Archive | October 8, 2019

It Is Amazing To Watch China Start The Process Of Committing Historical Suicide Again In Real Time

There is a consistent pattern in Chinese history of the nation gaining great power and then just as she reaches near the point of being able to make serious moves toward seizing power on a global scale, she begins to act arrogantly towards others and herself. This arrogance eventually results in, out of nationalistic pride, […]

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The Fact That People Are Seriously Talking About Hillary Clinton In The 2020 Democratic Nominations Shows How Much Of A Show This Is

The 2016 election was considered to be a major competition between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. She lost, and Trump won. Generally when one is the party nominee and fails to attain the presidency the first time, one does not run again. However, this may not be the case, as Clinton alluded to a potential […]

Continue Reading 0 Warning Comes True, Deepfake Videos Are Now Being Used To Cause Political Instability

I warned beginning in January 2018 about a dangerous trend involving the use of AI video technologies to edit videos and place famous people into adult films. I said this not because of the content, but because the fact that the adult industry seemed to be naturally adopting this trend was a warning that it […]

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STD Rates Hit Record Highs Even As Superbugs And Incurable Illnesses Increase

STDs have always been a problem with the human race, but in modern times due to unprecedented rates of promiscuity encouraged by a lack of morality, an emphasis on sexual license, freely available pornography, and technology that connects people to each other closer than ever before and most importantly, the rise of the sodomites in […]

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