Massive Apostasy Under Way In UK As 26 People Abandon Christ For Every One Convert

The UK has been in decline for a long time, and this decline is directly connected to the decline of Christianity in that nation. According to a new study, nearly 50% of the entire British population is non-religious while Christianity for all denominations has and continues to plummet to the lowest levels yet at the same time Islam and other pagan religions such as Hinduism are rising:

A new study has found that the United Kingdom’s nonreligious population is now bigger than its combined Christian one, with 26 believers abandoning the faith for every atheist or agnostic who decides to become a Christian.

The Benedict XVI Center for Religion and Society, launched by St. Mary’s University in Twickenham, released its May study based on data from the latest British Social Attitudes survey and European Social Survey, with key findings revealing the nation’s growing secularization.

The researchers noted that 24.3 million people, or 48.6 percent of the British adult population, identified as “nones” in 2015 and they are predominantly young, white and male.

The nones were found to have different faith backgrounds — 38 percent of people who now say they have no religion were brought up as nones, while 25 percent were brought up as Anglicans, 25 percent as Other Christians, and 11 percent as Catholics, before leaving the faith.

“For every one person brought up with No religion who has become a Christian, twenty-six people brought up as Christians now identify as Nones,” the study noted as a key trend.

“It is no secret that a large proportion of the British population consider themselves to have no religion,” wrote Stephen Bullivant, professor of Theology and the Sociology of Religion and director of the Benedict XVI Centre for Religion and Society at St. Mary’s University.

“This has been a consistent finding of polls, social surveys, and censuses over the past several decades. In fact, the rise of the nonreligious is arguably the story of British religious history over the past half-century.”

Christians, including Anglicans, Roman Catholics, and members of other denominations, made up 43 percent of the population in 2015, down from 67 percent in 1983.

Inner London was found to have by far the fewest nones in Britain, with only 31 percent of people identifying as such. However, this was largely due to the rising migrant populations and growing non-Christian communities. As much as 28 percent of people in inner London said they follow a non-Christian religion, which was higher than any individual Christian grouping.

As a whole, the non-Christian religious population more than quadrupled since its 2 percent share in 1983, rising to 8.4 percent in 2015. The study found that Muslims have been the main source of growth, growing from 0.6 percent to 3.9 percent in the same time period, though Hindus now also make up 2 percent of the population. (source, source)

It’s a very sad thing to see this happen, as we are watching the real-time collapse of an entire culture and civilization. But while sad, it was also completely expected because it was and continues to be self-inflicted, beginning centuries ago and simply culminating in what is happening today.

First Cause: Heresy

The UK has a very long history with Christianity, going back to the days of the apostles. If the UK were to become Muslim, it would be as serious a matter as the Islamization of Anatolia was with the Turkish invasions. As such, it is worth looking more closely into.

St. Bede, also known as (Venerable Bede), who wrote about the Anglo-Saxon conquests of the UK

Christianity in the UK being with the First century. While there are debates about visits to Albion (the largest of the two islands that make up the British Isles), there is absolute proof that Roman soldiers who were either born or were converts to the Faith were stationed in the Island, and by the early 3rd century there was a well-established and growing Christian community in Albion. As Ven. Bede reports,, Christianity did well in the UK, and while it did have its persecutions and heretics such as Pelagius, it was for the most part unmolested until it was invaded by a series of barbarian tribes from the areas of Schleswig-Holstein and Jutland in what is today respectively the northernmost province of Germany and her foreign neighbor to the north of Denmark. These tribes, who were the Angles, Frisians, and Britons were pagans and hated Christianity with a passion and so in a large part destroyed the Christian community and people, wiping them out and setting themselves up in their place. As Bede writes:

From the Angles, that is, the country which is called Angulus, and which is said, from that time, to have remained desert to this day, between the provinces of the Jutes and the Saxons, are descended the East-Angles, the Midland-Angles, the Mercians, all the race of the Northumbrians, that is, of those nations that dwell on the north side of the river Humber, and the other nations of the Angles. The first commanders are said to have been the two brothers Hengist and Horsa. Of these Horsa was afterwards slain in battle by the Britons, and a monument, bearing his name, is still in existence in the eastern parts of Kent. They were the sons of Victgilsus, whose father was Vitta, son of Vecta, son of Woden; from whose stock the royal race of many provinces trace their descent. In a short time, swarms of the aforesaid nations came over into the island, and the foreigners began to increase so much, that they became a source of terror to the natives themselves who had invited them. Then, having on a sudden entered into league with the Picts, whom they had by this time repelled by force of arms, they began to turn their weapons against their allies. At first, they obliged them to furnish a greater quantity of provisions; and, seeking an occasion of quarrel, protested, that unless more plentiful supplies were brought them, they would break the league, and ravage all the island; nor were they backward in putting their threats into execution. In short, the fire kindled by the hands of the pagans, proved God’s just vengeance for the crimes of the people; not unlike that which, being of old lighted by the Chaldeans, consumed the walls and all the buildings of Jerusalem. For here, too, through the agency of the pitiless conqueror, yet by the disposal of the just Judge, it ravaged all the neighbouring cities and country, spread the conflagration from the eastern to the western sea, without any opposition, and overran the whole face of the doomed island. Public as well as private buildings were overturned; the priests were everywhere slain before the altars; no respect was shown for office, the prelates with the people were destroyed with fire and sword; nor were there any left to bury those who had been thus cruelly slaughtered. Some of the miserable remnant, being taken in the mountains, were butchered in heaps. Others, spent with hunger, came forth and submitted themselves to the enemy, to undergo for the sake of food perpetual servitude, if they were not killed upon the spot. Some, with sorrowful hearts, fled beyond the seas. Others, remaining in their own country, led a miserable life of terror and anxiety of mind among the mountains, woods and crags. (source)

It took several centuries more, but Christianity was rebuild in Albion and the Germanic settlers were eventually Christianized and brought into the Church. For the next thousand years, the Catholic Faith remained firmly settled in the UK up until the time of the Protestant Revolution. However, it is important to note that while the Faith was not formally suppressed in the UK until the Protestant Revolution, there was always a tension in British society between the Church and the government. This is not unique, as it is simply the tension between the things of the world and the things of God that Tertullian wrote when he asked about the difference between Athens and Jerusalem, with Athens representing the world and Jerusalem the afterlife.

St. Thomas Becket, medieval Archbishop of Canterbury who was murdered for placing the will of God over the priorities of the government

As the Protestant Revolution in Germany began over the government’s attempts to seize and subjugate the Church as a tool of political power, so was the same problem in the UK, and this was even during the “glory days” of the Church on the Island. One such famous case was that of St. Thomas Becket, Bishop of Canterbury, who was murdered by King Henry II for refusing to allow himself and by extension, his authority in the Church to be reduced to a mere vasselage of Henry’s reign. This follows with the traditional and Catholic division between the Three estates of the King, the Church, and the People, with the Church acting as the buffer and unifying force between the ruler and the rules.

John Wycliffe, a heretic who promoted a multitude of heresies and evils including “once saved always saved,” sodomy, iconoclasm, and gnosticism

This is where the famed “morning star of the reformers” (as some Protestants call him) John Wycliffe, who was rightly put to death in the 14th century for adhering to a multitude of heresies, was so dangerous. His ideas about religion were simply an arbitrary mix of heresies from the past including iconoclasm, anti-clericalism, anti-monasticism, predestination, the rejection of tradition, absolute emphasis on private interpretation of Christian doctrine, Nicolaiatanism (“once saved always saved”). To all of these heresies he emphasized the primacy of one’s own conscience in making moral decisions, thus imitating Luther by decentralizing morality and making it a private matter.

The Protestant sects today must defend him because if they attack him, they also attack themselves because there is no absolute unifying measure between Protestant sects at all except for the rejection – Protest – of the Catholic Church. Even the very understanding of Christ as God and man who came to save the world from our sins is debated by many sects who simply restate the condemned heresies of old such as Arianism, Monophysitism, Nestorianism, Pneumatomachiansm, Sabellianism, Apollonarianism, and Gnosticism yet insist on calling themselves “Christians” while they only thing that unites them is their personal association with that word. For the Protestant apologist, such as the “apologist” James White, they must deny Christian history prior to the Revolution in order to justify their personal opinions about what Christianity means to them.

Now from the perspective of the government- any government- the rejection of the Catholic Faith is as much about a rejection of the authority that the Church has with respect to a boundary between the common people of a society and the government’s power over that people. Take away the Church or make the Church a vassal of the state and the power of the government and its administrators over the people becomes unlimited because the only limits are those which the government imposes on itself, and since we live in a post-original sin world, without a buffer such as the Church then men will often immediately follow their passions with no respect for others, especially in the pursuit of power. The English Monarchs no different, and seeing how Luther’s Revolution used religion, exploiting the natural discontent of people with certain members of the Catholic Clergy in combination with a decline in religious practice that was happening all over Europe, he used the revolution to justify his taking over of the Church in England and making it a vassal of the government, thus dividing the people and allowing him to emerge as the absolute monarch of that land.

This pattern should sound familiar too, as it is what we are seeing in our modern times with Islam in the West. The Muslims are surely a problem and their evil actions must be confronted. However, the Muslims are being brought into the West in incalculable numbers and they are supported by both the people who claim to be pro-Muslim as well as anti-Islam, because for both sides they are looking at the Muslim issue as a wedge to lever social change for their benefit. They do not care about the people at all or what their opinions are or how they may be affected, but they will all try to use the evils of Islam to help themselves. Germany has been doing this in a spectacular way by bringing millions of Muslims into their nations and then allowing them free license to act as they please, and within a short time have turned parts of Germany into a third world nation, and the reason for this is to justify the rise of German militarism so to invade their neighbors and re-establish a new imperial rule throughout Europe. They do not even care if Germany becomes Muslim or what the long-term consequences will be so long as they are still in power and benefiting from its rise.

King Henry VIII of England. He cared not at all about his people, but about his power and attempted to use the Church to make personal gain at the loss of his own people

The rejection and persecution of the Catholic Faith in England began as a political move, but owing to the particularly vicious English propaganda against the Church the English people took it personally onto themselves and eventually embedded the anti-Catholicism of Henry VIII and his advisors into their culture. Many of the “English Catholics” of later centuries were immigrants from Ireland or other countries with select groups of converts, as the general majority were wiped out Muslim style except it was become a Protestant, become a slave, flee or die. If this sounds like something that Muslims would do, the answer is correct, for as we have documented here following in the words of great saints such as St. John of Damascus and Bl. Peter the Venerable of Montbossier, both who lived centuries before the Protestant Revolution, Islam is merely the final culmination of all Christian heresy if left unchecked.

The destruction of the Catholic Faith in Albion five centuries ago was a traumatic loss for Christendom as it was one of the earliest lands in which the Gospel was spread, and its loss came through a decline in the practice of the Faith the was at the same time countered with a rise in nationalism promoted by the government to expand its own power at the expense of the people who were thoroughly indoctrinated again the Catholic Faith. This propaganda was deadly effective, as Catholics were for centuries barred from participation in much of English life and still are heavily discriminated against today. As one example, it was not only until 2013 that a centuries long ban on British monarchs marrying Catholics was repealed, and even then, the “conservatives” in the UK were still opposed to the repeal:

Even if the legal changes currently being considered by Parliament are passed, however, that fact will not change. As Bob Morris, a constitutional expert at University College London, points out, lifting the ban on British monarchs marrying Catholics will not change the fundamental fact that Catholics cannot assume the throne themselves.

“The changes are part of the equality agenda and are not especially controversial among the general population,” Dr. Morris adds. “In England there is still some sort of residual hostility to Catholics – knee jerk reaction about ‘papists,’ which are lasting echoes to our past, but it’s not serious.”

The Succession to the Crown Bill has already been backed by the other 15 Commonwealth countries where Queen Elizabeth II is head of state, but some British MPs feared the legislation was being rushed through Parliament in a two-day debate.

“We should respect hugely what’s gone before and I am nervous that in this case, nearly 700 years of tradition are going to be trampled on … in two days,” said Conservative MP Richard Drax.

For its part, the Catholic Church said it “would be compassionate” to a Catholic who married a Protestant monarch and could not raise their child in the faith.

Maggie Doherty, a spokeswoman for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales said: “The Church welcomes the government’s decision to give heirs to the throne the freedom to marry a Catholic without being removed from the line of succession. This will eliminate a point of unjust discrimination against Catholics.” (source)

Just look at how deep the hatred against the Church in the UK is. Most people in the UK are not “Christians,” and of them 95% of those who call themselves Christians do not attend services at all once a week (source). In other words, these people are baptised pagans who see religion as a national association rather than a Christian one. They for the most part do not care about Islam, Hinduism, or other forms of paganism as it regards the “crown” (which for that matter has essentially no power any more outside of merely being a titular head), yet when the Queen herself says that such a law against just Catholics is discriminatory and wants to get rid of it, so many Englishmen begin fussing about “Christianity” and “the Pope” and all kind of other nonsense, when the reality is they do not care about any of this at all, and the only reason that can explain their behavior is either absolute ignorance or just pure hatred.

Protestantism, no matter how one tried to explain it, is simply a collection of various heresies whose sole unifying point is the rejection of the Catholic Faith. As Protestantism leads to Islamization because the latter is simply the advanced stage of the former, then the fact that England has a large Muslim population today is not a surprise, for it is caught between its history as a part of ancient Catholic Christendom and its later rejection of its own being and which the end is Islam. Ultimately, the nation want to have two things is cannot at the same time- to reject the authority of the Christian Faith by making itself and authority while at the same time attempting to avoid the consequences of said rejection. It cannot do this forever, and just as if a man refuses to embrace the mercy of God he will be forced to endure justice, so is the UK obstinately refusing to return to the Faith she ran from and so is rolling towards the perfection of heresy.

Second Cause: Abortion

The next major issue in the UK is that of abortion and contraception. Abortion has always been a legally contested issue in the UK going back to at least the year 1200, where following in the teaching of the Church it was for the most part a criminal offense that was severely punished although it did not have a place in Common Law. In 1803, under the Malicious Shooting or Stabbing Act of 1803 put forth by Edward Law Lord of Ellenborough (and called the Ellenborough Act) specifically outlawed abortion as a capital offense in the Common Law for the first time. As the law notes, such persons were to be considered felons and excommunicated from the Church of England, as they woudl be buried without the benefit of the clergy:

HEREAS divers cruel and barbarous outrages have been of late wickedly and wantonly committed in divers parts of England and Ireland, upon the persons of divers of his Majesty’s subjects, either with intent to murder, or to rob, or to maim, disfigure or disable, or to do other grievous bodily harm to such subjects: and whereas the provisions now by law made for the prevention of such offences, have been found ineffectual for that purpose: and whereas certain other heinous offences, committed with intent to destroy the lives of his Majesty’s subjects by poison or with intent to procure the miscarriage of women, or with intent, by burning, to destroy or injure the buildings and other properties of his Majesty’s subjects, or to prejudice persons who have become insurers of or upon the same, have been of late also frequently committed; but no adequate means have been hitherto provided for the prevention and punishment of such offences; be it therefore enacted by the King’s most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal, and commons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, That if any person or persons from and after the first day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three, shall, either in England or Ireland, wilfully, maliciously, and unlawfully shoot at any of his Majesty’s subjects or shall wilfully, maliciously, and unlawfully present, point, or level any kind of loaded fire-arms at any of his Majesty’s subjects, and attempt by drawing a trigger or in any other manner, to discharge the same at or against his or their person or persons, or shall wilfully, maliciously, and unlawfully stab or cut any of his Majesty’s subjects, with intent in so doing, or by means thereof, to murder, or rob, or to maim, disfigure or disable such his Majesty’s subject or subjects, or with intent to do some other grievous bodily harm to such his Majesty’s subject or subjects, or with intent to obstruct, resist, or prevent the lawful apprehension and detainer of the person or persons so stabbing or cutting, or the lawful apprehension and detainer of any of his, her, or their accomplices for any offences for which he, she or they may respectively be liable by law to be apprehended, imprisoned, or detained, or shall wilfully, maliciously, and unlawfully administer to, or cause to be administered to or taken by any of his Majesty’s subjects, any deadly poison, or other noxious and destructive substance or thing, with intent such his Majesty’s subject or subjects thereby to murder, or thereby to cause and procure the miscarriage of any woman, then being quick with child; or shall wilfully, maliciously, and unlawfully set fire to any house, barn, hop oast, malthouse, stable, coach house, outhouse, mill, warehouse or shop, whether such house, barn, hop oast, malthouse, stable, coach house, outhouse, mill, warehouse or shop shall then be in the possession of the person or persons so setting fire to the same, or in the possession of any other person or persons, or of any body corporate, with intent thereby to injure or defraud his Majesty or any of his Majesty’s subjects, or any body corporate, that then, and in every such case, the person or persons so offending, their counsellors, aiders, and abettors, knowing of any privy to such offence, shall be and are hereby declared to be felons, and shall suffer death as in felony without benefit of clergy: (source)

This law was later amended by the Offences Against Persons Act of 1861, which stated that persons who attempt to procure abortions will suffer a life sentence in prison:

Every woman, being with child, who, with intent to procure her own miscarriage, shall unlawfully administer to herself any poison or other noxious thing, or shall unlawfully use any instrument or other means whatsoever with the like intent, and whosoever, with intent to procure the miscarriage of any woman, whether she be or be not with child, shall unlawfully administer to her or cause to be taken by her any poison or other noxious thing, or shall unlawfully use any instrument or other means whatsoever with the like intent, shall be guilty of felony, and being convicted thereof shall be liable . . . to be kept in penal servitude for life .(source)

Now in light this history, one might be surprised that in just over a century’s time- a very short historical period- the UK reversed from being completely against abortion to being one of the most liberal places with regard to abortion laws. This happened by the liberalization of the UK’s abortion laws, which started in 1930 with the Church of England’s Seventh Lambeth Conference which opened the possibility for the use of contraceptives in the 15th Resolution:

Where there is clearly felt moral obligation to limit or avoid parenthood, the method must be decided on Christian principles. The primary and obvious method is complete abstinence from intercourse (as far as may be necessary) in a life of discipline and self-control lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless in those cases where there is such a clearly felt moral obligation to limit or avoid parenthood, and where there is a morally sound reason for avoiding complete abstinence, the Conference agrees that other methods may be used, provided that this is done in the light of the same Christian principles. The Conference records its strong condemnation of the use of any methods of conception control from motives of selfishness, luxury, or mere convenience. (source)

The rest that follows is history. The Abortion Act of 1967 legalized abortion in the UK and since then it has become an institutionalized part of society. According to the official statistics from the British Government, with 98% of all abortions being publicly funded by the UK National Health Service, of which 77% of those women were “White British,” as is compared with “Asians” (the UK word for Pakistanis, Indians, and Bengalis, who are for the large part Muslim) at 9% (see section 2.9 in the official statistics).

The CIA Factbook says that the Total Fertility Rate for the UK in 2016 was 1.89 children, which is still below replacement rate for the population. However, this includes the entire population of the UK. It does not segregate by ethnicity, nor does it take into account the Muslim immigration to the UK, for which clear numbers are not available because of the open borders policies that Western European nations have adopted for the reasons we have discussed here at length. The point is that the “native British” are by choice not having children, and if they are, it is no more than one or two, while the rest of the growth is compensated for by the Muslims.

The Radford family, the largest family in the UK with 20 children. While this may seem like an anomaly, there are many very large families such as these in the USA and other nations, especially in Africa. Indeed, if people do not have children, there will be no more people to inhabit the space where they live and they will die out. It is as simple as saving money versus spending money, for save money and your bank account grows, while spend it and it shrinks.

No society can survive long term population declines. If the people refuse to reproduce, they will disappear from the Earth, either by dying out, dispersing, or being conquered and assimilated by another. This is a simple fact of life. Either you grow or maintain what you have, or you will lose it. It is a form of suicide, except instead of direct murder of the self it comes by either murdering one’s progeny or refusing to allow the next generation to come into existence.

Nobody in the UK forced the common people to contracept or abort their children. This was done strictly for convenience and, more profoundly, because the people who did associate with any kind of Christian identity at that time saw their religion as a measure of social or cultural worth rather than spiritual value. Naturally, it was inevitable that without a believe in the innate sacred life backed by divinely revealed truth and preached to the people, then was a matter of time before the religion became synonymous with and indistinguishable from the wider cultural practice, both good ones and evil one. Certainly as the UK was a more prosperous nation in the past, then at the times that contraception and abortion was brought into the society, we can say that it was justified because it would be ideal for helping to create a “more perfect society’, when as often times happens when such ideas are proposed, it results in the creation of a hell on earth.

It’s not the Muslims’ fault they have children in the UK when the British, Welsh, and Scots refuse to. That is a choice they both make, and both will have to bear the consequences of their actions.

While the Muslims have caused many problems, nobody made people in the UK refuse to have children. The Muslims are compensating for the population gap caused by the failure of the people to carry out their most basic duty, which is to reproduce.

Third Cause: Apathy

In addition, there is also another final reason for what is happening, and that is the state of missions to the UK by the Church.

One can argue that the rejection of Catholicism in the UK has been going on for centuries and was deeply embedded in to the culture and so would take time to pull out, and there is merit to this. The same applies to the fertility issue. However, it does beg the question of what the few Catholic missionaries that have been there are doing and why their actions are not yielding better fruit, suggesting the priests are lazy and not making the necessary sacrifices and labors to yield a good harvest, rather seeing their job as a social profession instead of a divine calling.

The Catholic Church in the UK constitutes approximately 8% of the population. Yet as the study above notes, 11% of apostates are Catholics. This is only exacerbated by the terrible fertility rates for the whole nation and the fact that the UK has had a continual supply of immigrants from Ireland and Poland- both nations with majority Catholic population.

What is happening in the UK is what happened in the USA. Catholic immigrants come to these nations, they practice their faith and as they settle in, they gradually adopt the secular culture and eventually either convert to a “socially acceptable” (Protestant) church or they leave religion altogether, and this process can happen easily in the span of three or fewer generations. The result is a population dump similar to the “money pit” of advertising- you can pour as much as you like into the black hole but the black hole can never be filled because there is no end to it and at no point can one measure when it has been sufficiently filled.

This has happened with all immigrant groups. In the USA following the minority English and Scottish Catholic populations that came over there were the Germans and the Irish, then the Italians, Greeks, Poles and other Slavs, then came the Spanish, Portuguese, and the peoples of Central and South America and the Philippines, and the same *pattern repeats itself. These peoples come into society, they settle in, and in three generations they lose the faith. Certainly while there is a great amount of culpability placed on the people, the fact is that the people are not changing the society, but the society is changing the people.

St. Juan de Rivera, writing centuries ago, noted that the most pernicious idea a man could propagate was that of heresy that such an idea as “freedom of religion” can exist in a society. Make no mistake, he was not saying “discriminate against all people who are not Christian- by no mean.” What he asserted was that in any society the government is reflection of the soul of the people, and that the philosophy and beliefs espoused by the government reflect in the population. If they do not reflect, then conflict is going to follow because the society will be at war with itself over the very question of who it is, what it believes, and how it relates to itself and others.

One can clearly see how the Muslims and other peoples who do not respect the UK are directly contributing to the collapse because of their ardent adherence to Islam. However, do non-Muslims in the UK for the most part have any  collective idea about what they believe outside of their personal license? Is there really, at this point, any sort of unified culture (let alone religion) which draws that nation together?

The answer, as everybody knows, is that the people have become apathetic because they neither believe nor care any more, with much of those who do “believe” seeing church as a sign of social belonging instead of something which possesses supernatural values coming from God. This is obvious. But the next question, and even more importantly, do the priests and missionaries in the UK believe in God and in his power?

St. John Vianney, patron saint of priests

I am reminded of a priest who helped to oversee a great revival of the Catholic Faith in France. This was St. John Vianney, the patron said of Priests. Known as the “Cure d’Ars” (“the priest of Ars), Fr. John practiced extreme mortification and had an intense devotion to God and to the Catholic people of France, who flocked by the thousands to see him. He would spend sometimes up to 16 hours a day in the confessional hearing people’s confessions, and when he was not doing that he was helping orphans, teaching the Faith, and saying mass.

St. Andre Bessette, the miracle worker. Indeed, God does not need an intelligent man to do His will, just one who loves Him a lot.

St. John Vianney was very intelligent, but God does not need an “intelligent” person to do His will. One only needs to look at the story of St. Andre Bessette, a French-Canadian monk and priest known for his simplicity and lack of intellectual depth for which some his fellow brothers scorned him for. Yet through all of this, he maintained an ardent devotion to St. Joseph, and through him thousands of miracles, wonders, and conversions took place.

USA, UK, or worldwide, this did not come out of nothing. This is a product of heresy, apostasy, and sin when after being left uncontrolled it is given water and fertilizer through social approbation and legal sanction. God will not allow this to continue, for as He makes very clear in the Bible, such evils will be dealt with in His great justice. If a people do not choose to clean up their own filth, then God will clean it His way, which often times means their destruction.

I mention these two priests because while all people are called to lives of holiness that lead to sainthood (there is only sanctification or damnation after death, and that is without exception for all), these men are examples among priests who exemplified particular holiness as models for others to follow and both who lived in the last 200 years, amid the growing darkness of secular, godless heathenism which now defines “Western life” as a matter of fact.

How many priests and “missionaries” in the UK are actually living in even a remote way a life similar to what these men lived? Do they care about their Catholic Faith enough to give up everything they have, so that others might live? Or do they even believe in the Faith at all?

I’m not saying that the UK would immediately convert, or that people would even care. There were many cases of people, and even entire peoples who outright rejected the Catholic Faith and have done so for centuries. However, there is a real question as to what effort has been or is being done to reach out to the English peoples today, because right now if 8% of the UK is indeed Catholic, and the UK is absolute mission territory at this point and no conversions are happening, then something is very wrong.

The UK is at this point a shadow of its former self. Once a very Christian land going back to antiquity, because of the unchecked spread of heresy in combination with a questionable state of Catholic missions and a suicidal selfishness that has taken ahold of the people, the UK is in the active stages of dying. If she were a person, she would be in hospice, holding out for death as the Muslims gather around like vultures waiting to pick apart her corpse and scatter her what is left of her descendants.

Now I do not wish to give up hope. It is still possible that nation could be saved, but not it her current form, for Christ came to save even the lost, and even in the most hopeless of scenarios he can bring new hope and life out of it. However, there is a tremendous amount of sin in the UK. I have just pointed out three- heresy, abortion, and apostasy. There are many, many more and grievous sins, such as the propagation of homosexuality as official government policy and the global banking system centralized in the UK which allowed for the perpetual exploitation and manipulation of common men the entire world around for the benefit of a few at the terrible loss of the many.

The reality is that the UK is going to die no matter what happens because she cannot continue in her current form as her own self-made problems have finally consumed her. What remains to be seen is how she will be reborn after death. Either the UK is going to be reborn as a place in which Christianity, just as in the days of old, is a hated religion but will be able to conquer and in time, re-convert the UK, or she will die absolutely and become absorbed into the Muslim world, from which she may never recover.

As Lord Byron once wrote: in Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (Canto IV, Stanza CVIII):

There is the moral of all human tales;

‘Tis but the same rehearsal of the past.
First freedom and then Glory – when that fails,
Wealth, vice, corruption – barbarism at last.
And History, with all her volumes vast,
Hath but one page

Desolation, the final painting in 19th century English-American artist Thomas Cole’s series of paintings, The Course of Empire. This is the future of the UK, except that the large tower on the left will be a minaret amid the desolation.

Indeed, this is the price of sin. It is either Christ or death.