Archive | October 26, 2019

Major American Televangelist Declares That All Christians Who Do Not Submit Before The ‘Orange Idol’ Will Be Accountable To God

The famous American televangelist Paula White has, like many televangelists, said many things that are not even theologically questionable or outlandish but done with the purpose of making a larger point, but made statements that are outright unacceptable by any standard of Christian orthodoxy. In a recent declaration of the like, Paula White has now […]

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Angry THOTs Declare On CNN That STDs Are “Sexist”, Ignore How This Was Caused By THOT Behavior

If one has children, a fun science experiment to do is to make mold on different kinds of bread. By changing the kinds of bread grain used- wheat, barley, rye, oats, and others -one can grow different kinds of molds because certain molds are attracted to different types of grains, and some will not grow […]

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The Lights Are Slowly Going Out Across The Nation

On October 20, I wrote an article about the decline of the state of California as a representation of the general slide of the nation into stagnation and impoverishment by way of rotting infrastructure that will never be fully repaired, something that is a consistent feature of highly impoverished, war ravaged, or generally miserable nations […]

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