National Socialist Or ANTIFA, There Is No Good Or Better Side Because Both Ways End In Socialism And Death


A lot of media coverage has gone to the Unite the Right rally over the weekend. I spent my weekend glued to my computer, watching multiple live-stream video casts of the rally from different people. I watched national socialist personality Tim “Baked Alaska” Treadstone get sprayed in the eyes with mace. I watched the police fire tear gas and, as far as I could tell, watch the police herd the protesters into the “Antifa” crowd and then join in attacking the demonstrators. I watched the real-time incident with the car accident that killed at least one person. I watched National Socialist blogger “Millenial Matt” get into an argument with a reporter from InfoWars. In addition I watched host of fights, arguments, angry speeches, Nazi flags and marching crowds carrying torches to the chants of Andrew Anglin of‘s saying “White Sharia Now” and pagan Stephen McNallen’s play on David Duke’s 14 words, “The existence of our people is not negotiable.” I watched as the “left wing Antifa” protesters acted just as disorderly as those on the “right wing,” with the only difference being that the violence on the left was more open and less controlled while on the right it was hidden under a better organized disguise.

Crowds chanting “white sharia now,” which is a phrase originally coined on the Daily Stormer blog

After looking at everything which happened, it’s clear the winner was Socialism. International or national oriented, it does not matter, because both sides are evil.

ANTIFA does not even need to be discussed. They are clearly and proudly supporters of the social degeneracy that defines modern American society.

There is no rest between a rock and hard place. Likewise, there is no good side between international socialists or national socialists.

Before analyzing the event, let’s review a few points that we at have made for a while about this.

First, we at were on the front lines of exposing the rise of National Socialism. Very few websites online were talking about this, and those that were did so from a strictly Communist perspective, with their disagreement not that Socialism is wrong, but that Socialism is supposed to be applied internationally as opposed to nationally. They do not oppose the actual evil itself. We opposed the actual evil.

Second, we at were the first website to do an in-depth investigation exposing the counter-jihad movement as but one head of a hydra-like monster that is directly tied to National Socialism, covert government military operations, silicon valley noveau riche and old world banking families ending in the intellectual and material experiments on human beings to revive a new order of eugenics in the quest of evil me to make themselves like God. We have been adamant in discussing how National Socialists have infiltrated the conservative movement.

Third, regarding the second point, we at have emphatically pointed out the connections between the “leaders” and the financial backers of the different “right wing movements” to government. This cannot be overemphasized because it demonstrates that both the movements on the left and the right are directed at the top of their leadership by the exact same people. It’s a game of chess they are playing against themselves, and since they control both sides, all they have to do is present an interesting enough show to entertain the masses.

Fourth, as we at have been emphasizing, the return of National Socialism is patterned on its rise in the previous century, and as such it is a pagan movement that hates God and will end in death and the severe persecution of the Church.

Fifth, we at warned that the only way to respond to this evil was to follow the way of the Catholic Faith as taught by the great saints of old, for there is no choice between the left or the right as they both end in the realization of the same evils but by different means. Just as in ancient times it was Christ against the rest of the world, so again it is Christ and His Church against all the armies of the underworld.

Having said all of this, the coverage of the rally was very interesting. The media coverage, as mentioned above, was absolutely awful and completely tainted on the “mainstream” by an opposition to the national socialist framed near completely in terms of accepting all of the insane ideas characterizing modern “leftist” politics today. As it was presented, those who opposed the national socialists were naturally lovers of the LGBT, pro-Muslim, anti-white, diehard communists, and those who disagreed were no different than the National Socialists. The best news coverage came on the comment boards and livestream media, including the infamous Daily Stormer’s live feed.

The difference between communism and national socialism is that the former is international and the latter is national, but both end in the same destruction. However, what makes the national socialist more dangerous than the international socialist in terms of rising to power is that the national socialist does not need to lie like the international socialist does to bolster his case.

Hitler was a national socialist. Stalin was an international socialist.

Both are evil and lead to the same ends. It is just how those ends are realized.

International socialists rise to power by blaming “those rich people over there” for the ills of society. Their argument is naturally based on some form of economic equality that has to be achieved. National socialists rise to power by blaming “those different people over there” for the ills of society. International socialism causes revolution through aggravating difference between classes, national socialism causes revolution by through aggravating differences between ethnicities. Either argument is based on some form of ethnic or social equality that has to be achieved. Now both money as well as a sense of ethnic pride are both useful levels to overturn social order, but economics always makes a weaker case because wealth is an extrinsic quality that a person can acquire. Ethnic differences are far more serious because they are a part of a person’s makeup. I can work very hard and earn a lot of money and become rich if I want to. However, no matter how hard I work, I cannot change, by biological makeup.

There has been building for many years resentment growing between “white America” and “the rest of America.” This well pre-dates former President Barack Hussein Obama, and especially for people born after 1980 is not tied to certain ideas about racial superiority from past generations. Since the majority of the people at this rally were Millenials, these were people who were raised to be very “politically correct,” who had it drilled into them that just as Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, and many other shows said, to be good to all people because it is the right thing to do. Likewise, millenials are also the most likely of all American generations to be in relationships with or marry a person outside of their own ethnicity. Clearly, this isn’t an issue of simple “racism.”

If you listen to enough of the people at the rally, their reason was a sense of dispossession and a genuine fear of destruction. Now I emphasize that the sense of dispossession felt by those at the rally is not a justification for mass murder- it never is. However, if one looks at the same issues through their perspective, as wrong as it may be, the reason why they are supporting National Socialism makes sense in the same way that although Islam is very evil, the reasons that Muslim terrorist act the way they do is consistent with the philosophy espoused by Islam.

Martin Luther, the first National Socialist

Ultimately, the roots of the issues today go back to the rejection of the Catholic Faith by the Germanic nations due to a pursuit for unlimited power and an attempt to re-create God in their own image. This is something we have discussed at length and you can read more about here. Martin Luther’s revolution was less of a spiritual revolution before a national revolution because his reforms were to create a Germanic god for a Germanic people, and by doing so to abrogate the power of the Church in society by placing it as a vassal to the government and in doing so to make the actions of government the words of God so to justify any action. This had been attempted by many rulers in Europe before, except the different here was the Luther was actually successful. The results of this were predictable, which would be the eventual apostasy of Germany and those who followed her, later resulting in their complete destruction.

Fast forward to the 20th century and the warnings of the Church were realized. After two world wars, Germany and the rest of Western Europe was sapped of its energy and instead of returning to Christ and His Church chose instead to apostatize. Christianity of all forms was reduced to a sign of social membership but without any belief in God or His word. As religion continued to decline so did people’s desire to have children, for they saw their existence as a hedonistic journey ending in death with the winner being the one who enjoyed his life the most on his own terms.

There has been a real population decline in Europe due to the refusal of the people to have children, and coupled with the laziness of much of European society that prefers to bring in cheap labor from their neighbors, of which are the Muslim nations of northern Africa and the Middle East, there really is a social collapse taking place. The peoples of Europe really are being gradually displaced by the Muslims. Likewise, the Muslims who are being brought over to Europe really do commit a lot of the violent crime and generally act in anti-social, anti-human ways that are turning their new homeland into a reflection of the dangerous places they came from. Likewise, between so many of the “equality” and “anti-racism” laws that have been instituted, there are many people in America and Europe who increasingly feel like foreigners in their own society being pushed out by people who really do not like them.

To discount these feelings is wrong because they are real, and many of the facts which support their existence are real too. However, as we have constantly said at, the facts are irrelevant because National Socialism embraces facts, especially ones that are controversial or unpopular, and they expect to be persecuted. They do this because they know that eventually once the social situation is aggravated enough, people will begin to accept the facts they have been saying for (what will have been at that point) a long time and will be receptive to the National Socialism message. It is then that the National Socialist delivers his poison, which is that the answer to the problems of society is with a return to paganism, tribalism, and eugenics. This answer which the National Socialist offers is no different than that which international socialism offers, except that it offers a false conclusion on real facts so to give the appearance of having truth.

This is where the frustration of these men is so dangerous, because most of them are not acting out of an intrinsic hatred of non-whites. Instead, many have been gravely deceived using the model above, for they are drawing a false conclusion based on real facts. The National Socialists is harnessing their real discontent with the society by pointing out various facts that brought about the current state of discontent, and they are saying that their chance to have the power and influence they feel is being taken away from them will come through accepting the National Socialism message.

But to say that the National Socialist movement is solely “fact based” is not correct. Make no mistake, the facts which the National Socialists point out are true, but they point out the facts which are most advantageous to them. They do not have to outright lie- they simply have to not discuss other facts that while perhaps are not in opposition to their message simply do not fit the image they are trying to shape.

For example, take the situation with the population decline. Again, nobody can say there has not been massive problems involving the immigration issue in America and Europe, and that the European people are in certain places losing numbers and essentially being replaced. One can see this happening, and the National Socialists will gladly point this out. However, as we at have vehemently discussed, they are being displaced because of their refusal to reproduce through contraception and to destroy any products of conception through abortion, and all of it as their own personal choice. Nobody is making the women and men of western society use birth control to avoid pregnancy. Nobody is making these people refuse to get married but instead live together. Nobody is making them choose fancy dinners and luxury vacations over another child. Nobody is making them drive to the abortion centers to murder their own babies conceived accidentally through fornication. Nobody is making them limit the average American family size to fewer than 2.1 children.

Nobody made this family have children in the same way nobody made the average European family not have children.

Actions have consequences, and one cannot hold another person responsible for one’s own irresponsibility.

This is just the issue with family. In the same manner, nobody is making people in society refuse to go to Church, or to stop praying. Nobody is making them choose Sunday football games instead of Sunday Mass. Nobody is making them do anything they do not want to do at all. They are choosing apostasy.

Or what about immigration? As we pointed out many times the same “invaders” that people criticize are actually welcome both directly and indirectly into society. A while ago Ted did a story about farm laborers and how a news investigation showed that after asking thousands of Americans about working in a job doing hard farm labor almost nobody chose to do it. Instead, the only workers that he could get were those from Central America, who were willing to put in the long days so that Americans can enjoy affordably priced fruits. I wrote a similar piece about this, an noted:

For the average American farmer, as we pointed out in a previous article, this is the reason why they hire illegals. Americans will not do the work because of the wages while Guatemalans, Mexicans, and other people will line up to do the work precisely for the wages. Given that commodities can only sell for certain prices (most people are not going to consistently pay $20 for a pint of strawberries, for instance, because it is simply not affordable), and given how critical the agricultural industry is to both the domestic and foreign policy of the USA, its a no-brainer why illegal immigration will never be fixed. The farmers get good, hard workers at a cheap rate, the worker gets what is for them an awesome salary, and the average man gets cheap and delicious food. Yes, the illegal immigration causes many problems that are real and cannot be ignored, and the intentional violation of any nation’s laws especially regarding borders is a serious matter, but those in industry (agribusiness) and government do not want an actual answer. They want to give the impression they are doing something without addressing the issue because of these reasons. (source)

There are countless examples but the point is that no matter what the National Socialists say, no matter what facts they accurately quote, they are no different than the same ANTIFA they claim to oppose with the only difference being that the ANTIFA are international socialists and in how they present the same conclusions to their prospective audiences.  They all hate the Catholic Church, they all hate truth, they all support homosexuality, they all are pagan, and they all are enemies of objective truth.

By the way, I have noticed there are many Christians who say they support the National Socialists. I can tell you from having watched the demonstration in real-time as well as the videos that came after I saw no Christian presence. Sure, Christians were there, but they did not make their presence known. I did see a lot of pagan imagery and pagan flags in the crowds, and calls for “racial solidarity” but no calls for solidary in any way connected as brothers in Christ. This just confirms that which we have been saying, which is that National Socialism its a pagan movement with pagan aims that seeks Christian support solely in order to advance its own cause. Just as Stalin lauded the “useful fools” who helped to advance the cause of Socialism in Russia before he disposed of them once he took power, so will the new socialists today use Christian “useful fools” to assume power and upon taking power will do to them what Stalin did in ages past.

History is simply repeating itself again, and if we do not pay attention now, we will be forced to re-live the horrors of the past.  And as we have warned, in the end the Nazis will side with the Muslims and united to persecute the Church.

This is a lot bigger than a rally in Virginia.

This is about the union of the Teuton, the Turk, and the Japanese.

The Ottoman Empire is returning.

The death camps are reopening.

The persecution is coming.

Choose your side now.