Warmongering US Senator Lindsey Graham Demands Creation Of A “European Army”, Then Menacingly Threatens Russia “You Are Going To Get What You Deserve”

US Senator Lindsey Graham put for his strongest shilling efforts yet for the military-industrial complex by demanding to the concern of US officials the creation of a “European army”:

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, a prominent Republican voice on security matters, said he has come to embrace the idea of a European Union-led defense initiative, as some U.S. officials are still raising questions about the plan.

Graham said he previously was against an EU defense force for fear that it would compete with NATO, a view shared by opponents to the project on both sides of the Atlantic.

“I don’t believe that anymore,” he said at the Munich Security Conference here.

For him, the prospect of Europeans putting renewed energy into their own defense, financially and ideologically, trumps the potential drawback of diluting Western military capabilities.

“Anything that can help bring European capabilities forward, I’m for,” he said, adding that the new defense initiative could be an antidote to “this nationalist fever” that threatens Western unity on security issues.

As for funding, he argued European money for NATO and EU defense would come from the same “wallet” anyway, meaning any capabilities produced would end up benefiting both.

Still, there are risks, as Graham and other leaders at the conference acknowledged.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance “welcomes” the EU’s newfound voice on defense, but he cautioned against duplication of effort and the possibility that European countries outside the EU would be excluded.

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis made a similar point in a bilateral meeting with his French counterpart Florence Parly, according to a readout provided by the Pentagon. A strong Europe is a “better security partner” for the United States, but European initiatives should “complement, not compete with NATO.”

Stoltenberg cautioned during his speech that Europe currently cannot defend itself, with 80 percent of NATO contributions coming from outside the union, now that the United Kingdom chose to leave it.

At the same time, he argued, leaders on the continent should be given the space to move their idea forward. (source)

If it were not enough that Senator Graham made these comments, he then directly threatened Russia over Ukraine, saying “You will get what you deserve”:

Defense leaders from Europe and the United States expressed optimism about the prospect of Ukraine becoming a NATO member, with Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina arguing that relations with Moscow may be beyond salvageable anyway.

“The rule of law means nothing to Russia,” Graham continued. “Does it mean anything to us? I’d be glad to have a better relationship with Russia but it’s difficult. I used to worry about antagonizing Russia. I won’t worry about that anymore. You’re going to get what you deserve if you keep this up. And to our friends in Georgia and Ukraine, be patient. Hopefully the rest of us will get a backbone and push back against aggression that I feel is unwarranted.” (source)

It might seem strange to some, but the reality is that the greatest danger right now in Europe is NOT actually the Muslims. It is the Europeans themselves and specifically Germany, for the rise of Islam is being facilitated by the Western European governments in order that it can be leveraged, as we are seeing today, into nationalism that will then be translated into a reinvigorated militarism to bring Europe into war so to revive the empires of old.

Recall back in 2009 that European Commission member Bernard Connolly of the UK gave a presentation in which he said that Europe in the coming years will use terrorism and the threat of terrorism- which means Islam- as an excuse to advance her own political and military goals in the continent and abroad:

From the presentation by Bernard Connolly

The “refugee crisis” that began at the end of 2015 was no accident, but was an directly engineered population transfer that has been overseen by the governments of Western Europe herself. This was confirmed by the organization GEFIRA, who by monitoring boat traffic between North Africa and Libya has shown that major corporations, NGOs, charities, and organizations are directly facilitating the transfer of people across the Mediterranean and across Europe (source, source):

Germany has been central to this exchange of people, for she is the intellectual and financial center of the European Union. She has subsidized this population transfer by giving some of the most generous benefits to “migrants” in all of Europe, so much that it is a known fact that the “migrants” want to go there because they are actively being offered a life of ease on another person’s dime.

Many people have asked how Germany could do such a thing as to dump hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world into her nation without any sort of screening process or attempt to integrate them, for it is a known fact that state welfare breeds idleness as expressed by the Latin panem et circenses. Naturally, when foreigners see the anger of the German people over watching the “average Hans” be forced to expropriate his wealth to people for whom a large part do not want to integrate and show absolutely no respect or consideration to the host society, they sympathize with and want to support him. Thus when “nationalist” parties rise up and proclaim that Germany needs to return to her former “greatness” and begin speaking of taking her ‘destination into her own hands’ because ‘everybody else has failed us,’ many people naturally want to support them in Germany and abroad.

However, this is the deception. As noted, the “migrants” are not “migrating,” but being trafficked by the government itself. This point cannot be made strongly enough because Germany is aware of what she is doing. She knows these people do not want to integrate. She wants to encourage criminal behavior through socially engineered dysfunction. She wants to see people angry and demand for an answer. She wants this because she wants people to rally behind the Wagnerian idea of German identitarianism that coupled with a desire for the restoration of a real and idealized historical empire, a return to militarism and the revival of the German army in its pre-World War II form.

At the same time that Germany is bringing these people in, she is also funding “economic aid” programs into parts of Africa. Whether it is the Germans, Americans, Russians, Chinese, or anybody else, “economic aid” is an all-encompassing euphemism used by all to describe monies given for either spying, the expansion of private-sector enterprises backed by public dollars for military purposes, or both. In Germany’s case, she is expanding into parts of east Africa in which she previously had military-industrial interests in during the Second World War.

People can and do change, but often times this applies to individuals and small groups, much less so to entire peoples. The people in the German lands have a historical preoccupation with themselves, but this exploded during the Protestant Revolution, which by invoking the concept of “a German church for a German people” and equivocating the support of the state with religious piety, Luther revived the ethnic nationalism that was previously curtailed and channeled to healthy ends by the Church for selfish ends. The result, as Peter Wiener argues in his book Luther: Hitler’s Spiritual Ancestor, was eventually given birth to with Bismarck and Hitler, for they are the physical fruits of the seeds from Luther’s heresies.

National Socialism never died. In simply assumed a different form. In the Western World, it took on the cover of Operation Gladio and so was promulgated by the same governments that fought the Germans, thus illustrating that the Second World War was at the highest levels of banking, business, and government not fought for moral reasons, but as a contest of power between Europeans and by extension, the Americans.

Upon winning the Second World War, the Americans transferred all of the knowledge learned from the Germans to themselves. Essentially, the purpose of Gladio was for the USA to cut Germany’s brain out and download all of the knowledge into her own brain and then to use it for scientific, economic, and political direction, and then to have a system to execute her new knowledge to aid her on becoming the pre-eminent world superpower that she has since remained.

What is happening right now with the words of Senator Graham, who served in the US Army, is that the USA is “returning” Germany’s brain to her and releasing the post-World War II shackles that she and Japan were placed into. Trump’s policies for giving “less aid” and asking of “more cooperation” from Germany and Japan have nothing to do with actually looking out for the good of the people, for certainly the advisers who run the affairs of government away from the view of the public understand Germany and Japan’s history and what they will do. They know that both nations will return to militarism, but this time instead of as in the past when the USA went to war against both nations, there is a strong level of cooperation between both nations even while they, seemingly almost immediately upon liberalization being given to them, immediately begin to speak of war and weapons buildups.

If the American assisted return of German militarism was not the purpose of Graham’s comments, then why else did he almost immediately after make aggressive statements towards Russia? If the Russians made ANY like statements towards the USA or Germany, neither of those nations would tolerate it, and a serious diplomatic conflict would result. However, when the Americans do it, nobody cares, as though it would seem that America has the “right” so scold Russia like a parent scolding a child when she refused to submit to the ever-changing demands of the US.

Russia and the USA will likely always have a degree of tension between them owing to the fact that they are both large nations with a similar vision of the world, themselves, and are in a geopolitical proximity that facilitates competition with each other. However, this is more than just the natural differences of history’s past. This is an outright instigation towards war, which we predict will likely not begin with Russia due to the fact that Russia’s internal problems and continual issues with neighbors necessitate she will want to maintain peace on as many fronts as she can for as long as it is possible to. If she does go to war, it will only be after such blatant instigation and harassment that anybody who would say that Russia is the aggressor would be easily shown to be a sinister liar or complete idiot.

Graham is either a complete fool or a notorious liar, for the “nationalist fervor” that he criticizes is a direct product of the European social and economic situation coupled with a sense of history and latent ethnic nationalism that has been juxtaposed against the refugee crisis in order to cause friction that manifests in the form of the nationalism being seen today. All of this has been clearly shown to be amplified by the actions of the German-lead European Union and German internal policies that deliberately cause social dysfunction when applied in a society.

The biggest losers of all of this are going to be the “migrants,” for while there are many criminals who have come, there are also many decent people. What was warned would happen and what is happening now is that the dysfunction encouraged among the “migrants” is being broadly described as characteristic of ALL migrants, which creates a social “feedback loop” that reinforces nationalism. This is also the reason why our charity Rescue Christians, which helps persecuted Christians in primarily Muslim lands, has strongly advised against any refugee relocations to Germany, because eventually anybody who does not look like he is a “native born” German will be uniformly blamed for ALL of the dysfunction taking place now and may be murdered by vigilantism or simply be put to death in “relocation camps” that want to “concentrate all refugees into one spot” that Austria is already speaking of introducing.

Migrant or European, all men are made in the image and likeness of God. It is just as wrong to exploit a host society for personal gain at their expense as it is for a host society to bring migrants in for the same exploitative ends.

The conflict is not about the “migrants” or even the German people. This is about a war with Russia in pursuit of power at all costs with respect to none.