was going to be prosecuted under El Salvador’s strict anti-abortion laws:

A prominent pro-choice activist from El Salvador has become the first known person to be granted asylum for “abortion persecution” after Sweden agreed to provide her protection from “political persecution” in her country.

The Swedish Migration Agency has officially granted Maria Teresa Rivera and her 11-year-old son political asylum, reported Telesur, which also said that the agency agreed it is “clear that this (political) persecution is rooted partly in her sex as female,” and “political opinions.”

El Salvador banned abortion in all cases in 1998.

In 2011, Rivera experienced an unattended birth in the latrine at her home, and the baby died. She claims she didn’t know she was pregnant and didn’t realize she had given birth while on her toilet. Unconscious and having lost blood, she was taken to a public hospital where she was accused of infanticide.

The autopsy report found the baby was full term and the cause of death was perinatal asphyxiation, or lack of oxygen before, during, or after birth.

She was later convicted of aggravated homicide and sentenced to 40 years in prison. However, a higher court ordered a re-investigation, which led to her acquittal.

Many pro-choice groups have used Rivera’s case to argue for legalizing abortion in El Salvador, claiming the country’s abortion ban put Rivera behind bars for a miscarriage, even though Rivera was not convicted of having an abortion and never claimed to have sought an abortion. Rivera also became an advocate for legalized abortion while in prison.

Rivera applied for asylum in Sweden last year, and the agency reviewed her case granting her and her son an initial three-year asylum period with the potential for renewal, according to Rewire. Rivera sought asylum because the attorney general was trying to reopen her case. (source)

This is the same Sweden, keep in mind, that has recently allowed millions of Muslims into its borders as “refugees” while at the same time harassing Christians coming in who are actually fleeing real persecution from Muslims.

I have said it before and I will say it again- this story illustrates perfectly is why the West is dying. I recall the words of St. Paul in his letter to the Romans 1:19-32:

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of those who by their wickedness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.

Ever since the creation of the world his eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things he has made. So they are without excuse; for though they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their senseless minds were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools; and they exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling a mortal human being or birds or four-footed animals or reptiles.

Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the degrading of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.

For this reason God gave them up to degrading passions. Their women exchanged natural intercourse for unnatural, and in the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in their own persons the due penalty for their error.
And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind and to things that should not be done. They were filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, covetousness, malice. Full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, craftiness, they are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, rebellious toward parents, 31 foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. They know God’s decree, that those who practice such things deserve to die—yet they not only do them but even applaud others who practice them

Everybody sins because we live in a sin-sick world. Christ came to heal men from the effects of sin by transferring those who believe in Him from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light, that through Him those who believe might no longer perish, but have eternal life. Christianity has always been a rescue operation that is both an act and a process- a man is saved by grace through faith, he is continually saved by living in accordance with the will of God, and his prayer is that he will be saved because salvation is a gift and not an entitlement. God will mete out absolute justice to the world, but He always offers His absolute mercy to all those who wish to receive it.

God is no respecter of persons either. While men are different and diverse, all are human by their creation and possess intrinsic dignity as creations in the image and likeness of God. To live a good and righteous life, no matter what the place, time, or circumstances are, is what God wants, as St. Mary’s fiat in the Bible states (Luke 1:46-55):

And Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant. Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed; for the Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is his name. His mercy is for those who fear him from generation to generation.

He has shown strength with his arm; he has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts. He has brought down the powerful from their thrones, and lifted up the lowly; he has filled the hungry with good things, and sent the rich away empty.

He has helped his servant Israel, in remembrance of his mercy, according to the promise he made to our ancestors, to Abraham and to his descendants forever.”

Nobody but an insane person is going to say that the Muslim invasion into Europe and America has been good. It is resulting in the wholesale destruction of these nations (and at the same time, we have been continually pointing out how government, business, and financial interests manufactured the “refugee crisis” for political purposes to bring back a new national socialism). This is absolutely not good and should be opposed by all people of good will.

But saying that I have to return to St. Paul’s words of wisdom, which essentially says that if a man chooses to persist and revel in sin without a desire to seek repentance, he will go insane and become more debauched until he destroys himself. Likewise, as St. Mary says, the mercy of God is for those who seek after God and want to love Him, and the way this is done is by (to paraphrase quote a phrase from the Muslims) to embrace, enjoin, and practice what is right and to forbid and destroy that which is wrong. Sacred Scripture in combination with Sacred Tradition gives clear guidance on what is to be enjoined and what is to be forbade.

It is an open fact that the “West” is now “post-Christian,” which is a softened way of saying that the West does not believe in Christ and like a dog returning to lap up its own vomit has rejected its savior and chosen to return to the barbarous ways of its human-sacrificing, idol worshipping ancestors (as all of us had at one time before Christ rescued us), except we have different clothes and different means of achieving the same results. One of the most heinous of crimes in our modern day has been the scourge of abortion, which is nothing less than a modern-day form of infant sacrifice.

It is hard to think of a crime more abhorrent than human sacrifice of the most innocent. But just like the vile Caananites of old who God commanded the Israelites to destroy on account of their sins and who likewise were used to punish Israel when they began participating in the same abhorrent practice, so is the same in Europe and America today. Time, places, and faces have changed, but divine truth has not because God does not change.

So here we have the case of a central American baby killer who revels in her sin and now is fleeing because she says she is being “persecuted” for being a murderer, and the nation that gives her “refuge” for her “persecution” is a nation that hates Christ and Christianity and just invited in hordes of Muslims but now complains that the Muslims are too aggressive.

A fitting anthem for Sweden and the West today. However, the point is clear- the wage of sin is death and it is NOT a joke.

Please, spare me the cries of pity for Sweden. While the government is bad, the fact is that in many ways as in all societies, the government is just a reflection of the people. The modern Swedes have shows themselves sadly to be possibly worse than their pagan ancestors and are reaping the consequences of their wicked ways.

And by the way, if you think that Sweden is bad, the fact is that America is on the same trajectory as Western Europe is right now. Just look at the state of the pro-life movement here. While I am all for mercy and I cannot emphasize enough times how important mercy is, the fact is that abortion has to be called out for what it is and be treated by the people- especially those in the “pro-life movement”- for the vile, sick think that it is. People who participate in it and promote it without repentance and brazenly must be, for the good of themselves and the good of all society, born and unborn, treated with the same degree of revulsion to that which they support, such as with this man right here:

Source to the full story is here. This is another example of the demonic levels which our society has reached.

Tell me, if this was a Muslim doing this, would the Muslim community not rally and attack? Would they not file charges and make a media scene, pursuing every possibly legal avenue and beyond? Forget about the “liberal media bias” here- if this was a Muslim, they would make a stink until people noticed it and they would not care what anybody think at all…

…And that is the problem right there- caring about what people think too much. I understand wanting to present a positive image of one’s cause, and the importance of good public relations. However, there is a time for that as much as there is a time for getting in somebody’s face and telling them what needs to be said. This is one of those times for the Pro-life movement. However, nobody is standing up- the silence is deafening.

Recently, NY Times Columnist Rod Dreher came out with a book called “The Benedict Option,” in which he discusses that the future of Christianity in America is going to resemble the Christians of the post-collapse Roman empire. As a hated and ostracized minority surrounded by invading pagan people who do not like Christ, Christians will have to form small, monastic-type centers where faith, culture, science, and the remnants of civilization will be preserved for future generations as the monks of old did. He emphasized this in light of the rise of the homosexual movement, whereby he foresees that Christians will become ostracized, hated, and persecuted minorities by their own people in the near future:

At the same time I was looking at all of these trends, I also took notice of Russia. Now Russia has many problems which need to be dealt with on a number of levels. However, something that I have been saying for years is that the trajectory which Russia (and most likely a good number of the Slavic nations) is on right now in comparison to the United States and the West is positive, for while they are in a much more difficult situation, they have not wholly given up on God, they still have something of Christianity left in them, and they have the potential for great advancement as a result of this. In comparison, the West is still more powerful in a temporal sense but as they have given up on God, then their society resembles a termite-eaten mansion which is unstable and preparing to collapse under its own weight as it no longer has any support.

In the case of Russia, at the same time I found this article about Sweden, I found a little-mentioned article in the Catholic news about how Russia is preparing to ban surrogate motherhood (another grave sin the Catholic Church has repeatedly spoken about):

For the Church, headed by the Moscow Patriarchate surrogacy whether it is commercial or voluntary is unacceptable.  This method of generating children “offends human dignity” according to Vakhtang Kipshidze, vice-chairman of the Synodal Department of the Patriarchate for relations between the Church, society and the media, in a statement released to the agency RIA-Novosti.

The draft law on banning surrogate motherhood in Russia is now being examined by the State Duma (Russian Parliament). In the presentation of the text on March 27, it is emphasized that the proposed ban would be temporary, in anticipation of a new overall draft regulation of surrogacy, which at the same time defend the rights and interests of newborn babies, surrogate mothers and prospective parents.

“The use of techniques surrogate motherhood is a choice of the child’s parents. The Church cannot support this decision, as it considers that this constitutes an offense to human dignity and is in itself a reproductive technology of dubious morality” – said Kipshidze. (source)

Truly, the mercy of God is on those who fear Him in every generation. May all of us follow Him and by His grace be found worthy to merit eternal life and, while we are still here, to be like Him and purge these and the other evils as we are called to from the Earth.

Christus Vincit. Christus Regnat. Christus Imperiat.