‘The West Is Waging A Proxy War Again Us Using The LGBT’ Western Media Loses It As Indonesian Minister Cracks Down On LGBT

With the infiltration of the churches and the decline of Christianity, the world has slowly returned to its former state of darkness. The LGBT represent one aspect of this, having spread across the world and infected every part of society. However, some countries are resisting, such as Indonesia, which has been arresting the LGBT and attempting to stop its spread

Since 2011, the percent of HIV-positive Indonesian men who were having sex with men rose from six to 26, and as many think it’s the government’s fault.

Following a raid in May of this year, targeting gay men in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second largest city, many gay men are too frightened to get tested for HIV, fearing they will be outed.

“People are scared,” says Fajar Prabowo, programme officer at Yayasan Suwitno, a group that operates clinics and mobile units that provide HIV testing. “It’s very hard to get people to come to the clinic. Now it’s even harder to reach them.”

According to the South China Morning Post, Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu “likened the spread of tolerance toward homosexuals to a proxy war waged by the West,” resulting in police raids like the one earlier this year.

Although homosexuality is technically not a crime in most of Indonesia, the semi-autonomous northern province of Aceh, which has been governed by Sharia law since 2001, adopted a measure in 2015 that punishes same-sex relations with up to 100 lashes. The lashings, which are carried out by hooded officers using a rattan cane, are incredibly painful and often leave permanent scars.

Now HIV testing and treatment has gone underground—even Jakarta’s main clinic for HIV testing only known “by word of mouth” and has no website to offer information.

“We like to keep [the clinic] known for only those who need it, no matter their sexual orientation,” said the clinic’s chief doctor, who remained anonymous.

“Sensitivity is the frontline of our campaign,” said Rena Janamnuaysook, the program coordinator of the Thai Red Cross Aids Research Centre. “We are normalising HIV/Aids.”

The percentage of HIV-positive men has gone up 20 percent in six years, but in larger cities like Jakarta and Bali the numbers are 36 percent. Bangkok also saw a rise from 21 percent in 2000 to now close to 30 percent. By 2020 half of new HIV infections in Southeast Asia will be among men who have sex with other men.

“Gay men are increasingly vilified and oppressed,” said Ryan Figueiredo, the deputy director of Apcom, a group that raises awareness of HIV and AIDS in Indonesia. “It’s disturbing that the authorities are denigrating the very community they need to be working with to address this epidemic.” (source)

As we and many other have pointed out, the homosexual issue has never been about “rights” or “equality,” but about shifting the balance of power in society by stripping away any sense of objective morality and redefining it in terms of what the government determines it to be for its particular end. In the case of today, it is about destroying Christian morality and replacing it with a new form of the same old ideas of paganism that have always been opposed to Christ and His Church, and all of human life. A society under the influence of homosexuality is the dream of a eugenicist because since the act itself cannot produce new life, homosexuality leads to the destruction of new life by preventing it from coming into existence. It is an objective moral wrong, a blasphemy against God’s creation, and as the Bible states is a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance because it is worthy of death as it is so wicked it even disgusts the demons of hell.

Here the Indonesians are being vilified and accused of “spreading HIV” by cracking down on homosexual behavior. Yet this is a complete lie, because at the article mentions above and as homosexuals themselves have stated, the spread of HIV is overwhelming directly connected to homosexual activity and the normalization of HIV itself comes straight out of the homosexual circles in society. The latter part naturally reinforces the former in spite of anything the LGBT may say because since HIV is spread primarily by sodomite behavior, they have to justify the disease and make it socially acceptable in order to prevent the public’s natural disgust and outrage at the spread of this disease turning against them. Wherever you find the LGBT one will find both HIV and other STDs as well as a massive campaign for “human rights” for people who have STDs and other diseases or simply social ills whose origins come from sodomite behavior or lifestyles.

A movie about HIV and Homosexuals. For many homosexuals, spreading STDs such as HIV is something they do intentionally for sexual pleasure.

The most interesting part is around 40:00 to 45:00, since it gives a graphic but very detailed insight into this world. However, if you watch beginning around 45:15, the film will discuss how the normalization of HIV has come directly from homosexual groups.

Dr. Stanley Monteith many years ago wrote a book about this called AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic, in which he noted that the HIV/AIDS problem grew into an epidemic starting in the homosexual bath houses in major cities. Among the many solutions that he suggested back in the late 1970s and early 1980s when AIDS became a public health issue, he was scoffed at for among his many recommendations, that the gay clubs and bath houses posed a threat to public health and needed to be closed immediately. His words were not heeded, and as predicted, the situation with HIV has only worsened since.

Indonesia is a Muslim nation, and as we have written before here on Shoebat.com, Islam actually permits homosexuality per its own theology. There is nothing “anti-gay” about Islam, and the punishments which Islam prescribes against the LGBT are connected to violations of the Sharia regarding homosexuality. Muslim men can sodomize other Muslim men, but it has to be in accordance with Islamic theology. So long as this is followed, then anything is possible:

The issue of homosexuality and Islam is as confused as the confused individuals who are confused about their gender. Western media is also confused since Islam does not prohibit all forms of homosexuality. Shoebat.com maintained that Islam permits the transgender type.

The Independent for example is beginning to get it when it wrote “Radical Islamists convinced Omar Mateen that being gay is never compatible with being a Muslim – but that’s not necessarily true”.

The Independent has a point. Actually half a point. In IslamMukhannathun (مخنثون “effeminate ones”, “men who resemble women”, singular mukhannath) is allowed for people who would now be called transgender women (reality they are men).

In other words, the bottom line is that Islam prohibits and permits homosexuality. Islam’s author of confusion is notorious for using play on words. In Islam a homosexual (Liwati) is banned but if he is effeminate (Mukhannath) he is not. Adultery is forbidden in Islam, of course, but not with concubines, alcohol is forbidden, but not in heaven, prostitution Bagha’ is forbidden but not when its Misyar (marriages where one can contract with a rental overnight wife). Patricide and matricide are forbidden until the parents oppose the son to go on Jihad … you name the sin and Islam becomes the religion of loopholes. (source)

The problem with the LGBT in Indonesia is that it is not permitted in a way acceptable to those who are funding these groups from without in order that they might cause social upheaval for the purpose of perpetuating their power.

One only needs to look at the case of Chechnya for this. Chechnya has been repeatedly attacked for having “gay death camps” in spite of the dearth of evidence. The reason for this is not at all about “gay rights” or “human rights,” but about building anti-Russian sentiment so to further push for a conflict against them. As we wrote:

One can also see here how the support of or opposition to homosexuality is being weaponized against others,  in this case Russia and her territory in Muslim Chechnya, who are publicly fighting homosexuality. These people go so far as to call Russia and Chechnya “evil” for this, and as we have noted that America and her allies in the European Union want to start a war with Russia, they are attempting to use these charges of “homosexual death camps” to stir up anger against Russia and her allies.

Speaking of “homosexual death camps’, where is the concrete evidence of these “camps,” and if so, what constitutes what is being called a “camp?” Notice how in spite of all of the condemnations, claims, protests, and statements made against Russia and Chechnya over these ‘camps,’ there is also a considerable dearth of evidence and what evidence is being presented is questionable. Not only that, but that Russia herself has asked that before condemnations are issued a formal investigation needs to be made, and nothing of the kind is happening? This pattern should sound familiar by now, because that is exactly what happened in Syria with the “chemical weapons charges” against President Asad, which we reported were patently false and instead manufactured by American and European propagandists to beat the drums of war against Russia. (source)

This is not a “left” or “right” issue because as we have repeatedly noted, both “sides” in the West support homosexuality. The left supports a feminized homosexuality, the right supported a masculinized homosexuality, but both sides end with another man masturbating into another man’s rectum and God hates all of it and it all results in the same end.

When the Indonesian minister speaks about Western government waging a proxy war against his society, he is absolutely correct to say so because the love of homosexuality is a war against God and his creation. This is made clear how the LGBT promotes all kinds of deviant behavior such as teaching teenagers to masturbate with poop, teaching little children to sodomize each other, and saying that pedophilia is normal. Many sodomites are as open about their sexuality as they are about how they worship satan and they are ideal for preparing the way for the antichrist. Yet in the modern Western world today, the society from its elite to the common people have accepted sodomy as natural behavior so much that he who does not accept it is regarded as a social pariah. People who merely say what God says in the Bible are ostracized, threatened, harassed, and risk losing their jobs, their homes, and even their families. Even many people who call themselves Christians support the LGBT because they either do not understand what their Faith actually teaches or they want to embrace the sins of the culture they want to while standing against others, and as God clearly stated in the New Testament, one cannot serve two masters.

As Ted pointed out recently, now is not the time for Christians to yearn after a quixotic past when the reality is that which they seek had died long ago and what we are witnessing is the culmination of centuries of heresy and apostasy. Christians must stand up and continue to advance in society while preparing for a new dark ages that is falling upon the world and appears more every day to advance the end times. As the society has returned to the barbarity of paganism and the world looks as it did during the days of Noah, it is for Christians to prepare accordingly. If God destroyed Sodom by fire from Heaven for its sin, and if God even so destroyed the entire world because of its sin by water in the Deluge, what is to say that God will not destroy the entire world by fire as it is mired in sin just as it was before the deluge and in particular of the sin of Sodom? Indeed, the prophetic warnings have been coming for almost a century now.

God’s Mercy precedes God’s Justice. Governments are using the LGBT to wage war on society, but this is ultimately a war for the souls of the human race, and the consequence are eternal. Stay ready and be prepared, because this is simply the twilight before the darkness falls.