The Government Of China Is Torturing Religious People And Forcing Them Into Labor Camps

By Theodore Shoebat

One of the most disturbing things that I have been seeing in the internet is how so many people will praise China for having camps for Muslims. They will say that what China is doing is great and that the West should take a lesson from how the Chinese government does things. What these braindead goons never think about — or never seem to want to understand — is that the very persecution that Muslims suffer is also done to Christians and others. All peoples who have a religion are susceptible to the arm of terror under the Chinese of government. There was a story that came out recently on the testimony of one Tony Liu who was tortured for being a member of a Buddhist sect. He was sentenced to two years in a work camp.

“I was not allowed to move, I was asked to sit on a small bench for the whole day,” Liue said. “I was not allowed to move. As soon as I moved, somebody would hit me. For a period of time I was not allowed to sit down, I was asked to stand for a long period of time.” Liu believes that they wanted him for his organs. Since while he was in the dispatch center some of the inmates began kicking him and another prisoner stopped them and said “do not damage his organs.” Liu recounted: “I thought to myself if it was really for helping me he would have said ‘please do not hit that person.’ They would not say: ‘do not damage his organs’”. He further went on to explain his suspicions: “at least one or twice a year, we were asked to have a physical examination” and that he “was bladder tested and x-rayed.” He also recalled how  authorities “took two tubes of blood from me,” but never told him what the results were. In order to get released from prison, Liu had to renounce his Buddhist religion.

Buddhism is a false religion, yes, but so is the atheism of the Chinese Communist Party. What they will do to Buddhists and Muslims, they will do to Christians. So why are the mobs online praising China? They have been so entrenched into the War on Terror propaganda that to them any government that is persecuting Muslims, regardless of brutality or how indiscriminate they are, is worthy of praise. They will say that the Muslim is the Nazi of our time, only to become the Nazi themselves.