Thousands Of Austrian Women Are Prostituting Themselves To Young Muslim Men So They Can Freely Indulge Their Sexual Perversions

There is a lot of talk about Muslims and Africans attacking people and committing crimes such as rape. However, there is another phenomenon that is not talked about nearly as much, which is the fact that thousands of women throughout Europe are prostituting themselves to these “refugees” to indulge their sexual desires, according to a recent report from Austria:

There is a growing trend in Austria of middle aged or older women enticing young male asylum seekers with favours and money for sexual gratification and making the young migrant men dependent on them.

During the course of the migrant crisis, a vast majority of the migrants who came to Austria were young men, many of them travelling alone some of them targetted by Islamists, drug gangs and now in Austria, older sex-starved women.

A new report claims that the trend is steadily growing and now many young male migrants depend on these so-called “sugar mamas” for their financial benefits in exchange for sex OE24 reports.

Vienna magazine Biber and Austrian broadcaster ORF both reported on the growing trend claiming that while many older Austrian women have gone on “sex vacations” to African countries in the past to have sexual relations with men there, having sex with asylum seekers in Austria is a new phenomenon.

Some migrants even complain that the older Austrian women want too much sex. An asylum seeker named Hasan told the Biber magazine, “She wants sex with me four times a day, I am a sex machine for her, nothing more.” Hasan said he wouldn’t leave the woman though because he had become accustomed to his new lifestyle.

The 24-year-old Iraqi said the woman named Linda (not her real name) had approached him at a bar and offered to let him live with her. Hasan said Linda paid for everything he needed including a 120 euro a month gym membership at an upscale gym in Vienna.

Manfred Buchner of the Austrian Men’s Health Centre said that the asylum seekers remain in these relationships because they become dependent on the women. “There is a great dependency. Not only mentally, but also materially. Many of these men face homelessness,” Buchner said.

Reports of the sexual abuse of young male asylum seekers by women has also been reported in asylum centres and makeshift asylum camps like the former Calais Jungle. Last year, Open Borders activists who volunteered in Calais were accused of “sex tourism” when it emerged that many were engaged in sexual relationships with migrants including children.

In one case a woman who volunteered at the Calais camp decided to marry her much younger Syrian asylum seeker lover after meeting him at the camp. The woman, identified as Sarah Gayton, a management consultant, quit her job five days after meeting the migrant but insisted that her initial motivations for volunteering weren’t driven by sex tourism. (source)

We have written about this phenomenon before, and it is not just limited to Austria. There are large numbers of Western European women such as the UK, Holland, Germany, France, and Sweden, who are actively inviting in these “new immigrants” for the express purpose of keeping them as sexual play toys just in the way sultans and kings of ages past (and some even today) have harems of women in their royal courts.

In the meantime, the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) for Austria as well as all of Western Europe continues to plummet like a lead sinker on a fishing line. One will notice that beginning in 2016 there is a slight increase in the TFR, but this is because of the massive invitation of Muslims and Africans into Europe. I emphasize invitation because that is what is happening in the literal sense of the word. These people are NOT invading Europe, but they are being trafficked in with the help of the Mafia and dozens of non-governmental organizations who are being directly funded by the United States and European governments, namely that of Germany. It is wrong to say “invasion” because as we have pointed out, the majority of these people could not in their lifetimes ever afford so much as the means to get to the Mediterranean coastline of northern Africa, let alone get on a boat and go to Europe, and especially in such large numbers:

As we pointed out here, the European Union wants terrorism. They want disorder. They want the European Union itself to fall apart, and the reason they want this disorder is because from the perspective of power, it is another form of the divide and conquer strategy by creating a rift in society, sowing division, and then stepping in with ‘the answer’ so long as more power is given to them, and one of the answers which we have noted is being presented is National Socialism.

People in the West have known for years that their governments have betrayed their trust. But in a new scandal just uncovered in what is looking like one of the biggest betrayals of trust in Western history. Gefira, a company that specializes in European politicay analysis has outed a huge scandal- there is an active collusion between dozens of major companies, NGOs, and humanitarian organizations doing the European Union’s dirty work by providing direct transportation for the millions of Muslim invaders into Europe and they are all being funded by your tax dollars and charitable organizations.

The list of organizations is formidable. These are not just obscure entities, but major organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and Save The Children. A cadre of nations are involved including not just European nations such as Germany, Italy, and Holland, but also nations such as Belize, the Marshall Islands, and Panama, and there are even some boats who act as veritable pirates, providing no identifying information in direct violation of international laws of the sea. (source)

Europe is not being invaded from without. It is being overthrown from within by its own leaders who are using other people to create an illusion of an external invasion, after which these same people then say that to stop the invasion they need to get more power and they are doing so at the very long term expense of their societies and people. (source)


European birthrates are another story because they have remained stagnant and well below population replacement rates (2.1 children per woman) for decades. It has been reported for decades likewise and, per the reports, has been a source of great concern throughout the societies because a childless society will cease to exist. Consider for example, Der Spiegel writing in 2005:

Konrad Adenauer — Germany’s post-World War II chancellor — once famously quipped that the government didn’t need to offer lavish benefits for families because “Germans will always have children.” He was dead wrong. Currently, one-third of German women are childless. It’s the highest rate of childlessness in the world. Were it not for the influx of foreigners and longer life spans, Germans — like many Europeans — would be a dying breed. Germany’s current birth rate is half what it was 40 years ago. Worse, 44 percent of Germans interviewed recently by the prestigious Forsa and Allensbach institutes said they were happy without kids and planned to remain childless.

A lack of good childcare possibilities is another reason often cited for low birthrates and in recent months the German government has sworn to help families by offering more preschool and year-round school slots. Hank spent five years studying the subject and has this to say: “I thought childcare would be it. I thought it would be easy. But what I found is that it had absolutely no effect.” Another fascinating fact about German fertility is that German women tend either to have no children or two or more, he said. “The crucial decision in Germany is if you have one child or none,” he said. “Once you have one, you already have all the difficulties of trying to balance family and career. So you might as well have another.”

Could society be to blame for many women’s aversion to motherhood? Certainly many women are simply burned out or terrified by the responsibility and burden they think motherhood brings. Others aren’t willing to give up their careers. “It’s too much pressure for many women,” Hank said. “It’s too hard to be a good mother, a perfect wife, a good lover and hold down a successful job.” In Germany — where many believe mothers should care for their children until they are three — there is a particularly nasty phrase often attached to mothers who work. They are labeled “Rabenmutters,” or inattentive, unloving, “unnatural” mothers. “Maybe all of this pressure has pushed women to make a choice,” said Hanks. Rather than being bad mothers, they are simply choosing not to be mothers at all. (source)

There is no question to anybody that the European people are having sex. Whether it is with foreigners, in one of Europe’s many and infamous sex clubs that dot the continent, or simply between a husband and a wife (for those who are married), there is a lot of sexual action taking place. What is not happening in that no children are being produced from these unions, and as the Breitbart article notes about the Muslims but can be applied in all cases is that the sexual activity is seen as an activity unto itself with no higher purpose than self-gratification. This is combination with the assumptions about male-female relationships in contemporary society should show that what is taking place today in Europe, America, Japan, and throughout the developed world is that life is viewed as a pursuit of the will of the individual regardless of the long term consequences so long as an individual does not directly infringe on the “happiness” of another is a socially-disapproved way.

Again, re-read the passages from the Der Spiegel article from 2005. Notice that throughout the entire article there is a running theme of (a) women wanting to have careers over families but having no idea how to manage the two and (b) people complaining about a lack of conveniences. I have no respect for either.

As far as women having careers, it has been noted for years that in spite of the YOU GO GIRL lie of society YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING, nobody in fact can do everything, especially all at once. Either one goes to work or one has a family, for to do both properly is as unnatural as it is impossible. Men provide. Women nurture. This is a biological division that God Himself established between the sexes just as much as he established men as men and women as women in a reflection of the Love between the Father and the Son through whose union comes forth the Holy Spirit as does children between a husband and a wife.

The condensed answer to the “problems” of modern life between the sexes and especially in the workplace are that women think they can be men and men think they can be women because everything is a matter of nurture and not nature. Women cannot be men because biologically speaking, they are not the same. Likewise, men cannot be women because biologically speaking, they are not the same. They are equal in dignity but different in function. It is is reason there is so much emphasis on “transsexualism” now, because if one assumes that roles and gender are interchangeable roles like generic car parts between different automobile models, then all one needs to do is “change the parts” and everything will work fine. The problem that society is having is that like a stubborn child it refuses to admit there are differences that cannot be changed and instead would rather fight God out of hubris than submit with humility.

Immoral, unnatural behavior such as this is the natural consequence of a philosophy which states the absolutes do not exist (in this case regarding gender and the biological difference between men and women).

As far as “conveniences” being an excuse for not having children, that is simply an excuse for laziness and is a reflection of the selfish behavior for why people are not having children in the first place. They see children as an extention of themselves and a part of their own “personal” path of “self-realization,” not because they have any sense of religious duty, civic duty, or even love for the children. Rather, the bearing of children for them is meant to be an adornment to their personal shrines to themselves. But since children are little people who while resembling their parents are not their parents and likewise require a great deal of personal efforts and financial sacrifices to raise, nobody can maintain a selfish lifestyle and continue to raise a family and have it be easy.

This is why they only want to have one child, because with one child, while it does take considerable effort, one can still manage to partake in levels of self-indulgence close to those of a single person. Two children is almost impossible, and three or up is impossible because there are more people than there are parents and so the degree of control has to change, not to mention the increase in personal investment and financial sacrifice. Ultimately, even more German people of child-bearing age are choosing all together not to have children because they even view that as too much of an infringement on their personal libertine behavior.

Luther’s creation of a ‘German god for a German people’ simply justified a philosophy that created the problems of today, especially with the rise of National Socialism as Peter Wiener argues in his must-read book, Luther: Hitler’s Spiritual Ancestor.

There are many problems which the Muslims and other people’s are causing in Europe. However, the ultimate problem is not with terrorist attacks, women sleeping with “refugees,” or even the fact that the government has been bringing these people in by the millions. The ultimate problem is one of faith because having chosen to abandon the Catholic Faith beginning with the Protestant Revolution in favor of a “nationalized church” where one’s own perception of identity is tied to the worship of God in an almost absolutist way, it was only a matter of time before people began to see God as themselves and simply discarded Him in favor of personal shrines built to themselves based on self-indulgence and license. The state of modern Europe has been under construction for centuries and while interrupted, delayed, and even reversed at certain times, it has never stopped because Europe would rather choose rebellion in pursuit of the unnatural for false promises of hedonistic pleasure instead repentance.

Pride comes before a fall, and as the Catholic Faith teaches it is the greatest sin. The sin of pride manifested by selfishness has consumed the society and is being used as a weapon by more selfish people in government, finance, and business to attempt to take more power through creating socially unstable situations around the world that will most likely eventually lead to a third world war. Just as the “Third Reich” failed miserably, so will any such attempts to repeat the Third Reich will end in disaster, except this time in combination with the non-existent fertility rates and the fact that Europe’s new imports are willing to reproduce and have been brought in by the millions, Europe may seal her own fate by her own hand because she will have chosen to cease to exist and she will have nobody but her own prideful actions to blame.

That is the price of sin.

Desolation, the last of five paintings by Anglo-American painter Thomas Cole in his The Course of Empire series. As Cole noted in his paintings,

There is the moral of all human tales;

‘Tis but the same rehearsal of the past.
First freedom and then Glory – when that fails,
Wealth, vice, corruption – barbarism at last.
And History, with all her volumes vast,
Hath but one page…