Archive | October 20, 2019

Man Who Threatened To Rape Anti-Abortion Protesters Jailed

In August 2019, reported on the case off 22-year-old Christopher Thompson, who made multiple phone calls to the anti-abortion Operation Rescue activist group’s office and to the cell phone of Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Vice President of Operation Rescue. During those calls, he threatened rape her daughters, rape her, then murder her family. When Sullenger […]

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Are The Massive Planned Electrical Outages Across California A Sign Of Decline?

The “End is Near/Nigh” sign holders on street corners throughout major cities are a well-known American sight. There is often times somebody calling out that the “end” of something is at had, or another situation is imminent in the US. Most of the times, these are rarely the case, but rather a man projecting his […]

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Prophecies Of The Things To Come: On The Rise Of Paganism In The Vatican And The Christian World, Turkey’s Expansion Into Syria And How Antichrist Unites All Religions

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) When I wrote in the past about the future  and it became current news, people asked me “you predicted the headlines. Why are you so silent when it comes to pass?” and I answer: what use am I if I do not yell out loud ‘prepare for a coming […]

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