Really Bizarre: Erdogan’s Mouthpiece Declares That Erdogan’s Visit To The White House Will Be Accompanied By Spirits Of The Dead

By Walid Shoebat

So why is “Erdoğan is going to visit India on April 30th, Russia on May 3 China on May, and the U.S. on May 16 and he will additionally be joining the NATO summit in Brussels on May 25th”?

İbrahim Karagül Erdogan’s mouthpiece at Yeni Safak explains:

“The US, Russia, China, India, Brussels-NATO. The global power domain is shaped through these country centers. The power formation that we call the world system is decided upon at these country centers. The world of the 21 century and the future are shaped – and will continue to be shaped – by these central powers. World crises, reconciliations, the destiny of mid-scale and small-scale countries take shape according to these centers, according to the relations between these powers. It was the same in the Cold War era, it was the same in the following 25 year era of ambiguities, and it will continue to be the same moving forward.”

So in essence Turkey is now going to play with the big boys. Erdogan is visiting President Trump to declare that he is accepted and is now a player in the world arena.

And while he plays with the big boys he is now accompanied by spirits from the dead throughout his visits. Yeni Safak declared “The message is clear:

Both Yavuz and Fatih are here now!” “Now, on this great path, Erdoğan is accompanied by Yavuz, Fatih and Kanuni as much as Erbakan and Özal. The message is clear!”

Yavus (Caliph Salim I) and Fatih (Muhammad II) have been dead centuries ago and now their spirits accompany Erdogan in all his missions including the White House?

The Sufi Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad explains this type of belief in Islamic Sufism:

If you study the Holy Qur’an and the Traditions of the Holy Prophet(saw) and in the light of the writings of the [Mahdi] Promised Messiah(as) and his own experiences and the opinion of my predecessors, the previous Khulafa [Caliphs], then you come to a very clear understanding of this issue. One cannot say that it is impossible for a person to communicate with the souls of the dead people but if it is possible, it is so only through visions and not directly. However, what is impossible, what is false and what is wrong is also stated by the Holy Qur’an, by the Hadith and by the other sources mentioned above. The first thing that I would like to remind you of is the statement of the Holy Qur’an regarding the parting souls. The Holy Qur’an states:

Until, when death comes to one of them, he says entreating, ‘My Lord, send me back, that I may do righteous deeds in the life that I have left behind’. Never, it is but a word that he utters. And behind them is a barrier until the day when they shall be raised again. (Ch.23:Vs.100-101)

This is a very clear declaration of the Holy Qur’an that they, ‘the parted souls’, shall never return back to this world.

However, having understood this message, there may still be an opening for the ‘return’. The question is what sort of opening could it possibly be? It could be argued that the spirit can return but not the body – discounting also reincarnation – otherwise it can ‘return’.

Erdogan attempting to connect the heavenly realm with his people on earth is connecting the demonic pit with his people to revive a bruised kingdom. Yeni Safak speaks of reviving this bruised kingdom:

“The visits made by President Erdoğan on April 17th were filled with messages that clearly showed where we stand on the inside, the way we strengthen the state and our global direction. This is the new Turkey, the new establishment; the flow of our political history has re-found its course. This is what we call the “great walk” and from now on, that walk will be carried on with bigger steps. Turkey is now going to play big.”

But this is not just a normal revival for it is aided from beneath the earth:

Now, on this great path, Erdoğan is accompanied by Yavuz, Fatih and Kanuni as much as Erbakan and Özal. The message is clear!

Turkey is not shy from expressing their spiritual goals including them becoming a big player:

The schedule for the U.S., Russia, China, India, Brussels-NATO visits is the outside traffic of the visits made within Turkey. These visits that will be made to the capital cities, the centers that form the world’s center power domain, is a strong sign that Turkey is going to be one of the main actors in shaping the world of the future. Turkey is now going to play big.

But this political endeavor is aided from the dead from the pit:

we used to sit at the table in Brussels with them and take strength from them in the deals made there. However, we are going to China, Russia, the U.S., Brussels and India with [the dead] sultans Mehmet, Süleyman and Selim.

These are all dead people. It is no wonder why God in Ezekiel 28-31 addressed a coalition of Muslim nations naming them one by one and He sends them to the “pit” where they came from?

This coming Sunday Special we will reveal the goals of Sufi Islam, how they plan to work with evolutionists to complete the Final Solution to eliminate the Christians from the earth. These will include biblical prophecies never examined before until now. It will be an immense study delving into how the Bible specifically predicted the Sufi concept on Evolution etched thousands of years ago in the Bible itself where no one was paying close attention. The evidence will be overwhelming in a ten thousand word research piece. Prepare for a serious shocker.

This is a coming spiritual as well as an actual war which Erdogan called the war between Cross and Crescent. What we are dealing with here are principalities in dark places and by 2023 we will be dealing with dark powers coming out of the pit.

Yeni Safak’s editor declared:

Turkey alone is a greater political power than the EU. There is now such a Turkey. The scale has grown, the plan has grown, the claim has grown, Turkey has grown. When I say the “great walk,” “history-making role,” “change of history,” this is what I am trying to say. The same applies when I say, “April 16 is a beginning. This is what I’ve always believed. For years I have continuously written articles towards this direction and about this struggle. And now the monumental change has happened. Turkey has taken its place among the league of giants. Today, Turkey is one of the world’s most powerful 10 political powers. Turkey alone has as much political influence as the European Union. It is one of the most determining powers in international relations. It has reserved its place at the table of center powers and from now on will continue to sit there.”

Enough of these ‘demonic utterances’.