Macron Or Le Pen, It Does Not Matter Who Won Or Would Have Won Because This Election Was Thrown To The Birds From The Beginning

Sunday evening I found out about how Macron won the French presidential election. I saw how Macron’s victory over Le Pen has been a huge cause of celebration for the Muslim, refugees, recent arrivals, and liberals, and for the Le Pen supporters has been calls of shock, dismay, and cries that “France has surrendered,” as Pamela Geller wrote:

France has chosen to go quietly into the cold, dark night. Instead of rising up against the jihad and islamization of France, they have chosen to submit to the most brutal ideology on the face of the earth.

They voted for submission over freedom. France is finished. (source)

At the time I heard this, I was in the kitchen thinking about working on my chickens.

This morning, I got up, went out to my chicken coop, and took care of my chickens. I didn’t think even a bit about the French election, and I don’t care to. As a matter of fact, it really doesn’t matter much to me.

How could I be so callous at a time like this?

Because, fundamentally speaking, this election doesn’t really matter since no matter who would have won, Germany would still increase in power.

I’m not saying that Macron is good. As we have noted, he supports the very things which are destroying France. He is an open socialist and a Muslim supporter, and will be bad for France. There is no way at all to defend him with any sort of reason because he is entirely unreasonable. If anything, he will hasten the decline of France which has been taking place for a long time.

Not only that, but the very election itself was questionable and likely involved massive fraud a-la Hillary Clinton’s attempts to rig the most recent election.

But to counteract that question, would Le Pen actually have been better?

Le Pen is a story unto herself. Contrary to being this “defender of France,” Le Pen is just another National Socialist. We have documented her connections with National Socialism here on extensively. Not only that, she is committed to defending the status quo of enforced secularism in France, going so far as to restrict the religious freedoms of Christians and Jews along with the Muslims, and perpetuating the same evils that go back to the enlightenment and have allowed France to decline to the state which it currently is in.

As far as both politicians are concerned, they are BOTH pro-Germany acquiring more power, just through different forms. For Macron, it will likely be through the European Union or a similar relationship. For Le Pen, it will likely be through supporting Germany expanding her army and gaining “independence” for herself. They have different forms, but the end is the same.

The point which I am making here is that people in America are looking to the French election with the same anticipation as the Trump/Hillary election, where we are hoping for a political savior. Yet outside of the truly delusional, in the case of the USA Trump has quickly shown himself to be no different than Hillary, turning on his promises almost as soon as he was elected. However, to Trump’s credit, he actually made explicit promises not to do what he has done, thus making him a liar and a con man. Le Pen never made such explicit promises as Trump did except for as I just mentioned enforcing the status quo that has lead France into the rotten state which it currently is in.

Again, I emphasize that I do not support Macron at all- he is evil and will drag France to chaos and war. Le Pen however would have no different of an effect, except that the descent into war would be comparatively slower. That is all.

If I sound as though I am all “doom and gloom,” I’m actually not, because even in the darkest of times, there is always hope for those who believe because God is always in control. As is sometimes said, ‘every dark cloud has a silver lining’.

For example, in preparation for the upcoming Our Lady Of Fatima celebration May 13th, there are thousands of French Catholics preparing to make pilgrimage on foot for its celebration:

Still and despite terrorism, political flux, and no-go zones, each year the Pilgrimage grows stronger, larger and more unapologetically Catholic. What’s left of Catholic France is not backing down from an encroaching New World Order, because what’s left of Catholic France is a growing and thriving minority of Traditional Catholics who see the proclamation of the Kingship of Christ, the Latin Mass and the large Catholic family as the only way to make France French again.

The Pilgrimage to Chartres is made up of hundreds of what are called les chapitres or “chapters”—groups of about 50 pilgrims each, usually from the same parish or Catholic organization. There are all kinds of new chapters forming, including a vibrant chapter of displaced Iraqi Christians.  And last year, a chapter made up of non-Catholics, fallen-away Catholics and perhaps even a few atheists was formed. Where did they come from?

So each year as the long column wends its way through Paris, local folks in windows and storefronts look on in bewilderment at the sight of the Catholic thing. They watch pilgrims from all over Europe carrying statues of Our Lady on their shoulders, wearing the Sacre Coeur, praying rosaries, singing the old Catholic hymns. The curiosity factor is enormous. (source)

As I have mentioned, there are the terrifying prophecies about an impending disaster as Our Lady of Fatima warned a century ago.

There is also talk abounding about the prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny, who speaks of both a rising up of the Muslims in France and a subsequent three days of darkness, after which God will purge the wicked from the earth:

On June 9, 1881 Our Lord said further: “I see them embrace the religion of a merry heart, without thinking about Me, on the Church, of their baptism and all that is good for the Christian soul … by manifesting these signs to My people (i.e., the warnings), I want to bring back My people, before the punishment, because I love them. I see eagerly entering this guilty, sacrilegious, infamous, in a word, a similar (religion) to that of Mahomet. (Note: Islam, refutes the godhead of Jesus Christ, a new form of the Arian heresy will arise?), there I see Bishops entering. By seeing these Bishops, many, so many, and in their suite all their flock, and without hesitation to rush into damnation and Hell, My Heart is wounded to death, as at the time of My Passion. I am going to become an object of horror for the most part of My people. (i.e., His virginal, suffering life will become an object of horror.)  All youth will be spoiled and soon will fall in a  putrefaction the smell of which will be unbearable.”

In a text recording an ecstasy dated November 13, 1924,  it appears the public closure and desecration of the Church comes first, (the Civil War?) then the THREE DAYS of darkness will follow:   “I give you for a calm and assured home My Divine Adorable Heart with this great love of My Blessed Sacrament that they want to destroy in destroying Me, trying every means to destroy My sweet Heaven on Earth, My tent, My holy place, the faith of My elect. It will be missing on earth, but not for long this Bread of Eternal Life, the Bread that sustains My little suffering souls, the banquet, which strengthens them. I will leave to the wicked one hour of power and strength, they will, to increase their number, all the outcasts of the abyss, the eternal abyss, all the damned who are on the earth in human forms to destroy everything, to annihilate everything. I will leave them this painful and difficult hour. It will be followed by a profound darkness. The whole sky will be cloudy. Your blessed lights (i.e., the pure wax candles) will serve in the day and My blessings will be abundant. My peace will be with you in this dark night, I will launch all the features of My Justice. I will blast the losers of souls. I will sift the false consciences. I will annihilate the wicked. I will reduce them like a ……(text missing?) This time is not far off when I assure you that you will not fear. My cross and My Divine Heart will be your shelter, your refuge, stay, do not run away … elsewhere. My Justice will pass. The whole earth will continue in My Justice. It is the time that I will rise up, I will stop all the evil to enter in the beautiful reign of My Sacred Heart.” (source)

Now I say all of these things to put some context to all that has been happening. As I fed my chickens, my little actions here -taking care of my small flock- was a healthy reminder that we do what we can with what we have in our particular situations. Politicians do not save men, for only God can save. Indeed, there is little more else that one can do other than be faithful and pay attention.

So I then resumed feeding my chickens, knowing this was the best I could do with what I had. After all, the election was already thrown to the wolves before it began- or in my case, thrown to the birds.

Yes, this is a photo of some of my chickens.

I have Partridge Rocks (brown), Black Sex Links (black), and Golden Comets (yellow)