Archive | October 9, 2019

US Operation “Task Force Smoking Gun” Exposed With Mega Contracts Between Pentagon And Serbian Government Funneling Weapons Into Syria

The support of Islamic terrorists groups is a cornerstone of US and European foreign covert military operations, where weapons, money, and logistical support are given to Islamic terrorist groups who then use them to wage proxy wars on behalf of the US against her various enemies. The Russians do the same, but with far less […]

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Putin Has Rural Siberian Shaman Violently Arrested And Taken Away For Criticizing Him

A common English saying is that a man “Can’t see the forest for the trees,” meaning that a person is unable to see the greater series of events taking place at a certain time- what we would call “the big picture” -due to an overly intense or unbalanced focus on particular details. This is a […]

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US Economic Conditions Worsen As Railroad Car, Dry Van Volumes Crash

The transportation industry is known for violent swings of prosperity or poverty. Given that most freight moves by truck and heavy industrial materials or agricultural products by train, there is a relationship between the two and general economic health. US economic health has not been well for a long time. This not to say there […]

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