Archive | October 24, 2019

When Does The Steamy Sex Tape Between Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi Come Out?

Recently, the Republicans went and then “stormed” a “closed door” Democrat meeting about impeaching President Trump: Republicans’ defense of President Trump grew more frantic and disjointed Wednesday, with House members storming a closed-door meeting, delaying the testimony of an impeachment witness as the GOP grappled with a growing abuse-of-power scandal centered on the president. A […]

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Embrace Yourselves For The New Eugenics As A Dutch Court Just Acquitted A Doctor For Murdering A Woman In The Hospital Who Did Not Want To Die

By Theodore Shoebat The people who support euthanasia love to argue that ‘a right to die in dignity’ will only be observed on those who willfully want to die. Those who don’t want to be killed by a doctor need not worry about getting the end of the poisonous needle. The slippery slope argument is […]

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Northern Ireland Will Now Be Having Legal Sodomite Marriage And Infanticide

By Theodore Shoebat Northern Ireland will now be having legal sodomite marriage and infanticide. A report from the National Catholic Register reads: Northern Ireland’s devolved legislature failed Monday to block a change to the region’s law imposed by the British Parliament. As a result, both abortion and same-sex “marriage” will now be legal in the […]

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