More Questions Keep Coming Out About The Florida Shooting And Not Enough Answers, The Entire Thing Is A Kafkaesque Mess

When I was a child, the area I grew up in had a large number of immigrants from the former Soviet Union and her satellite nations. Most of these people were “new” arrivals, since the USSR had just broken up and people were taking what assets they had and leaving as fast as possible for America and other western countries. I remember spending time at the houses of friends and talking with their parents and grandparents (since many times the families were extended) and asking them about life in their old nation.

One of the consistent themes I remember in the stories from these different people was that in the USSR, the government would regularly create “crimes” against the people and then try to set up to make it look like a crime actually happened but did not. A way that was mentioned several times they did this was to have somebody “commit suicide” by jumping off of a building. However, if one was to look at the body, the person had already suffered what looked like a fatal gunshot wound, such as in the heart or head. Nobody would question the “official” story, but everybody already knew that it was not true, and was just a cover for a targeted assassination because the lies were so egregious and the evidence so poorly fabricated that it seemed that even the authorities did not care anymore about caring for the details needed to stage a well-thought out cover up.

It was not the kids I went to school with or even so much their parents, but their grandparents who had the most memorable stories and always warned that they feared what happened in the USSR coming to the USA. One of them I remember said he wondered why he left, because he said that if trends continued as he saw, that the USA would become exactly what he fled from.

It has been 27 years since the Soviet Union broke up, and much has changed for the better in Russia and her satellite nations. There are many serious problems, and as we have discussed, other nations are attempting to exploit the serious internal and external challenges facing Russia for geopolitical aims. That said, one must acknowledge the many positive developments that have and are continuing to happen.

The same observations can be made about America, however, they would likely have to be made in reverse. America is a nation that is still a world leader and has many, many great benefits- it is the reason why so many people attempt to immigrate here, because they see the chance at a better life as something possible here that would not be so easily acquired in their home nations. However, America has gone through a progressive decline that the nation is resembling more and more the attitude and mechanisms of the USSR, except with a American flair. has undergone many changes in the last two years. We started out as being anti-Islam and we still are because these are our roots, having backgrounds and specialization in Islamic Studies. However, as we reported in June 2017, the anti-Islam movement that we were a part of was part of something much greater and nefarious, which was an international network of financiers, occultists, Nazis, businessmen, politicians, and scientists who view themselves as supermen and large amounts of humanity as “subhuman” and are working to foment a war that, on one front, uses Islam as a cover to promote ethnonationalist populism pushing for an arms and military buildup in preparation for war. As we noted, the conservative movement “sold the farm” and has betrayed all of us- concerned citizens and even many intellectuals- in a game of power and money:

Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch, Frank Gaffney’s Center For Security Policy, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, PJMedia, FrontPage Magazine, Gatestone Institute, The Heritage Foundation and many many other groups are well known in the conservative world.

But there is another side of these conservative movements nobody even talks about. It is the sordid underbelly of the conservative movement, a movement that while proclaiming to stand for God, Freedom, and Country is little more than a well-constructed facade that is supported by a diverse array of financial, industrial, and personal interests who hate both God and mankind, seeing them as nothing more than vehicles for increasing their own wealth and power and paid by the blood of those whom they say they are helping.

From closed-door meetings to covert operations administered by the governments of the world, from fancy dinner parties with billionaire Silicon Valley power players to secret meetings with the world’s leading minds in eugenics and human experimentation, from the public meetings between self-professed anti-Nazi Christians who are behind closed door directly collaborating with National Socialists involved in the most heinous types of occult activity, we at are about to show you what you were never meant to see.

And it all comes down to this: Your favorite ‘conservative rightwing’ media, activists, political movements have sold the farm! Not only that, they have partnered with the eugenics movement and view you as little more than a farm animal who they are fattening for slaughter. (source)

This pushed us to investigate topics such as eugenics, the financial sector, and the influence of the military-industrial complex. We have since written articles on many topics such as the rise of national socialism, the migrant crisis fraud, covert military operations, robotics, false flag attacks, and the coming global war among them.

Something that we have consistently seen in American politics is- not in all cases, but in many- the use of “false flag” attacks in order to justify a certain end. One such example of this was a military plan entitled Operation Northwoods during the 1950s and 1960s. The plan was highly classified, and went up to the highest ranks of the Department of Defense. The plan called for the military to coordinate with the CIA to launch a coordinated attack against American military bases and hotels disguised as Cuban terrorists. The CIA would capture and murder fellow Americans as a part of the plan. The purpose of this was to generate a massive, public surge of anger against the new Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, through which the US Government could justify an invasion of the Island and war against Castro.

Now when President Kennedy became aware of Operation Northwoods, he had the plan scrapped as he was outraged at it. However, this pattern was going on well before the Vietnam war. America’s entry into World War II, while actually voted on by Congress, was justified by Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor– something which we knew well about long before it happened and allowed to happen. During World War I, America and the UK had loaded a passenger ship with ammunition and weapons into an area where they knew that Germany would naturally attack it– not per se because of the passengers, but because of the arms on it- as justification. The Spanish American war of 1898 was started after William Randolph Hearst falsely said that Spain attacked the USS Maine Battleship with “Remember the Maine” as the battle cry for invading and taking Spanish possessions near the USA and in Asia. The American Civil war, as many have pointed out, was an illegal war because the South legally seceded, and the “attack” on Fort Sumter is in no way a justification for what the Union did to the South, especially in Georgia with Sherman’s “March to the Sea”. The list for this could go on for a long time, even into early American history with the Native American wars and certainly up until today with America’s wars abroad.

Now in all fairness, there were many events in these wars that one cannot say were bad (such as the defeat of Imperial Japan). Likewise, one cannot also say that America is unique in using deceit to further its own ends- a look at the history of most countries shows evidence of this. What I am getting at here is that there is a pattern in American history that goes back to the beginning whereby intentional deceit or falsification of events in order to justify military policies of expansionism backed and promoted by large industrial and financial interests for private gain of a few at the expense of the many.

This pattern is interesting in light of the recent Florida school shootings, as a controversy has erupted over a person who has appeared in many interviews about the incident. David Hogg, who is supposed to be a “student” at that high school, has been labeled as a “crisis actor” in spite of popular media saying that he is not:

YouTube has finally removed a video which claimed 17-year-old shooting survivor David Hogg is a ‘crisis actor’ after it became the number 1 trending clip on the site.

The video regurgitates a Californian news broadcast from summer 2017 which shows Hogg describing how a friend of his got into an argument with a lifeguard on the beach.

The teenager and his family moved to Florida from California, where they had lived for years, in 2014.

Redondo Beach, where the 2017 video was filmed, is just three miles from the town where they used to live and it is likely the teen was back there visiting friends.

A keen student journalist, Hogg, who was 16 at the time, said he started filming when his friend and the lifeguard got into an altercation.

He shared the video on his own YouTube channel where it gathered hundreds of views and attracted the attention of a local CBS channel which then filmed a segment on the fight.

But because it was taken six months before the shooting at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and was filmed in a different state, conspiracy theorists deduced that it was proof Hogg is an actor who has been hired to speak around the country.

The video was uploaded on Tuesday by a user who called himself Mike M. He labeled it: ‘David Hogg THE ACTOR’.

It was viewed more than 216,000 before being removed by YouTube on Wednesday morning.

A spokesman for the site told it should never have made it into the trending section and that it only did because it contained content from CBS which is considered a trusted source.

The algorithm which produces the trending rank did not detect that it was in fact CBS material which had been reproduced in a harmful way.

‘This video should never have appeared in Trending.

‘Because the video contained footage from an authoritative news source, our system misclassified it.

‘As soon as we became aware of the video, we removed it from Trending and from YouTube for violating our policies.

‘We are working to improve our systems moving forward.’

The video sharing website did not respond to questions over why it took so long to disable the footage or if it will disable other videos which are similar in tone.

In the comments section before it was removed, critics said: ‘Anyone else notice that this is the kid from the Florida shooting?’

It was soon removed but comments beneath the original CBS video also attacked the teenager.

‘Is this the same actor as in the Florida shooting videos? What were you doing in LA David?’ said one.

Since the shooting at his school on February 14, Hogg has appeared in numerous television interviews to call for tighter gun control.

On Tuesday night, Hogg and his father appeared on CNN to dismiss their comments and accusations.

‘These people saying this is absolutely disturbing.I am not an actor in any way, shape or form.

‘I am the son of an FBI agent, that is true, but it is also true that I go to Stoneman Douglas High School and I was a witness to this.

‘I am not an actor. I had to live through this and I will continue to have to do that. (source)

However, there have been many people who have come forward with interesting observations. These include that Hogg admits his father is a “retired” FBI agent who now works for Cubic Corporation, a “defense contractor. Hogg has already been interviewed before for ANOTHER incident in California:

In addition, for having been through a shooting, he seems unsure of his own story:

Interestingly, he also seems to have been able to take photographs of President Obama and even received souvenirs from him:

How interesting.

Also, it is of interest to note that, just like what happened at Sandy Hook, the Parkland high school is now set to be demolished:

As two more funeral services were held Sunday for victims of the latest American mass school shooting, authorities told ABC News that a major step toward healing Parkland, Fla., would be to demolish the building where 17 students and teachers were gunned down.

Mourners crowded into Temple Beth El in Boca Raton for a private funeral service for Scott Biegel, the 35-year-old geography teacher shot to death at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday as he tried to protect students from the gunman.

Earlier, family and friends held a memorial for 14-year-old Alexander Schachter, a freshman and trombone player in the school marching band, at the Heron Bay Marriott in Coral Springs.

Broward County Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie said he and officials believe a fitting tribute to Biegel, Alexander and 15 others killed in the massacre would be tear down the building the shooting occurred and turn the space into a memorial park.

“So I will tell you that we…aren’t having any classes held in that building going forward,” Runcie told ABC News. “What the ultimate disposition of that building is, we don’t have any definitive answer. I can tell you what the aspirations of the community are and I agree with them, is that that building should be demolished and a memorial erected there.”

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said the bullet-riddled Building 12 at the high school is still a crime scene, where investigators are combing for evidence. (source)

In the following video below, a user on 4Chan put together an excellent analysis. Note the video timestamps in the post and follow:

So what am I saying?

Am I saying that people were not killed? No.

Am I saying that we are absolutely sure that this was a setup? No.

Am I saying that “David Hogg” is a “crisis actor?” No.

Am I saying that there is nothing to see here? No.

I’m talking about cognitive dissonance. Something is terribly wrong here because the entire story does not make any sense, and this “David Hogg” person raises more questions with his story and background than he answers, especially since he has been promoted so heavily and consistent answers are sorely lacking.

Many people have discussed this story in light of a recent push to promote stricter gun restrictions, which has been taking place for years and as many have noted, it a well-acknowledged characteristic of most authoritarian governments. This is indeed one possible answer among many possibilities. What we can say clearly is that it appears there is “more than what meets the eye” here.

Several years ago when the “innocence of Muslims” film scandal came out, was able to provide an insider’s view into what happened because one of the men involved in the scandal, Eiad Salameh, was the cousin of our very own Walid Shoebat. As uncovered, the entire film was a scam that was used to cover for American foreign policy fumbles in Libya that implicate dozens of people in the State Department, CIA, FBI, and going all the way up to Hillary Clinton and former President Obama himself:

Hillary fell in her own trap. It was the “Innocence of Muslims” title that the Obama administration pointed to for leaving a trail of libel, murder, and American blood in its wake and not the names originally given by the filmmaker. Then we have the FBI’s involvement which is an ironclad case. Nakoula, the filmmaker became an FBI informant in exchange for certain leniency and cooperation.

The court documents telling us that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula producer of the movie Innocence of Muslims partnered with Eiad Salameh sparked my research. Nakoula also got deals and special treatments from the Feds and today the is running a radio show. Here you can even watch it: The Wiley Drake Show.

Everyone can now watch it and wonder. Americans know nothing about the show since it is in Arabic, of course, this way he stays under the radar. This is a relationship between the Federal government and the filmmaker where he demands “help me with this or else I will talk” and the responses are “if you talk, you will be locked up and we will throw away the key”. Both look out for each other and both are locked in a blackmail that no one can afford to confess.

The show paints the filmmaker now as a religious pious man. The FBI keeps close tabs on him, but as far as Hillary, keeping tabs on her by the U.S. mighty government is another question altogether, unless of course, the people finally elect Donald Trump. Hillary, regardless if the filmmaker was linked or not, she caused this whole mess in the first place.

And now you know the rest of this story. (source)

A similar “set up” took place in Garland, Texas with the “terrorist attack” being strikingly “timed” as to be parlayed into support for nationalism:

It is not far-fetched to say that the FBI helps orchestrate Islamic terrorist attacks. The two Islamic terrorists in the Garland shooting that took place in 2015, were being instigated by an FBI agent posing as a jihadist. As one report from CBS reveals:

The terror attack in Garland, Texas, two years ago was the first claimed by ISIS on U.S. soil.  It’s mostly forgotten because the two terrorists were killed by local cops before they managed to murder anyone.  … we were surprised to discover just how close the FBI was to one of the terrorists. Not only had the FBI been monitoring him for years, there was an undercover agent right behind him when the first shots were fired.

The FBI hired a Sudanese refugee named Dabla Deng to befriend one of the terrorists in the Garland shooting, Elton Ibrahim Simpson. As the same report reads:

Dabla Deng spent three years pretending to be Simpson’s friend, and was paid $132,000 by the FBI. He taped more than 1,500 hours of their conversations and finally recorded him talking about traveling overseas to wage jihad.

The shooters in Garland almost murdered an unarmed security guard and could have killed more people. Why did the FBI allow this attack to happen, knowing that people could have been murdered? Its because the US government wanted this attack to happen. Whats the agenda behind this? To spark nationalism. (source)

Do you not see a pattern?

The FBI knew about the the school shooter five months before the incident happened. The man left traces all over social media and had dozens of encounters with the law. Even CNN admits this.

So the FBI cannot or will not investigate a threat, or is “unable to” even when the man in question has an established, lengthy criminal history of violence, but can “prove” without any evidence that BIG BAD SCARY RUSSIA rigged the US elections and installed TRUMP as President? It doesn’t make sense.  If that doesn’t make sense, then neither should the entire story with this “David Hogg.”

Many of those old people from the Soviet Union I knew have now since died. However, maybe they were correct- that the horrors, deception, and outright manipulation behind the “iron curtain” did not disappear, but just took up a new address, this time in the USA.