U.S. Jets Strikes Today Deep Inside Syria. This Will Enable Sunni Turkey to expand Into Syria Just Two Days After Erdogan Visited Trump. The U.S Is Aiding Turkish Imperialism And Thus Leading To Revive The Ottoman Empire

By Walid Shoebat

Now look at what the US is doing: it strikes Syria to enable Sunni Turkey to expand into Alawite dominated Syria just two days after Erdogan visited Trump. This would help Turkish imperialism, and thus, would lead to the revival of the Ottoman Empire.

The U.S.-led coalition jets reportedly struck Syrian forces deep inside southern Syria. BuzzFeed News cited a U.S. defense official as confirming the strike was launched by the U.S. That would mark the first time the Syrian regime has been directly targeted by the U.S. since President Trump ordered a missile strike last month in response to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons—and they also mark an escalation in the U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war.

BuzzFeed added the strikes occurred near al-Tanf, near Syria’s border with Jordan and Iraq, where U.S. and U.K. special-operations forces train Syrian rebels.

The U.S. strikes today will exacerbate the balance in Syria. Assad now controls more of the country than at any point since the civil war six years ago and to the U.S. and Turkey, this is not acceptable.

Earlier this week, the U.S. State Department said the Assad regime was incinerating bodies of hanged prisoners at a military prison outside Damascus to “cover up the extent of mass murder”. When this type of unproven news comes out, expect a strike.

The strikes are a dramatic turnaround for Trump, who during the presidential campaign said his priority was fighting ISIS, not Assad which he called “madness and idiocy.” Yet, as the U.S. stepped up pressure on the Assad regime—while insisting that regime change is not its immediate priority.

And so if Trump’s promises turned out not true, so is the reason of the attacks.

For the U.S to strike deep inside Syria by the Jordan borders represent a major shift in U.S. policy which even the Obama administration did not dare do. But it is the U.S. focus on arming so-called moderate rebels which proved an embarrassing failure which did not bring regime change.

In fact, nothing has changed from the previous administrations throughout history except the intensity to have an Islamist takeover. This is clearly predicted in scripture. What changed today is that many conservatives all of a sudden are on the side of the US government doing the exact same thing as the Obama administration, about which they never stopped complaining.

The United States military, working with Islamic rebels and Kurds and Turks are a clear sign of fulfilling prophecy as detailed by Daniel and John in areas of scripture no one even considers. Anticipate a detailed explanation in our coming Sunday Special where all this is explained including solving some of the mysteries that puzzled prophecy teachers throughout the ages; how to deal with Gog and Magog which seems to rise after a thousand years. Are the Turks reviving a kingdom after Christ reigns on earth a thousand years later? Who and why so many so-called Christians will stand on the side of Turkey as described in scripture. All these puzzles will be solved on this coming Sunday Special.

This Sunday Special will answer why the U.S. sides with the Islamists where such aid for Turkey by the West is etched in the Bible. This coming Shoebat Sunday Special will shock the ardent skeptic.

The US government is still supporting the Islamic rebels, the Kurds and the Turks, as it was doing so under the Obama administration. We are still aiding the red dragon, the bad moon rising. Even with the change in parties, the US policy in Syria has not changed. That is because in America, parties change, foreign policy does not.