National Socialists And Communists Battle In The Streets Of Berkeley- We Are Reliving 1930s Germany Today

We have repeatedly maintained that based on historical precedent and by trends taking place today and in spite of all of the rhetoric against Islam and Muslims, in the end the National Socialists will ally with the Muslims because they share the same basic philosophy. We have already pointed out how this is taking the form of according to a major National Socialist website what they are calling “white sharia,” which is the execution of the tenets of Islamic sharia law except used under the guise and goal of carrying out eugenics against “undesirable” people.

In another article coming out of the Daily Stormer, it documents an example “white sharia” in action through an attack by a National Socialist named Nathan D’Amigo who is also a founder of the National Socialist group Identity Evropa. He punched out a self-professed “Social Justice Warrior” named Louise Rosealma at a recent protest at Berkle.

I have told you all that WHITE SHARIA is not a meme, it is a FACT, and it is the only solution.

At least one guy was taking it seriously: Nathan Damigo.

Nathan Damigo went to war Saturday, and he took out one of our top enemies.

She says her body is not a crime…

Acts 17:31: Jesus will judge you after death.

She came to fight and she got what she came for!

This is called WHITE SHARIA in ACTION!

She is also a hairy fetish model going by the name of Venus Rosales at ATKHairy.

I’m not going to link a porno site directly, but it’s a hairy woman fetish site. That is, a site for men who are aroused by hairy women.

She is EXACTLY the archetype of woman who forced the demand for WHITE SHARIA.

Every single cuckolded white knight faggot bitch talking about “muh princesses” in response to calls for WHITE SHARIA supports this transformation.

People who are against the “oppression” of women are the actual woman-haters.

When this bitch was 15, you could genuinely say “Aryan princess.” She was glowingly pretty, I’m sure very sweet, giggly, would blush if you flirted with her – she was fit for a white analog to K-Pop.

But “freedom” and the university system turned her into a hairy porno monster rioting on the street.

The degree to which you allow women freedom is the degree to which they will destroy their own lives and the lives of everyone around them and by extension all of civilization itself.

Imagine this girl’s father, who is now getting these images sent to him in mass in his email box (something I support, by the way, even while I sympathize with him).

We have to forcibly marry-off teenage girls to men who will TAKE CARE OF THEM!

We WANT women to be taken care of, as they are the thing that cooks, cleans, gives sexual pleasure and produces and raises children! The white knights don’t care about the protection of women! White knights skirt their MASCULINE responsibility by refusing their biological duty to protect women in REAL terms, which mainly involves protecting them from themselves, rather than some external threat!

People who are opposed to the policy of forced teenage marriage are cucks and feminists, who care not for the wellbeing of women, but simply for their own childlike emotions which have been stimulated by Jewish propaganda in Hollywood films about the independent minds of women.

And people can be like “OH YEAH OKAY BUT WHITE SHARIA IS TOO EXTREME THO” – in fact, the situation is now so extreme that we don’t have any choice anymore.

Sergeant Damigo’s Situation

Nathan may be facing some troubles.

I’m not going to comment on any details of that, because there is no reason to right now, but many people are calling for him to be arrested, including that guy that plays Captain America.

Or wait, maybe he’s just threatening to beat his ass.

Anyway, some people are calling for his arrest.

They are outraged that a WOMAN would get punched – even after these same people:

a) celebrated Richard Spencer getting punched in the face, said it was great, called for more of it, and
b) argue that there are no biological differences between women and men
Doesn’t compute.

But yeah, no matter what, we are going to be subject to a different standard for street action than our enemies.

Honestly, we should not be out on the streets without masks. In fact, there needs to be a uniform, so each person is indistinguishable from one another. Like the black bloc, there needs to be a uniform.

So, let’s celebrate the dawn of WHITE SHARIA, but at the same time, learn from this experience.

The system does not play by its own rules.

We will be punished for things that antifa do with impunity.

We have to be smart.

Hail Victory. (source)

Do read the entire article at the original source. There is a lot to take in here, so let’s start deconstructing it.

National Socialism was attractive in the past and is attractive today because, in many (certainly not all) respects, it actually draws heavily on facts which are considered socially inappropriate and uncomfortable but cannot be disputed in their essence because they are factually correct. This is what begins to draw many people toward National Socialist ideals, because when a society is accustomed to being told blatant and dangerous lies and the same society has suffered grievously for a long time because of it, people look for answers and what they find is that it is this group who while for the most part is hated is also telling the truth. At the same time, the national socialists will use their status as outcasts and hated to build support, because the more they speak hard truths directly the more people will start to change their opinions about them, and they will start to think it is the national socialists who are and were telling the truth all along.

“Ode to a Dying People” This is a very popular National Socialist song. As I mentioned above, it does speak about many truths, such as the destruction of European society, the disappearance of culture, and the apathy that has come to define modern western life. It uses powerful imagery, and touches on issues close to the hearts of many people who know that something is gravely wrong and which other people do not want to discuss because it is considered social unacceptable.

However, as we have gone to extensive lengths to point out, the destruction of Western society is not a racial, but a religious issue. You can read our articles, but the basic point is the same- Western society wants to worship itself and not Christ, so as we have turned away from Christ so has He from us. We are just reaping the consequences of our behavior, and the answer is to return to Christ. However, songs like this will avoid this fact at all costs, instead emphasizing that the issue is race because, as one who studies them comes to understand, the National Socialists worship their race and use it as a lever for vaulting themselves into power.

This is how they attract people to believe in them, and once they do this they start using the same facts but begin interjecting their own conclusions into what those facts mean. The conclusions they put in are nothing less than pure propaganda and filled with the same lies of the past century, just recontextualized to the current time but remaining the same in their essence. People become deceived by them because the facts that they present appear to support the conclusions they are offering when they really do not at all. The result is a very clever illusion where indisputable facts are used as the basis to support a conclusion that is entirely philosophical and not connected to the facts at all except by general association, and the conclusion that the national Socialists want is a return to the darwinistic philosophy of the eugenicists of old and a revival of the old Germanic paganism where the rulers can proclaim themselves as “gods among men” in a power struggle no different than that between the Bolsheviks versus the Czar of pre-revolution Russia.

When dealing with National Socialism, you seldom can argue facts with them because they use facts to fit their ends. You have to look at and argue against the philosophy they are backing with said facts. That is their weak point. Take this article above about “white sharia” as a classical example of national socialist propaganda in action- With all fairness, is there not a lot in this article that is actually quite accurate?

Can anybody argue against the fact that many women in the Western world today have reduced themselves to little more than common prostitutes by the behavior and actions, saying that “women’s rights” and “feminism” is nothing more than the unbridling of all restraints on female hypergamy while placing maximum restrains on male sexuality?

Or just take a look at the photos of the woman from this protest. Can you not argue that she is a representation of many “modern” women who associate with the “radical left”/”ANTIFA”/”feminist movement”? The deranged behavior she engages in, from making violent threats to fetish-themed pornography all speak to a twisted quality of the soul that is all to common place today and has been promoted without any public outcry against it:

Photos of this woman she put online. There is something gravely wrong with her. Normal people do not behave like this, and her behavior must be confronted. However, this is part of the “bait-and switch” approach, as national socialism gives the impression that it is the only effective answer to problems such as this kind of behavior.

Is it possible to say that something is not gravely wrong with society when it is not socially acceptable to support and a legal crime to oppose perversions such as homosexuality, the self-mutilation of one’s genitals, pedophilia, and bestiality? It is not obvious that the societies of Europe and America are falling apart around us, being torn apart in a way and with such violence that has not been seen since the fall of the Roman Empire to the barbarians?

Just look at this recent video of Maine Democrat representative Richard Fochtmann speaking to his constituents. He openly praises white males committing suicide and encouraging their replacement by “minorities” and “women.” This video would NEVER be shown in most media outlets, and yet if the exact same white male made the same statement but about blacks, Muslims, or women, it would be a story that would make international news. This is IN-YOUR-FACE attacking, just one step short of actual, blood-in-the-streets violence against a particular group. People have a right to be angry about this, but again- bait-and-switch tactic- the reason the National Socialists talk about this is because they style themselves as the answer to it when they are simply replacing one set of evils with another evil that is slightly different in appearance but with the same potency and origins.

Remember: race is to the national socialist as class is to the communist. They are the same evil but with different tension points.

So many of these points above and that were made by the Daily Stormer article are true. Nobody with a brain can deny them because they are so well-documented, so blatant, so egregious that to deny so is like the person who insists that “Islam is a religion of peace” in the face of more than 1400 years of Islamic history and actions. Only a completely mindless idiot or a very narcissistic person could persist in their errors because there is no excuse since the truth is so obvious. It does not matter if the person who the person is who points out these facts or what his affiliations are, because truth is truth no matter who says it even if one does not believe it or wants to use it to suit their own ends.

At the same time, one must also ask how this decline happened. After all, women with rings in their noses and purple hair flashing their genitals for the world to see did not just happen on a mere whim out of nothing. Like all things, it had to have an origin. This origin is the decline and suppression of Christendom by elements within Western society used to gain benefit for themselves and suppress others in part of a centuries long power struggle beginning with heretical movements and coming through the days of modern secularism, atheism, and the current attempts at reviving neo-paganism.

So following what I mentioned earlier, much of what is mentioned in this Daily Stormer article as regards to the decline of culture and man-woman relationships is correct. However, you cannot look at the facts of what is being presented because that is tangental to the actual message it is attempting to deliver, which is that the way to solve the West’s problems is to rain down a torrent of death, destruction, and war like what Hitler did, showing no mercy and destroying all who disagree, which would also include attacking the “weak” and “flabby” Christians, and insteady allying with the “strong” Muslims and Japanese “who value sacrifice for the fatherland as the highest good” in nothing less than a new for of neo-paganism:

You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness? (pulled from Albert Speer’s Memoirs Inside the Third Reich, page 96, read it here)

Speaking of Hitler and Islam, as I mentioned in a previous article and as the Daily Stormer piece mentions above, there is the term “white sharia,” thus reinforcing what I recently pointed out, was that in the end the National Socialists will side with the Muslims and may even end up embracing Islam because they are philosophically of the same mindset:

The rise of Islam is a concern. However, the fact is that evil cannot cast out evil. Two wrongs do not make a right, and as the Bible says, the devil cannot cast himself out. If anything, there is a danger that Islam will overtake much of Europe not so much by invasion, but from within, for if the National Socialist sees in essence no difference between himself and a Muslim except in that they worship a different diety in name and eat different foods, then it will not take much to convince a national socialist given a little time to follow “divinely revealed and absolute truth” from Allah instead of a man-made god such as the worship of the self that national socialism promotes. (source)

If the popularizing of the use of the term “white sharia” was not enough, then there is also the fact that Nathan Damigo is very close with Richard Spencer, a National Socialist who we pointed out will cry against Islam and Muslims but has been working closely with major Turkish business and industrial interests and is helping the rise of the new Ottoman empire, as Ted pointed out:

It is no surprise, then, that the Property and Freedom Society will bring in Identitarian eugenists like Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor, while bringing in a Kemalist favorable to evolutionism like Mustafa Akyol, and someone who denies the Armenian Genocide like Norman Stone. While the two seem different — one being for White supremacy while the other for Ottoman supremacy — they are two different faces while being of the same essence, and that is, the diabolical.

The emphasis here is not whether or not the communist-affiliated “SJWs” and their supporters or the new National Socialists are good. Both are evil. The Church has traditionally maintained that socialism is evil because it overthrows the natural order in favor of reducing men to parts in a machine solely for power. However, they will still fight with each other for power. If this fight sounds familiar, it is because this is what happened in the 1920s and 1930s in Germany as Communists and National Socialists battled with each other in the streets just like in this story. I warned about this in a previous article about protests out in Berkeley at a Milo Yiannopoulos speech where I wrote:

Right now there is an disturbing intensification that is taking place in politics in America and Europe, and understandably so. However, as we have mentioned before, this is not a situation of “good vs. evil,” but rather “Coke vs. Pepsi.” The same evils of the past are being re-formulated under different names and faces, but their potency has not diminished in the slightest. Their is no “winning side” except that which Christ is on, and it is neither of the choices which we are being told are our choices today.

Now I am not saying that people do not have a right to defend themselves or that one should just be pushed over. The concern which I see is that as these “protests” (if they can even be called that, as many of these are planned and directed from higher and wealthier powers) intensify, they are going to get more violent. With “calls to arms” now being made openly on both sides, there is only a matter of time until somebody is going to get killed. Don’t know who it is or how it will happen, but somebody is going to die whether it is intentional or by accident. That person is going to be made into a “martyr” for the cause, regardless of how well (or poorly) he lived his life.

The issue here at play is not facts, because very few people are going to actually deny fact when, especially in our times, the Internet has made it very hard to do so with a straight face. What matters more and what is being pushed is the conclusion of what those who are promoting- allowing- such protests to happen want you to adopt. That is why the situation today is as it was a century ago- Horst Wessel died but his ghost did not, and it waits to be reincarnated again in a different body.

Neither side here is playing for truth or justice. It is not about as the “communists” or “cultural marxists” (to use a National Socialist term which has become popular today) about a class struggle, nor is it as the “national socialists” claim about a ethno-cultural struggle. Both are covers for a greater struggle, and that is the struggle for power at all costs. It does not matter to them who lives or dies or how that power is acquired, just so long as at the end of they day, they have power and the other does not. (source)

In this article I referenced a story about a man named Horst Wessel, who was a young man that was well-known in National Socialist circles. He used to engage in street fights against Communists, attacking people and earning a reputation as a man to be feared. He was later murdered by communists, and after his death the National Socialists turned him into a “martyr for the cause,” using him as a rallying point and even composing a famous song called the “Horst Wessel Lied,” set to the tune of the “Deutschlandlied”:

The Horst Wessel Lied, an anthem of National Socialist Germany

Now while Nathan Damigo is still alive, notice how his “punch heard around the world” is being played up to rally support for National Socialism, to legitimize it as a kind of ‘moral force’ fighting against “cultural marxism” (a national Socialist code word for “communism, because they do not want to reveal how they are actually socialists themselves). Just like Horst Wessel, he is deeply involved in National Socialist causes, and is under death threats from his enemies. If the National Socialists are playing up Nathan Damigo’s incident now, then if anything happens to him it is almost GUARANTEED he will be made into a martyr just as Horst Wessel was- I would not even be surprised if they carried pictures of the two along side each other.

Now Horst Wessel, as I pointed out in my article, was a scoundrel. Nathan Damigo is the same. As a recent article pointed out, he is an Iraq War veteran who has been arrested multiple times for a string of crimes including armed robbery and assault:

Damigo, who was profiled by The Times in December, is an Iraq War veteran who was convicted of armed robbery after drunkenly pulling a gun on a La Mesa cabdriver he thought was Iraqi.

In November 2007, he had been home for a month after his second tour of duty and was suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder, drug and alcohol abuse and paranoia, according to San Diego County court records. A few days after the anniversary of a friend’s combat death, he spent a night drinking and went for a walk with a gun. He came across the cabdriver, put a gun to his head and robbed the man of $43, records show.

He started reading books about race and identity in prison, he told The Times. He was greatly influenced, he said, by “My Awakening,” the book by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

Richard B. Spencer, one of America’s most prominent white nationalists, has come to Damigo’s defense. Spencer was punched in the head by a black-clad person while being interviewed on Inauguration Day. (source)

What the National Socialists have done today as they have done in the past is to take a collective body of simple truths considered controversial in a lost and maddened society and claim them as their own. Like I mentioned above, a truth does not depend on the person who says it. However, the person who speaks a truth may use it to peddle a lie depending on how he presents it, and the national socialists do this very well. By claiming opposition to the parasitic cultural trends that have developed throughout the centuries as their own, they have been able to style themselves as “defenders” of “truth” and “justice” while at the same time using the facts to present the lies of eugenics, socialism, and paganism as the true answer. This works to their advantage because there are a lot of people in America and Europe who are lost and looking for truth. It is not right what has happened in society, because the situation today is the collective product of many since that have not been dealt with and instead covered up with more sins. The innocent are truly suffering, the good are being martyred, and the society is collapsing. People are understandably looking for a savior who can help them out of this entire mess they both created and were born into.

As always, the answer is Christ and an unashamed return to the ways of old. It is the reason why we emphasize mercy and justice, why we have written about Christian being a spiritual as well as a militant religion, so that while our home is in Heaven, we strive to conform our lives and our world to the kingdom which awaits us so that it may be “on Earth as it is in heaven,” knowing full well that we will struggle with sin until our final breath. It is why Christianity is as spiritual as it is physical, for while remaining in the world but not of it we strive to stand for what is right and to fight for Christ, for as Christ is worth living for, He is also worth dying for and worth fighting for. It is why the great saints took up military combat against the Muslims and other heretics such as the Cathars and the Albigensians  for centuries, for fighting for truth is a reflection of the zeal of God for His people who He fought for in the Old Testament and still fights for today, always praying for our enemies but giving justice where it is due.

National Socialism is a petty, pathetic, pagan attempt to replace Christ with a god made in man’s image. Christ calls use to make ourselves in His image, for as St. Athanasius says, “God became man so that man might become like God.”

Above are Russian Orthodox Christians beating perverted feminists with whips. While there are many problems in both societies, Christ is the way, the truth, the life, and the way to stand up against these neo-pagan barbarians. Christ, not Hitler or Luther, is the answer.

Anybody with a sane mind will realize that most “feminists” and Muslims are perverted. However, so is National Socialism. We are witnessing the return of the 1930’s battles between the two groups in our own nation just as it took place in Germany, with the reality being that both sides are evil and will result in the same end. The answer is only Christ- He always has been the answer- not different flavors of paganism.