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Six-Year-Old Tribal Boy Sentenced To Be Ritually Sacrificed And Eaten In Cannibalistic Ritual Escapes, He Grows Up And Becomes A Christian, He Forgives His Tribe And Returns To Them To Preach The Gospel

In 2006, a then six-year-old boy was condemned to be ritually sacrificed and eaten in a cannibalistic ritual because he was accused of being a witch. This boy escaped with the help of a regional guide, and now at twenty and a Christian, he returned to his tribe to forgive them and teach them not […]

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Mexican Police Raid Drug Cartel Den, Find A Satanic Altar With Over Three Dozen Human Skulls, Bones, And A Stillborn Baby In A Jar

In 2016, released the film “Hell Across The Border” which featured interviews, photos, and video evidence of the evils of the drug cartels and their practices. The cartels are infamous for practicing forms of witchcraft and murdering people in horrible ways that have made Mexico the second most dangerous nation in the world after […]

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Fun Fact: Santa Rosa California Has The Second Highest Rate Of Sodomite Unions In The Country After San Francisco

Right now, parts of Northern California are being ravaged by wildfires. A lot of people are having to flee, so many have lost everything, and it only is getting worse as police and emergency workers are demanding that people leave now, including from many parts of the city of Santa Rosa: Evacuation orders have expanded […]

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