THE CRUSADER SPIRIT IS RISING UP: Be Prepared For The Next Crusade That Is To Come, Muslims Will Butcher Christians By The Millions, And Christendom Will Fight Under Christ The king, And Will Destroy The Diabolical Empire Of The Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat

Be prepared for the next for the next crusade that is to come. Muslims will butcher Christians by the millions, and Christendom will raise the Cross and destroy the evil empire of the Antichrist with Christ the King. The Crusader spirit is rising up. Do not think that it is dead and will never return. I spoke with a man who has actually fought Muslim Albanians in Kosovo. His name is Lazar, a veteran of the Kosovo War that erupted in the Balkans in the 90s. I did a full length documentary with this warrior veteran, not just about the Kosovo War, but about how Germany was behind the conflict, how Turkey is currently instigating a conflict in the Balkans, and how these two countries (given their histories) will start another great war in Europe. Watch the documentary now and give it to everyone you know:

We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence As The Empire Of The Antichrist Will Rise Up. This Is Why I Wrote The Book, Christianity Is At War, The Most Exhaustive Study Ever Done On Christian Warfare. Click Here To Get The Book Today And Prepare Your Soul For The War That Is To Come.