Woman In America Murders Boyfriend Who Supposedly Went Crazy After Following Cult Leader Who Calls Herself: “Prophet, Sere, Ambassador, Messenger, And Daughter of the Most High.”

By Theodore Shoebat

A woman in America murdered her boyfriend after he, according to her, asked her to kill him out of fear of a female cult leader who calls herself, “Prophet, Sere, Ambassador, Messenger, and Daughter of the Most High.” As we read this story from weirdo land:

Pennsylvania police are investigating the death of a man killed with a shot to the head by his girlfriend. The woman says he asked her to kill him because he was living in fear of a “cult,” the leader of which accused her of being a reptile posing as a human.

The 42-year-old woman, identified as Barbara Rogers, shot and killed her 32-year-old boyfriend Stephen Mineo in their apartment in Coolbaugh Township in western Pennsylvania last Saturday. She then called the police to tell them what happened.

When police briefed local media about the incident, a series of bizarre details emerged.“The caller related that she just shot her boyfriend in the head and was requesting police,” Pocono Mountain Regional Police Dept. Lt. Steven Williams said.

“She identified that the deceased was having online issues with a cult, and he wanted to be killed, and requested that she do it.”

Investigators said Mineo and Rogers were both survivalists who were fearing the world would soon come to an end.

Police confirmed that there is a connection between Mineo and an online conspiracy theorist with whom he had a falling out.

“The information was provided by the defendant at this point, and we will be looking into whether her allegations and problems that he was having with the cult are in fact true or not,” Williams said.

Before his death, Mineo had a YouTube account where he posted several lengthy videos explaining his involvement with conspiracy theorist Sherry Shriner, which dates back to 2004.

Mineo said he used to follow Shriner, but they fell out when Shriner and other members of the alleged cult started accusing Rogers of being a reptile who works for the CIA.

Shriner describes herself as a “Prophet, Sere, Ambassador, Messenger, and Daughter of the Most High.” She hosts an online radio program and has written several books on the “New Age alien agenda.”

Shriner has addressed Mineo’s death in several Facebook posts and videos. She made several allegations, including that Rogers is a“super soldier” and a witch who killed her partner.

“I warned [Mineo] she was a Super Soldier who would kill him and move on,” she said.

Local news outlet WNEP quotes Mineo’s friend Kevin Wade, who said he and Barbara were trying to break away from the cult.

“They dropped them, because they were too far out, instead of being religious, it was just a cult thing, they got rid of that,”Wade said.

Rogers told police that problems with the group caused Mineo to want to die. Rogers was charged with homicide and is being detained in Monroe County jail in Pennsylvania.

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