Suicide Is Now The Leading Cause Of Death For Pre-Teens In Ohio

Ohio is one of a series of states that make up the “rust belt”. Originally a manufacturing powerhouse, due to the systematic outsourcing in the name of profit and foreign policy as an extension of fiscal policies meant to keep the US dollar as the dominant currency in a war of attrition against the Chinese and other nations, the result has been the massive loss of jobs in the manufacturing sector and the “rusting” of the rust belt. With factories closed and low-wage jobs the only things in sight, these once-prosperous areas are now defined by crime, drugs, degeneracy, and sadness. The cycle is so bad that it has become a generational problem with no clear end in the foreseeable future and it affects all people, elderly to the very young.

One of these problems that affects many is also suicide. According to recent reports, the now highest cause of death for pre-teens is suicide.

The number of suicides among Ohio children between ages 10 and 14 jumped 250 percent between 2007 and 2018, according to new figures released by the state’s Department of Health (ODH) released last week.

Researchers also found that suicide was the second-leading cause of death for Ohians between ages 15 and 34.

The report falls in line with data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which found that, in 2017, rates of suicide among teens and young adults were at their highest in two decades.

‘Suicide in Ohio and nationally is a growing public health epidemic, particularly among young people,’ Dr Amy Acton, director of the ODH, said in a statement. (source)

There are many reasons that one could supply as to why this particular demographic has seen such an increase. Some might say bullying, some might say economics, but the fact points to a combination of nihilism combined with hopelessness.

Right now the future of the US is in great question. The Millennials are not very hopeful, and increasingly the Zoomers are not adapting any sort of enthusiasm for what is to come. As noted above, many people in these “rust belt” states live in cycles of depression, poverty, and decline, and they do not see a real hope. When one adds to this the stresses of daily life, the problems of society, and the decline of social relations, people begin to want to escape, even if it means taking their own lives.

There is a dangerous possibility that suicide will be a growing trend among Millennials because of the very difficult situation that many will find themselves in. If this is the case, and that Zoomers are starting to kill themselves before they are adults, this cannot be a good sign for the future.

For those who are aware of what is happening, now is not the time to stop, but to continue getting ready, to trust in Christ, and to work hard, because the current situation cannot continue on forever, and there is a great likelihood that it will culminate in a war. The focus now must not be on what was, but what one must do to get ready for the future, and this does not mean killing oneself, but getting ready to stay alive against what many will say is going to be a difficult situation.

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