How The United States Government Is Creating A Nuclear Japan

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat

While the world’s focus has been on North Korea and a bunch of stories that will be forgotten very soon, the US government is helping Japan go nuclear. And not just that, the America is working with Japan to create military robots, however they may look like.

Just in July of this year, Senator John McCain introduced to Congress a bill that would, if passed, would have the United States work with Japan to only help the nation that the US went to war with just decades ago become more dangerous. The bill, called “S. 1519“, there is part entitled “SEC. 1269. SENSE OF CONGRESS ON EXTENDED DETERRENCE FOR THE KOREAN PENINSULA AND JAPAN”, which states:

It is the sense of Congress that—

(1) the nuclear and missile program of North Korea is one of the most dangerous national security threats facing the United States today; and

(2) given the threat posed by North Korea to our allies, the Republic of Korea and Japan, the Nuclear Posture Review that will occur this year should fully consider the perspectives of key allies and partners of the United States in East Asia, including the Republic of Korea and Japan.

The Nuclear Posture Review is the official American process by which “to determine what the role of nuclear weapons in U.S. security strategy should be.” The bill uses very slimy and tricky terms to masquerade what its really trying to say. Japan is not, supposedly, not allowed to possess nuclear weapons. So why does the Nuclear Posture Review need to consider the perspective on Japan regarding nuclear weapons. Its because the Japanese want nukes, and the US is going to enable them to have these brooms of destruction. Remember what Trump said before his election:

Would I rather have North Korea have [nuclear weapons] with Japan sitting there having them also? You may very well be better off if that’s the case.

Since the 1950s, the US has been working to allow Japan to posses nuclear weapons.  In a telegraph from June 20th, 1958, MacArthur informed the U.S. Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, that the Japanese Vice Foreign Minister, Hisanari Yamada, that Foreign Ministry officials discussed whether or not Japan should examine and agree on a decision on obtaining nuclear weapons.

Takashi Shinobu, a professor at Nihon University, unearthed documents at the U.S. National Archives in Washington, The documents reveal that on September 9th, 1958, Douglas MacArthur II told state and defense department officials that Nobusuke Kishe “believed it was essential that Japan have (a) nuclear” arsenal, and that the Japanese constitution “did not prohibit Japan from having any kind of weapons,” revealing a sinister desire by the Japanese to obtain nuclear weapons.

In 1958, Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishe, the grandfather of Shinzo Abe, pushed to remove Article 9 — which enforces that Japan must not be involved in war — from the Japanese constitution. Shinzo Abe, his grandson, is getting very close to removing this article. This signifies that Japan’s efforts to return back to militarism has been an ongoing effort, being advanced gradually to completion. Shinzo Abe, his administration, and all of the occultic elites who are pushing for the pagan and nationalist agenda of bringing Japan back to its genocidal and imperialist days, are apexing closer to this goal. Takashi Ito, a Tokyo University emeritus history professor and a prominent expert on Nabosuke Kishi, said in regards to the similarities between Abe and Kishe:

“A lot of what they say is the same. They both want constitutional revision and they both want rearmament of Japan”

On September 18th of this year, Congress passed Bill H.R.2810, which states:

 Sense of Congress on extended deterrence for the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

In modern diplomatic lingo, the word deterrence equals either the use of nuclear weapons or some sort of military action. In another section of the bill, entitled, “SEC. 4101. PROCUREMENT,” it reads:



“armed Robotic Wingman development”

The United States has agreed to work with Japan in the creation of military robots. Earlier this year the US and Japan agreed on an industrial package (into which Japan invested $150 billion) which “includes cooperation in global infrastructure investment, joint development of robots and artificial intelligence, and cooperation in cybersecurity and space exploration, among others.”

Robots are going to be central in future warfare. I am not a fan of Joe Rogan, he is a eugenist himself, but nonetheless his guest in this video, Navy Seal Jocko Willink, has some very interesting things to say on the history of warfare and robotics:

What is this about, in the end? Transhumanist eugenics. By trying to mix man with machine, furthers the idea that man is a resource for the end of the elites. We own computers because they are useful. Once they are beyond repair, they are replaced. But, if you treat human beings as machines, then they are a utility. They become slaves, specimens for human experiments, and if they die, so what, because they are replaceable for the cause of profit.

This is why the Catholic Church is against the idea of profit for profit’s sake. Because if money is your end, then your means to that end could be anything, even the destruction of human life. The transhumanist sees technology as god, because to him technology is a utility that can be used for power. The Nazis were obsessed with technology (hence why they were more advanced than the Americans in military innovation). Hitler said: “I’m mad on technology”. Its a very telling quote. Transhumanism is not that recent, and its philosophy can be seen in both National Socialist and Marxist thought.

Just as the transhumanists today believe they can defeat death, Nazis believed that through technology they could bring man from the dead. This interest sparked after many German pilots, trying to invade England, froze to death in the Atlantic after being shot down by British soldiers. The Germans wanted to find a way to bring man back from the dead after he froze to death. They began to conduct sadistic experiments on people to see if this could be accomplished. They took a Polish priest, Fr. Leo Michaelowski, forced him into extremely freezing water in a tub, and kept there almost at the point of death, and then he was given alcohol to raise his body temperature. They gave the priest a name: “large pig”. They also infected the priest with malaria.  It was Luther’s anti-Catholic dream in its fullest fruition. Fr. Leo’s testimony is as follows:

We were told that we should undress and after we had undressed ourselves our numbers were taken down and then we asked what was going on and they told us, smilingly, “this is for air detail.” But we were not told what was going to be done with us. Then the doctor came and told us all to remain and that we were to be x-rayed. Now that our numbers had already been taken down we were supposed to go to our blocks. I sat for two days in the block and afterwards I was again called to the hospital and there I was given malaria in such a manner that there were little cages with infected mosquitoes and I had to put my hand on one of the little cages and a mosquito stung me and afterwards I was still in the hospital for five weeks. However, for the time being no symptoms of the disease showed themselves. Somewhat later, I don’t exactly recall, two or three weeks, I had my first malaria attack. Such attacks recurred frequently and several medicines were given to us for against malaria. I was given such medicine as neo-salvasan. I was given two injections of quinine. On one occasion I was given atabrine and the worst was that one time when I had an attack, I was given so-called perifer. I was given nine injections of that kind, one every hour and that every second day through the seventh injection. All of a sudden my heart felt like it was going to be torn out. I became insane. I completely lost my language — my ability to speak. This lasted until evening. In the evening a nurse arrived and wanted to give me the eighth injection. I was then unable [sic] to speak and I told the nurse about all of the complications I had had and that I did not want to receive the injection. The nurse had already poured out the injection and said that he would report this to Dr. Schilling. After approximately ten minutes another nurse arrived and said that he would have to give me the injection after all. Then I said the same thing again, that I was not going to have the injection. However, he told me that he had to carry out that order.

Then I replied that no matter what order he had, I would not be willing to commit suicide. Then he went away and returned once again after ten minutes. He told me, “I know you know what can happen if you don’t accept the injection.” Then I said in spite of everything, “I refuse to receive a another injection and that I would tell that to the professor. “I requested that he himself know that I would not be willing to receive the injection. So that the nurse would not have any further difficulty after twenty minutes Dr. Ploettner came with four inmate nurses and he talked to my comrades.”

There is going to be a big row here.” Then I said, “If I have resisted for such a long time I will continue to do so.” Dr. Ploettner, however, was very quiet. He only reached for my hand and he check my pulse, then touched my head and asked me what complications I had had. I told him what I had had after that injection. And then he told the nurse to give me two tablets in order to remove the headache and the pains in my kidneys. When I had been given that Dr. Ploettner was about to leave and told the nurses that they were to give me the rest of the injections. Then I said, “Hauptsturmfuehrer, I refuse to be given that injection.” The physician turned around after I had said that and looked at me and said, “I am responsible for your life, not you.” then when the injection he told the nurse — the nurses complied with his order and it was then they gave me this injection. It was the same one to whom I had previously told that I did not want to have another injection. It was only strange that after the eighth injection no results happened as they had done previously so that, in my opinion, I think that the nurse gave me some other injection. On the morning I was given the ninth injection — when I woke up in the morning the results were then as usual. I became sick and I began to feel cold and I had a high fever.

Now I was told to undress. I undressed and I was examined. The physician then remarked that everything was in order. Now wires had been taped to my back, also in the lower rectum. Afterwards I had to wear my shirt, my drawers, but then afterwards I had to wear one of the uniforms which were lying there. Then I had also to wear a long pair of boots with cat’s fur and one aviator’s combination. And afterwards a tube was put around my neck and was filled with air. And afterwards the wires which had been connected with me — they were connected to the apparatus, and then I was thrown into the water. All of a sudden I became very cold, and I began to tremble. I immediately turned to those two men and asked them to pull me out of the water because I would be unable to stand it much longer. However, they told me laughingly, “Well, this will only last a very short time.” I sat in this water, and I had — and I was conscious for one hour and a half. I do not know exactly because I did not have a watch, but that is the approximate time I spent there.

During this time the temperature was lowered very slowly in the beginning and afterwards more rapidly. When I was thrown into the water my temperature was lowered very slowly in the beginning and afterwards more rapidly. When I was thrown into the water my temperature was 37.6. then the temperature became lower. Then I only had 33 and then as low as 30, but then I already became somewhat unconscious and every fifteen minutes some blood was taken from my ear. After having sat in the water for about half an hour, I was offered a cigarette, which, however, I did not want to smoke. However, one of those men approached me and gave me the cigarette, and the nurse who stood near the basin continued to put this cigarette into my mouth and pulled it out again. I managed to smoke about half of this cigarette. Later on I was given a little glass with Schnaps, and then I was asked how I was feeling. Somewhat later still I was given one cup of Grog. This Grog was not very hot. It was rather luke warm. I was freezing very much in this water. Now my feet were becoming as rigid as iron, and the same thing applied to my hands, and later on my breathing became very short. I once again began to tremble, and afterwards cold sweat appeared on my forehead. I felt as if I was just about to die, and then I was still asking them to pull me out because I could not stand this much longer.

Then Dr. Prachtol came and he had a little bottle, and he gave me a few drops of some liquid out of this bottle, and I did not know anything about this liquid. It had a somewhat sweetish taste. Then I lost my consciousness.

Transhumanism will never accomplish its utopia of living forever; but this chimerical vision is only a pretext for these people really want: genocide. The United States has allowed, and continues to allow, Japan to rearm and return to militarism. There is a reason for this. Under the justification of the threat of North Korea, the US is giving Japan the green light to become the dangerous nation it once was. The US is creating a frankenstein that it will have to fight yet again.

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