Archive | October 18, 2019

China Is Committing Genocide And Conducting Human Experiments On The Uyghur People

The westernmost region of China is a historically majority Turkic place, inhabited by the Uyghur people. They are Muslims and have their own language and culture. However, they have been under vicious attack from the Chinese government, who in the name of economic development through her “belt-and-road” initiative as well as dreams of expanding a […]

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Current President Of Muslim-Majority Niger Blames “Misreading Of Islam” For People Fufilling Biblical Commanments

Niger is currently the world’s fastest growing nation, with a total fertility rate of approximately seven children per woman. However, the President of Niger has said that her population growth is due to a “misreading of Islam”, and that he promises to promote contraception and other means of population reduction. Niger’s president says a misreading […]

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US Continues To Install Massive Electronic Spying Network On The US Border

The US border is one of the most crossed international borders in the entire world. People attribute this to many reasons, the most vocally stated of which is that “illegals” are “invading” the US. However, what is also interesting is that the US border has a massive electronic spying network on it that uses super […]

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