Tens Of Thousands Cheer For President Trump As He Attacks Islamic Terrorism, Statism, And Secularism In Speech During Visit To Poland

Donald Trump made headlines recently with his first major trip to Europe in which instead of visiting the nations of Western Europe, which is the customary practice of American president, he chose first to visit the Eastern European nation of Poland, where he has since been given a warm welcome. In his speech, he said that the West was at risk of dying due to terrorism, the migration crisis, secularism, and a lack of purpose, and asked if indeed European Civilization could survive:

Donald Trump said the survival of the west was at risk, as he lashed out at hostile forces ranging from Islamic terrorism to Russia, statism and secularism, during a speech in Poland.

At the start of a four-day trip to Europe, the US president gave a highly nationalist address in Warsaw suggesting that a lack of collective resolve could doom an alliance that had endured through the cold war.

“As the Polish experience reminds us, the defence of the west ultimately rests not only on means but also on the will of its people to prevail,” Trump said at the site of the 1944 uprising against the Nazis. “The fundamental question of our time is whether the west has the will to survive.”

Trump, who delivered the speech on Thursday before flying to Hamburg for the G20 summit and bilateral meetings with the leaders of China, Russia and Germany, painted a picture of the west facing existential challenges in the effort to “defend our civilisation” from terrorism, bureaucracy and the erosion of traditions.

Trump pointed to Poland, which in the last century endured Nazi and Soviet occupations, as an example of resolve. “The story of Poland is the story of a people who have never lost hope, who have never been broken, and who have never forgotten who they are,” he said.

In a nod to the conservative values he shares with Poland’s controversial ruling Law and Justice party, Trump also called on the west to defend its traditions.

“Americans, Poles, and the nations of Europe value individual freedom and sovereignty,” he said. “We must work together to counter forces, whether they come from inside or out, from the south or the east, that threaten over time to undermine these values and to erase the bonds of culture, faith and tradition that make us who we are.”

According to Polish press reports, Trump was enticed to Warsaw by promises of a rapturous reception. The Polish government, which paid for supporters to be bussed in from provincial areas, appeared to have delivered, as the president was greeted by a boisterous, highly partisan, crowd in Krasinski Square, one of Warsaw’s smaller public spaces. (source)

For regular readers of Shoebat.com, we have been emphatic in our stance that the root cause of the crisis in Europe is the decline of the Catholic Church, for “as goes the Church, so goes the world.” Ultimately, the fate of Europe depends on the path it takes with regard to the Catholic Faith. Either she will return to the Faith and through much struggle press on the rugged path to salvation, or she will perfect her heresy and apostasy, being swallowed into the abyss of history’s empires and civilizations that have come and gone on account of their sin and their obstinate refusal to repent of their sins. As St. Lucia of Fatima herself said in reference to what she was told by the Blessed Virgin:

 If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.

In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world. (source)

Ultimately Trump’s words and actions are meaningless outside of the context of either the promotion, suppression, or apathy towards the Catholic Faith, since this is the critical issue because history and time are simply spaces in God’s eternity that He has given us in which to work out our salvation.

But I would like to return to the issue of Trump’s visit to Poland because this trip is not at all about “saving the West.” In fact, I would suggest that Trump’s visit to Poland was a directive that came from far deeper places in the government and Trump is simply the public face on the actual reason for the visit, which is about oil pipelines:

One month ago, after the shocking collapse of the Gulf nation status quo with the announcement of the diplomatic, naval and financial blockade of Qatar by the Saudi alliance, we said that while it is unclear how this latest political fiasco plays out, one thing was certain: with Saudi Arabia and Qatar suddenly adversaries, any likelihood of a Qatari natural gas pipeline crossing Syria – the fundamental cause behind the Syria  proxy war in the first place – was gone.

But one key question remained: why would Europe vacate all hopes of an alternative provider of cheap, copious LNG and concede the role of quasi-monopolist supplier of this critical for Europe resource to Gazprom, and thus Russia whose leverage over the continent would only grow as a result.

We now have the answer: none other than Donald Trump has been hoping to “steal” Russia’s European natgas relationships and clients, in hopes of making the US become the dominant supplier of LNG to Europe. According to Reuters, Trump “will use fast-growing supplies of U.S. natural gas as a political tool when he meets in Warsaw on Thursday with leaders of a dozen countries that are captive to Russia for their energy needs.”

The love-but-mostly-hate relationship between Russia and Europe is familiar to regular readers: in recent years, Moscow has cut off gas shipments during pricing disputes with neighboring countries in winter months, or when the conflict with Ukraine resulted in a halt of transit shipments via the energy hub.

This is where Trump’s plan kicks in: exports from the United States would help reduce their dependence on Russia. Trump will tell the group of European nations that Washington wants to help allies by making it as easy as possible for U.S. companies to ship more liquefied natural gas (LNG) to central and eastern Europe, the White House said. Trump will attend the “Three Seas” summit – so named because several of its members surround the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Seas – before the Group of 20 leading economies meet in Germany, where he is slated to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time.

Among the aims of the Three Seas project is to expand regional energy infrastructure, including LNG import terminals and gas pipelines: in other words to replace Gazprom as the dominant supplier of European nat gas with US suppliers. Members of the initiative include Poland, Austria, Hungary and Russia’s neighbors Latvia and Estonia. According to James Jones, a former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Trump’s presence will give the project a lift.

While it goes without saying, Jones adds that “Increased U.S. gas exports to the region would help weaken the impact of Russia using energy as a weapon or bargaining chip.”

“I think the United States can show itself as a benevolent country by exporting energy and by helping countries that don’t have adequate supplies become more self-sufficient and less dependent and less threatened,” he said.  It will also, if successful, infuriate Putin and the Russian energy establishment. (source)

This visit to Poland is ultimately about setting up taxpayer-subsidized oil and gas lines into Eastern Europe with the express purpose of cutting into Russia’s business interests and as such acting to, in classic American fashion, undermine the economic support of Russia in order to attempt the political subjugation of that nation. This is all part of a preparation for a Third World War between German and her supporters against Russia and her allies, as I wrote in a previous article:

Gas comes to Europe (excluding Norway and the UK) from 1 of 3 places- Russia, Turkey, or Algeria and other parts of North Africa in that order. A look at the map above confirms this.

Russia is very important in the debate about energy and economy because she theoretically has more oil and gas resources than the entire Middle East combined. Much of these resources are untapped and many have yet to be discovered, but operating at the current and anemic capacity due to various reasons, Russia is still the world’s largest producer of natural gas and the second largest producer of crude oil (10% of the world’s total supply) after Saudi Arabia (at 20% of total supply).

It gets even more interesting to know that while Saudi Arabia still has tremendous oil reserves, it has been documented that the quality of oil being pulled up today is of a lower grade and has to be refined more than in the past in order to generate the same returns, while Russia not only has far more oil in terms of untapped and available reserves, but that it is of a higher quality and can be refined with less effort. When perceived from this angle, Russia is actually in a significantly more favorable long-term situation as regards to her energy supplies than Saudi Arabia. Saudi may have a greater market share, but Russia has overall greater stores.

In a normal world, it makes sense that the nations of Europe would be Russia’s largest customer for gas. However, the world is not nor has it ever been “normal” in the sense of doing what is most ordered for the greatest good. People are people, and due to the corruption of original sin they may and do at times seek to over take others in the pursuit of power that has plagued the human race since Eden.

Germany is at the current time preparing to bring back her old empire. Far from leaving her old ways, Germany has never changed her intentions one bit and is under attack from nobody more so than herself and for the same reasons- to stir up the German people to accept the quest for empire and power at all costs. (source)

Below are two maps. The first map is of the current percentage of gas which goes Europe. The second map is a detailed look at the pipelines from Russia and the Middle East to Europe:

Note these maps well.

Economic warfare almost always leads to a “hot” war, since political developments almost always follow economic trends. In Russia’s case, this is a very serious issues because Russia does not have an economy.

Russia is a major nation with a great military and a long history, but it is a well-known fact that since the fall of the Soviet Union (and indeed before, but has been exacerbated since the breakup of the USSR in 1991) Russia has based her economy primarily on the sale of raw materials first, with state-run industrial businesses aimed primarily at the production of tools used for manufacturing weapons to be sold to foreign buyers as second business. Outside of this, and despite Russia’s massive size and potential to become a great power, she produces little to nothing else of note that is for sale on the international market. This is on account of many factors, most notably the massive internal corruption, widescale disorganization, and sever social decay that is within Russia. Make no mistake, America is also suffering from massive corruption, disorganization, and decay too. However, due to extensive investments in propaganda, an abundance of cheap and tasty food, copious amounts of entertainment, and better internal logistics coupled with control over the international currency market in the form of the dollar, the USA is better able to control, suppress, divert, and attenuate the same problems which Russia has.

“Bread and circuses” was the motto of the Roman Emperors, and worked very well. As long as a population does not sense their way of life is being threatened, they will usually remain complaisent. It is no surprise therefore that the USA is a “food capitol” of the world, producing abundant amounts of food for export as well as delicious and tasty concoctions for her people to consume, as well as an entertainment capitol in the form of movies, internet entertainment, pornography, and storytelling. Likewise, it is the reason why America exports to the point of near complete dependence on American food as well as a desire for American “luxury” food (such as McDonalds or KFC) for many nations, as well as aggressively markets American entertainment to foreign nations, as it provides the means to destabilize a society should it not comply with American “demands.”

Right now, American media is aggressively promoting Poland as the “good conservative” alternative to “big bad, mean Russia”:

This is testimony to the long-term fiscal sobriety of Poland’s leaders, and its sharp break with Communism. After the collapse of the Soviet bloc, Poland set out to distance itself as far as possible from Russia, and adopted the financial discipline and institutional reforms required to join the European Union. In the last decade, Warsaw emerged as the conservative opposite of decadent Moscow. Its staid tycoons are almost incapable of the flashy self-promotion common among the Russian oligarchs, and they have embraced American-style entrepreneurship with an enthusiasm rarely found elsewhere in Europe.

This pro-American, anti-Russian streak runs deeper than the current populist mood, making Poland a natural and increasingly potent American ally. In the past the relationship has focused on military ties and geopolitics, but Poland is already one of the few NATO members meeting its commitment to spend at least 2 percent of gross domestic product on defense. This meeting shifts the focus to the regional economy at its breakout moment.

Since World War II, the few poor nations that made it rich tended to do so in regional clusters, starting with Italy, Spain and other countries in Southern Europe, and then East Asia. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan went unheralded for years before they were recognized as the “Asian miracle” economies

Now Eastern Europe is rising, just as quietly, with small nations like the Czech Republic leading the way. Poland is close on its heels. With a population of nearly 40 million and a half-trillion-dollar economy that is already the world’s 24th largest, it is now big enough to put all of Eastern Europe on the global economic map. (source)

Let it be known that America does not care at all about Poland, and any care that she does have for her is the same care that America had for Saddam and Iraq in the early 1980s, for Iran up until 1979, and recently for the Philippines until President Duterte refused to buy weapons from American arms dealers. All nations are guilty of using other nations for their personal benefit at the expense of the other. However, America is a special case because we do what other have done with means that are more efficient, having effects that are longer lasting and as a result propagating the same evils further to their natural ends. As the first son of Freemasonry, America has been expert in propagating eugenics, license, and heresy even further than what the French Revolution could have dreamed of.


Remember this, Donald Rumsfeld?

America changes “friends” like a teenager changes her clothes because to the financial and industrial powers who rule the nation, all that matters is power.

It is not an accident that as part of this trip that Trump met with Poland and then Germany,  because as we have been constantly saying, there a concentrated effort being made to foment a new conflict akin to World War II and based on the same alliances. There is a reason that Germany is making economic deals with Eritrea as well as working with the Japanese government to develop economic interests in East Africa, as well as allowing for millions of Muslims to enter into the country, for as we have continually stated and have shown proof for, Germany was NOT invaded- she invited millions of unassimilatable people into her nation and then gave them license to act as they will without any legal reprocussion , and the express purpose for this was to cause a kickback so hard that the people would embrace nationalism, and through this to re-establish Germany’s empire of old:

People in the West have known for years that their governments have betrayed their trust. But in a new scandal just uncovered in what is looking like one of the biggest betrayals of trust in Western history. Gefira, a company that specializes in European politicay analysis has outed a huge scandal- there is an active collusion between dozens of major companies, NGOs, and humanitarian organizations doing the European Union’s dirty work by providing direct transportation for the millions of Muslim invaders into Europe and they are all being funded by your tax dollars and charitable organizations.

The list of organizations is formidable. These are not just obscure entities, but major organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and Save The Children. A cadre of nations are involved including not just European nations such as Germany, Italy, and Holland, but also nations such as Belize, the Marshall Islands, and Panama, and there are even some boats who act as veritable pirates, providing no identifying information in direct violation of international laws of the sea. (source)

Germany was not “invaded” at all. She actively brought those people in with the help of the Americans in order to cause a reaction.  The reality is that both the “refugees” and the German people are being used as pawns in a giant game of chess for power at all costs and no care for the humanity of anybody. They are being treated like farm animals, herded and raised and slaughtered at the will of the financial and industrial powers who rule these government and fight with each other to play the role of farmer.

If this is not enough proof, remember that Europe wants destabilization, to use and if need be, to create crises in order to concentrate power to herself, as we reported on:

…we reposted a slide from a presentation given by Bernard Connolly, a former economist for the European Commission and an European Union insider back in 2009. He noted that the European Union actually does not want peace in the world or within its borders, but is seeking to use ‘global issues’ in order to assert their dominance in the world.

As we pointed out here, the European Union wants terrorism. They want disorder. They want the European Union itself to fall apart, and the reason they want this disorder is because from the perspective of power, it is another form of the divide and conquer strategy by creating a rift in society, sowing division, and then stepping in with ‘the answer’ so long as more power is given to them, and one of the answers which we have noted is being presented is National Socialism.

This situation is no more obvious today than with the manufactured ‘refugee’ crisis. As I pointed out before, the majority of these people who are coming to Europe have absolutely no financial, logistical, or even basic intellectual mean to get themselves from their native lands thousands of miles away an into Europe in such large numbers unless they were being guided by an outside source.

Europe is not being invaded from without. It is being overthrown from within by its own leaders who are using other people to create an illusion of an external invasion, after which these same people then say that to stop the invasion they need to get more power and they are doing so at the very long term expense of their societies and people.

Now it would seem in part asinine for Europe to support Islam so strongly, for as we have pointed out, Islam is easily manipulated but always turns on its manipulators and will try to destroy them. So why would Europe take such a risk?

It seems that, among other reasons such as arrogance and the corruption of the mind caused by extreme power or the prospects of having such power, the reason is because, truly speaking, Europe is in a massive state of decline. The European peoples right now are literally dying out because, simply put, they refuse to reproduce. (source)

Are the “refugee crisis” and the “tension with Russia” not examples of this?

President Trump is just a figurehead for the masses to be entertained by, because the real power players are hidden, having had power for generations and plans in the works for at the very least, decades. They are not going to surrender for any reason, even if it means the destruction of the entire human race, because indeed, that is what they want so long as they believe they can make themselves into “gods among men.”

This entire visit to Poland has nothing to do with the good of the Polish people or any people. It has everything to do with undercutting one of Russia’s major and only economic supports with the purpose of causing a reaction in order to justify a war on behalf of Germany and her allies.

Stay alert, because this is just the beginning.