Archive | October 2, 2019

Boomers Are Now Working Past Retirement Because They Spent Their Futures Too

In any society, there is only a certain amount of work to go around. Work pools can be expanded or contracted, but given the current social climate in the US, it is well known that the amount of work which pays a wage that one can survive on without destroying the body in near completion […]

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Chinese Government Locks Down Internet, Bans Private Cell Phone Transfers, Blocks People From Internet Without Using Facial Recognition Technology

The Chinese government has in the past years greatly intensified her crackdown on anybody who expressed any disagreement at all with Communism. This is consistent with patterns in Chinese history, for it is a well-documented paradigm that as China enters into a period of relative prosperity and her people’s lives begin to improve, the Chinese […]

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Did Trump Get Caught Laundering Money?

It is said that one should never shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater, for that could cause a stampeded and injurer or possibly kill innocent people. Yet this tactic in the principle sense is used all of the time by men of power or seeking power in order to manipulate society to get what they […]

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