Archive | October 10, 2019

A Trump-China Trade Deal Means Nothing Other Than Securing Votes And Campaign Advertisements For 2020

China is a rising nation and a threat, but often times the threat is overly exaggeration. She has extreme internal problems, including an inability to feed her people without relying on the US and the US-dominated Western Hemisphere. She is known to make rash decisions, including bouts of extreme nationalism without clearly defined goals or […]

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Israeli Fury At Trump’s Support Of Erdogan Has Nothing To Do With The Kurds, It Is All About Oil Money

Right now, there are many American and Israeli Jews who are furious at Trump for giving license to Turkey to assert further control over Kurdish areas and to move into Northern Syria. Once hailed as a veritably living “messiah” for Israel, some Israelis have turned on him to the point of calling him all kinds […]

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Florida District Court Rules That Cities Must Cooperate With ICE

Right now the issue of “immigration,” legal and illegal, has become once again a political football being tossed back and forth between the left and the right. There is controversy over the idea of “sanctuary cities, or cities where people who are illegally in the US can legally “hide” from prosecution. As I have explained […]

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