DACA Is Nothing Special, Many Past Presidents Allowed Immigrants To Live In The United States. The People Who Have Been Allowed To Live In America Because Of DACA Should Be Legalized. The Very People Complaining About Immigration Are The Same People Who Believe In Tolerating Homosexuality In Society

By Theodore Shoebat

DACA is nothing special. Numerous presidents in the past allowed immigrants to live in the US. For the most part, since these people have been living in the US for most of their lives, and since its not their fault that they were brought into America, they should be made naturalized citizens. Another observation that I have made is that the very people complaining about immigration, are the very people who will tolerate homosexuality. These types of people, tolerate homosexuals, as long as their “legal,” over illegal immigrants who are not criminals. This is the subject of my latest video:

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