Muslims Attack Man For Burning A Copy Of The Koran In Norway

A Norwegian man made news after he was attacked by Muslims for burning a copy of the Koran in the streets during a demonstration against Islam.

The leader of a group against the “Islamization” of Norway was attacked by several men after setting fire to a copy of the Koran during a demonstration. Footage shows police intervening to stop the skirmish.

A demonstration held by Stop Islamization of Norway (SIAN) in the city of Kristiansand turned violent after the group’s leader, Lars Thorsen, defied a police order against burning the holy Muslim book. The rally had been approved by local authorities, but police had warned SIAN against desecrating the Koran, after the group said it planned to do so.

Two copies of the religious text were thrown in a trash can during the rally, while Thorsen set fire to another one. The unsanctioned actions infuriated counter-protesters, who vaulted over a fence and attacked SIAN’s leader. (source)

Should this man be praised for burning a Koran in the streets of Norway? What exactly was he intending to accomplish other than to incite social discontent and attract attention to himself? How do actions like this serve the end of the only serious option for defeating Islam long-term, which is the conversion of Muslims and the re-Christianization of society?

One will not find an answer to the last two questions, but the first two is simple. The man who did this, “Lars Thorsen”, one can find on social media. There is nothing of Christianity or religion that is mentioned, which is not a surprise as most nordic peoples do not believe in God and have returned to heathenry. However, one will find lots of mention of nationalism in support of Norway as well as anti-Islamic and anti-immigration memes.

Islam has come into Norway by way of immigration, yet the Norwegian people refuse to reproduce on their own and do not believe in God, while the Muslims reproduce, they believe in God (albeit a highly flawed and erroneous concept that leads to terrible results, but one cannot say that many of them do not try to do what is right.

In this sense, there is no “good choice” to be made, but just to acknowledge that the side claiming to oppose the evil of Islam is not doing it for moral good, but for nationalistic reasons, and would likely prefer even paganism to Islam so long if it means supporting the nationalistic state of affair.

Likewise, note this group is a breakaway from the the “Stop the Islamization Of the [fill in the nation or place here]” started by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Below I am reprinting our original article from December 2016. Written almost three years ago, we gave details in it (link here) as well as in an article from June 2016 (read here) that tied Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s SIOE/SIOA networks to a series of movements whose purpose is to revive nationalism and are directly tied to networks of National Socialist terrorists throughout the world.

If you have not read these stories, you must read them because it is in them that we show the missing links between the anti-Islam movement, Islamic terrorism, and the revival of nationalism that is leading to a Third World War.




By Theodore Shoebat And Walid Shoebat

Much was written by Geller supporting the neo-Nazi EDL movement, Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll as well as Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party (BFP) which Geller out of embarrassment had to publicly disassociate with. But what we have here dwarfs all this. For the sake of space we will provide but few examples (there is literally a book worth). We will leave the rest of our investigation to the U.S. government to deal with. We will start with the light and move into the darker side of this reality.

Our motive? We hate Nazism. We also hate Islamist terrorists. But to unite with neo-Nazis and Communists under the guise of combating Islamists is exactly what the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) or SIOA (Stop Islamization Of America) is all about. This detailed exposé where all can examine the reputable links and the primary sources for themselves to make up their own mind.


AFDI is the birth child of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. As a 501(c)3 non-profit U.S. charity AFDI’s bylaws says that the sole purpose is the “defense” of “American freedom”. Yet its global efforts is the antithesis of this claim. Its partners and its networks throughout Europe is to carry out a massive effort to spark revolution by promoting and supporting mafia style bullying, terrorists, neo-Nazis, anti-Christian neo-pagans, anti-Christian Hindu nationalists, Communists, thugs and even organized criminals. Its  chapters, AFDI, SIOA, SIOE, SIAD are under the umbrella of SION (Stop Islamization Of the Nations) and are how these are advertised by Spencer and Geller.

Donations primarily come from Jewish sources. Here are but few examples: anonymous donations are funneled through Charles Schwab donated “$56,000” to AFDI (EIN # 27-2518993) filing it under “Health & Human Services” and from the Jewish Community of San Diego for $5000. Jewish Communal Fund donated $70,000 and another $40,000 here and another $30,000 here. Donors Trust Inc, donated $10,000. Spencer runs an “Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public 170(b)(1)(A)(vi)” under “Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Grantmaking Foundations N.E.C.”

Grants also pour in from the Jewish activist, David Horowitz Freedom Center (FKA Center For Study Of Popular Culture) with an example of $30,000 donated here and $45,000 here. Donations to SIOA appear to be collected by Jihad Watch’s PayPal account and funneled back to AFDI. Spencer’s Jihad Watch (EIN# 20-0699967) contributed and funneled donations for 2013, $388,865 to Geller’s AFDI efforts.


A decade ago, Geller’s European partner, Anders Gravers wrote of how Denmark was to be the experimental laboratory to see what would work for a full-scale international movement. Under the umbrella of “Stop the Islamization of Europe” Geller’s European partner (SIOE) Anders Gravers wrote:

“We know that Denmark is such a small homogenious country, where the effects are felt quickly, much quicker than in bigger countries. Because of that we believe that Denmark is the perfect place to practice the anti-jihad actions and thereby affect the population, because we get a response right away. Then we can discover which actions will have the greatest affect on the people, and which actions can be copied to other places, USA, Canada, Australia and the rest of Europe

So stemming from its initial branch formed in Europe a decade ago, called Stop Islamization of Denmark (SIAD), and setting up chapters throughout all of Europe, AFDI eventually metamorphosed into a grand experiment: Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) which covers chapters in Bulgaria, Serbia, Georgia and other European states. The umbrella organization AFDI is filed as a 501(c)3 tax exempt charity, billing itself on the 990 U.S government forms as:

“countering global jihad and Islamic supremacism, the ever-encroaching and unconstitutional power of the federal government, and the rapidly moving attempts to impose socialism and Marxism upon the American people.”


What no one has done (until now) is to investigate AFDI’s international networkings. did to only find it was littered with exactly what they claim to combat “socialism and Marxism“.

Why did we investigate Geller’s operation? As strange as it sounds, we accidentally noticed during another research the major neo-Nazi link to Geller’s massive operations. Shocked at the notice, the more we dug, the more swastikas surfaced with little Stars of David (like when Robert and Geller speak from a platform).

Before we enter the shocking reverse of AFDI’s general purpose, where you can examine all the links and reports for yourself. The sources we provide are not from leftist groups either (lest we get accused) but come from the most reputable sources and from the Facebooks of SION advocates.

SION,” sounding like “ZION” would after all appeal to Pamela and Spencer’s mostly pro-Israel donors in the U.S. In the U.S. the storefront says: “AFDI/SIOA Manhattan bus ad campaign poster” showing a photograph of Adolf Hitler with Haj Amin Al-Husseini appearing on Philadelphia transit buses with the caption “Jew Hatred: It’s in the Quran.”

But what the public is unaware of is that “Jew Hatred” is so deep in all of their chapters and directors as you will see from confirmed photos and links.


In the closed-group SIOE Facebook page (see photo below) Pamela Geller (top left) is the admin alongside several nefarious individuals. Geller’s partner, Anders Gravers Pedersen (top right), Jivko Ivanov (bottom left), and Bratislav Živkovic (Serbian Cyrillic: Братислав Живковић) (bottom right). Not included on her Facebook is another partner, the deceased high-level figure in Geller’s SIOE organization: Pavel Chernev (head of SIOE Bulgaria, deceased last year). Chernev was a violent mafia style attack thug for Volen Siderov, a virulent antisemitic political leader in Bulgaria who gained the notorious title “the Bulgarian Hitler”. Geller is the oldest of the admins as you can see (8 years ago) right after the birth of SIAD in Denmark. There is also Stefan Herre, a major eugenist who is on Geller’s board for SION.

With several years of workings and dealings with these thugs, it is difficult to believe that Geller or Spencer had not known these are some serious mobsters. Anders Gravers Pedersen (top right) has worked with neo-Nazis as did the others who have wrap sheets with thuggery, terrorism and serious crimes including armed robbers. How all this is incorporated into their 501(c)3 bylaws is a matter that should raise the eyebrow of the attorney general of New York who needs to further examine this as an obvious scandal.

As it seems, Geller and Spencer wanted to do more on the international level: to partner with other anti-immigration revolutionaries that can act as the movers and shakers, groups that can make a real difference to carry out by action, not just the expulsion of Muslim immigrants, but of all undesirables who do not fit a specific gene pool.

Geller’s partner in Europe, Anders Gravers Pedersen has worked with Julius Børgesen, a known neo-Nazi terrorist. He was sentenced to 8 months in prison in 2007 for encouraging the burning alive (immolation) of the Interior Minister of Residence. Borgesen is also the former spokesperson for Danske Front. According to the Danish Security Intelligence Service, Danske Front has cooperated with several neo-Nazi groups, such as the British Nazi rock band, Blood & Honour, and the terrorist group, Combat 18, which is classified as a terrorist group by the UK government, and which literally calls for human extermination. In one song by Combat 18, they sing:

“Fighting for our nation, fighting against the scum if you see the hate in our face you should better run fighting for better nations, we want our cities clean this is the terror machine, this is combat 18.”

Here is a photo of Anders Gravers with the Nazi, Julius Borgesen:


Julius Borgeson spoke at Geller’s SIAD demonstration in Aalborg in 2007. When asked about this, Gravers did not deny it and said:

“Now Julius Børgesen’s not a member of either SIAD and SIOE. He has spoken at our demonstration”.

Another Nazi that was involved in the SIAD was Mark Jordt. According to the reputable Danish newspaper, Nordjyske,

“One of the faithful members of the Association events is a former member of the Danish People’s Party, Mark Jordt appearing on the photos from several of SIADs demonstrations in both Aalborg and Fredericia. Mark Jordt was recently forced to resign from the Danish People’s Party after the publication of photos documenting his strong Nazi sympathies. Otherwise he would have been thrown out of the party. Mark Jordt participated among others in a Rudolf Hess tribute march in August last year. Rudolf Hess was the deputy of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.”

Here is a photo of Mark Jordt (man on right side, shaved sides with sunglasses) at the Herman Hess parade, notice how the poster has a picture of Herman Hess with a promotion for the National Socialist Movement of Denmark (DNNSB)


When Gravers was asked on whether or not he cared that his demonstrations attract such people, he said:

“No, I do not care about it, and I think that on our website is keen to emphasize that we are for democracy and freedom of expression.”

Eventually the Danish Front disbanded in 2007 and formed into a new group, called Danish National Front. Its former leader, Lars Agerback, was charged with various crimes, such as unlawful possession of weapons and chemicals for the construction of bombs.”

The Danish Front and the National Front are in deep with National Socialist ideology. One of the groups that formed after the Danish Front fragmented was National Danes. One of their leading members has been Rune Lauritzen. Here is a photo of Rune at a National Socialist rock concert, standing behind Danish neo-Nazi, Jonni Hansen:

But these relations between Geller’s accomplice, Anders Gravers did not end at this. The National Danes joined Anders Graver’s Stop the Islamization of Denmark organization in a rally in Aalborg, and Rune Lauritzen was also present. Rune Lauritzen also helped form a radio show, called Radio Oasis, for the National Socialists of Denmark (Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Bevægelse or DNSB) and also produced their newspaper, Fatherland. Rune Lauritzen was also a regular participant at DNSB’s events including Solhvervsfester concerts and the annual celebration of Adolf Hitler’s birthday. On May 2nd 2013, Lauritzen wrote that year he had celebrated Adolf Hitler’s birthday with a party and cake, as he on November 12, 2012 wrote:

“I would love to see an enormous National Socialist movement with swastikas and all that”.

On May 20th, 2013, Lauritzen wrote the following:

“I’ve been playing a ton of GTA IV Lately. I love nothing better than to spend hours hunting Jews.”

Again, 2007 was the year in which the counterjihad was sparked in the European parliament building in Brussels, which was attended by Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and others. It was also the same year in which National Danes was one of several small groups that emerged in the wake of the Danish Front closure. But the two had much in common. The group was part of the network Anti-Jihad Denmark in the company of, inter alia, Pamela Geller’s SIAD, and organized a demonstration in Aalborg, in which Lauritzen also participated. The counter-jihad website, Gates of Vienna, in an article written by its founder, Baron Bodissey (who was a part of the founding of the counterjihad movement that was sparked in Brussels in 2007), praised the alliance between National Danes and Geller’s partner, Anders Gravers and their SIAD organization. The article, entitled, “The Vikings Are Stirring,” says:

“Holger Danske is not the only one starting to awaken. According to Exile, a new Danish alliance is forming around the issue of immigration and Islamification: ‘SIAD and a few other like minded groups are getting organised in Denmark. According to the SIAD Danish blog, a new alliance is being formed out of similar groups with one common theme. The counter-jihad movement. Anti-jihad Danmark (SIAD, Nationale Danskere, I Media, Frit DK og Frie Danske Nationalister) are organising their first demonstration in Aalborg in Northern Jutland on the 12th of May.’”

Geller’s appointed Pedersen, while in English denies any Nazi affiliations, here he is proudly following a neo-Nazi group called Jylland Forst:


A quick perusing of the Jylland Forst page reveals its obvious Nazi ideology.


So who exactly are Gravers recruits and partners to stop Islamization? On December 3, 2016, the reputable Danish national newspaper Berlingske Nationalt published a report revealing that Anders Gravers, “president of the association Stop Islamisation of Denmark (SIAD),” had been long-time partners with the infamous Danish Resistance and Self-defense (DMS), led by neo-Nazi Ronny Kolbirk, which bills itself as a citizens’ protection unit to “patrol at the Danish-German border.”


Anders Gravers Pedersen (left) with Ronnie and Lars.

The report recounts how Ronny Kolbirk, attended the patrol with Anders Gravers, and posted a photo of him participating in the border guarding:


Looking through Ronny Kolbirk’s Facebook page, one finds an image of him wearing the neo-pagan image of “Thor’s hammer,” something very frequently worn also by neo-Nazis:


One can even find bizarre photos of Kolbirk like this one with a knife tipped with what seems as blood held to a hooded man’s neck:

Ronny Kølbirk, in demonstration with SIAD

Ronny Kølbirk, in demonstration with SIAD (Stop Islamization of Denmark)

Another member of the Danish Resistance and Self-defense is Martin Gronmark. On his Facebook page he shows off a bladed swastika:


“Dad’s new toy now you can’t see it on the photo, but there are a lot of fine detail!! I love this form it’s made in..!!” writes Martin Gronmark

Another member of the group, Per Gutenberg, is a follower of a group called, “Support Soldiers of Odin Danmark,” an anti-immigrant, anti-Christian neo-pagan, street patrol gang, founded originally in Finland.


But these were some lightweight finds. Now we come into Pamela Geller’s SIOE partner and Administrator in Bulgaria, Jivko Ivanov, is a Bulgarian ultra-nationalist and member of a mafia called Desokupa, led by himself alongside Daniel Esteve with Ivanov as one of his henchmen. These are armed thugs with some heavy artillery and weapons intended to do terrorism.

Targeta d’empresa repartida el dia del desallotjament de Can Dimoni

In 2008, Ivanov’s gang partner Esteve was finally arrested by the Authorities as part of an operation Special Intervention Group (GEI) on charges of “kidnapping” “extortion,” “harassment,” “threats” and “conspiracy”.

Daniel Esteve

Daniel Esteve

Daniel Esteve, exmembre de Morosos Bcn, el 14 d’abril al desallotjament de Can Dimoni / Gràcia Viva
Ivanov with his armed gang

Pamela Geller’s partner in Bulgaria, Ivanov with his armed gang holding AK47s and other automatic machine-guns

Another of Ivanov’s significant gang member was Ernesto Navas, a Spanish neo-Nazi and a leading figure of Desokupa. Navas can proudly be seen with a Nazi Swastika tattooed on his bicep and the name of Hitler’s Nazi SS leader “Rudolf Hess” tattooed on his stomach:


There are even photos of Pamela Geller’s SIOE partner Jivko Ivanov with the neo-Nazi, Ernesto Navas, proudly standing together showing off Nazi tattoos:


Geller’s partner Ivanov with Navas proudly showing off his “Rudolph Hess” tattoo on his belly for TV audience



Ivanov (in blue), on the farthest right is Navas

Ivanov (in blue), on the farthest right is Navas


Navas (right)

Ivanov believes that America is “Terrorist Number 1”:

Doesn’t this go against Geller’s AFDI’s fight to “defend America”?

The wrap sheet of Pamela Geller’s partner, Ivanov, gets worse and the photos with weapons is not just for show. Ivanov and gang decided to use their weapons to carry out an armed robbery with an AK47, shotguns and pistols they used and fired causing the near killing of two innocent brothers who owned a gold business.

In the major armed robbery, Ivanov was the driver alongside three other criminals, Vasil Atanasov, Cemal Alikovo (Muslim) of Peshtera and Argentine Fernando Castro. On December 21, 2015, Alikovo, Castro,  Vasil Atanasov, with another unknown gunman, entered into the office of two brothers and businessmen, Spas Spasov and Todor Nikolov, wearing masks and armed with pistol, shotguns and AK47. They then opened fire on the two brothers. Spasov was wounded in the leg and Nikolov in the arm and leg. The thieves stole from Todor and Vasil 23,500 lev and eighty thousand lev in gold (around $50,000).  Investigators have determined that the perpetrators were armed with guns and a “Kalashnikov”. Alikovo and Castro were captured and charged with robbery accompanied with attempted murder committed in complicity.

Ivanov wanted to escape from Bulgaria, with Cemal Alikovo claiming that he could get illegal passports. The two criminals, Atanasov and Castro were arrested after being caught in Ivanov’s car. In one Bulgarian report it says,

“In court it was clear that Zhivko Ivanov testified that before the robbery Vasil Atanasov told him what they intended to commit, and later Alikovo wanted to help them cross the border because they had no identity cards.”

Ivanov was complicit in the crime. 

Cemal Alikov, in court

Fernando Castro, in court

Cemal Alikov, in court

Cemal Alikov, in court

In a January 2016 the Bulgarian media reported:

Pazardzhik District Prosecutor’s Office indicted Cemal Alikovo, 31, from the city. Peshtera, and Fernando Castro, 39, born in Argentina, now a Spanish citizen, resident of the city of Barcelona, Spain. The robbery accompanied with attempted murder committed in complicity – a crime under Art. 199 par. 2 points 2 and 3 in conjunction with Art. 198 par. 1 in connection with art. 20 para. 2 of the Criminal Code. Both are in custody by order of the supervising prosecutor for 72 hours. A day Pazardzhik Regional Prosecutor’s Office to submit a request to the court for making permanent detention “in custody”.

Until now, it was found that of 21 December 2015 in the city. Pazardzhik, Alikovo and Castro in complicity with Vasil Atanasov, and another unknown person, as co-perpetrators, have taken foreign movables – mobile phone, gold ornaments and 20,000 lev from the possession of two brothers – Spas Spasov and Todor using force. The activists were armed and carrying out robberies wounded one of the brothers in the leg and the other in the arm and leg. Then the four absconding.Vasil Atanasov was arrested on December 30, 2015 in the city. Pazardzhik and January 2, 2016, the court imposed his permanent detention “in custody”. He has been convicted repeatedly. Cemal Alikovo and Fernando Castro were arrested on January 7, 2016 in Plovdiv.

Ivanov was arrested as he himself admitted:

My wife and I were arrested on 7 January in Boulevard.  …I was in Sofia and I went to see Cemal Alikovo and the Spaniard [Castro]. They got into the car and then two police vans blocked the road. We were surrounded by armed policemen with masks and we sprawled on the ground.

According to another report, Fernando Castro “managed to gain a solid criminal record” and convicted of a crime in Spain, although it has not been specified.

Pamela Geller’s comrade, Ivanov has other ‘circle of notorious friends’. Spanish neo-Nazi, Nico Fresneda Navarro, who has a giant tattoo of an SS officer, with the German words “Meine Ehre” (“My honor”):



No matter were we looked, we find Ivanov is colleague with neo-Nazi thugs. Here he is with Bulgarian biker, Geno Pimpilov.

Ivanov (middle) and on his left is Pimpilov

Ivanov (middle) and on his left is Pimpilov

Geno Pimpilov proudly posted a photo of Auschwitz with words that say “send all refugees on a trip to Auschwitz”:


Here is a photo of Geno Pimpliov, notice the pagan rune symbols tattooed onto his chest, a very common type of tattoo amongst neo-Nazis:


And it is obvious that Geno Pimpliov is an admirer of Hitler:


Geno Pimilov is a member of the biker gang, called Vagabonds MC Bulgaria. They use Nazi paraphernalia, such as the skull with the helmet: 


Here is a photo from the official Vagabonds MC Bulgaria Facebook page, in which a Vagabond biker is wearing the Nazi Swastika:


Another person on the photo with Pimpliov is Angel Stoilov (Ангел Стоилов). On his Facebook you will find lots of imagery promoting neo-paganism and crime. For example here is an image of a pagan rune symbol:


Here is a photo published by Stoilov of the Mexican neo-pagan Santa Muerte, part of the death cult amongst Mexican narco gangs:


Geller partnered with more than just Gravers and Ivanov. Pavel Chernev was also head of Geller’s SIOE in Bulgaria. Ivanov also partnered and was intimately working with Chernev, the Bulgarian nationalist, bouncer, and political leader of the group, Orthodox Dawn which mimics Greece’s Golden Dawn’s racist activities, indiscriminate harassment of immigrants as the IBTimes revealed. Chernev was Gravers main liaison in Bulgaria.

Chernev was also the deputy and the right hand man for the famed “Bulgaria’s Hitler,” Volen Siderov, leader of the Bulgarian ultranationalist Ataka (Attack) party.


Volen Siderov

According to one Bulgarian report, Chernev was the right-hand man for Siderov. Ivailo Dachov and Adriana Miteva, two MPs in Bulgaria, split from Siderov’s Ataka. They decided to do an interview in the studio for SKAT TV. As they walked out, Geller’s partner, Pavel Chernev, Siderov’s hitman, and two other assailants ambushed them. Two of the men held Ivailo (male) and Chernev gave him a brutal beating, knocking a tooth out and breaking his ribs. Adriana Miteva (female) screamed for help, but two more thugs showed up and told her to silence or they would “rip her open”. 

Pamela Geller’s primary associate in SIOE, Anders Gravers, was also very close to Chernov, and worked with him in expanding his SIOE organization in eastern Europe. Gravers appointed Chernov to be the leader of the SIOE branch for Bulgaria (Stop the Islamization of Europe).

In 2002, Chernev boss, “Bulgaria’s Hitler” Volen Siderov attended a conference in Moscow called “Global problems in the modern history” in which the topic was: “the demystification of the Jewish lies that prevail in the contemporary historical science”. A description of the conference recounts the talk as such:

“that there is no evidence of any slaughter of the Jews in concentration camps, as well as political statements to the effect that the Jews control the government, the media and the economy of the United States; that Western politicians are nothing more than Jewish puppets”; that the Jews blackmailed Switzerland for the money they had lost in Swiss banks during the Second World War, and so forth”  (See Igor Novakovic, The Rise of Political Extremism in Bulgaria — the Political Party “Ataka”)

The strange partnering of Jew hate brings in strange bedfellows, which in the long run, defeats Geller’s and Spencer’s supposed goals, claiming to combat the Islamists. This was the case when neo-Nazis and Islamists culminated with strange partnerships. The organizers of the event were Muslim intellectual and holocaust denier, founder of Radio Islam, Ahmed Rami (who was investigated in Sweden for hate crimes), David Duke, Gerald Frederic Tolben, Jurgen Graf and ReneLouis Berclaz. Siderov’s Ataka party, just like the Nazis, conducts nightly processions with torches:


Even the conservative Israeli Artuz Sheva exposes Ataka:

“Espousing a mix of populist and fiery nationalistic policies, Ataka has branded foreign companies operating in Bulgaria as ‘robbers’, called for the re-nationalization of some sectors of the economy and has vilified Bulgaria’s sizeable Romany community,” reported

According to reports, Ataka party members wear shirts with swastikas and make Nazi salutes at rallies.

Ataka’s success follows the rise of the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party in neighboring Greece, and Jobbik in Hungary—both of which espouse neo-Nazi ideologies imbued with anti-Semitism and a desire for “racial purity.”

In 2008, five people carried banners bearing Swastikas on the streets of Plovdiv. They were arrested, but one of them — a 15 year old boy — was let go because of his age. Before the other four could be released, a mob of 150 people, led by Chernev’s boss, Volen Siderov, attacked the police station, in defense of the Swastika bearers.

Until 2009, Siderov’s Attack Party was supported by the nationalist TV station, SKAT, but it withdrew its support for reasons having nothing to do with Siderov’s Nazi ideas. SKAT is actually extremely antisemitic and hosts Dr. Emil Antonov, whose anti-Jewish notoriety gave him the title of “the Bulgarian Hitler.” He is the author of numerous books, such as “The Diary of a Jew,” “How Zionists Killed Stalin,” “The End of the World and the New Global Order of the Third Israel,” and “Their Struggle — how Jews Conquered the World.”  But the book that really shows that Antonov is an open Nazi, is one entitled, “Foundations of National Socialism,” for which he was fined 500 lev by the Bulgarian government on charges of spreading fascism and religious hatred. (See Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2011, vol. II— Europe and Eurasia, Near East and Africa, Report Submitted to the Committee on Foreign Relations US Senate, p. 1227) 

Volen Siderov

Volen Siderov

After SIOE leader, Pavel Chernev, died of a heart attack in 2015, Gravers appointed Serbian nationalist, Bratislav Zivkovich, to be the leader of the Serbian branch for SIOE. These Geller partner and associates came with the works: heavy machine guns and rocket launchers.


Bratislav Zivkovich with his armed militia carrying AK47, heavy machine-gun and rocket launcher

In fact, there is a letter, written by Anders Gravers, in which he affirms his closeness to the deceased Pavel Chernev, and he appoints in his place, Bratislav Zivkovich as the leader for Geller’s SIOE in Serbia:


Here is a photo of Geller’s terrorist gang linking the full circle: Pavel Chernev, Jivko Ivanov and Bratislav Živkovic, proudly holding up Geller’s SIOE poster, and notice on the side Geller’s partner, Anders Gravers praising them:


In this photo, if you look on the side, you will notice that Zivkovich posts up an image entitled “This is Europa,” with pagan symbols including the Slavic Swastikas and neopagan images:


To comprehend the dark dream of “This is Europa” its dark side of horror and disgust, see here:

Anders Gravers even “liked” the photo of the Swastika and pagan symbols as one can see here:


In this photo, if you look to the side, you will see that Zivkovic posts an article in defense of the pagan Swastika: 


Geller’s partner, Bratislav Zivkovic even made a video in which he praisingly presents the kolovrat, or the Slavic Swastika:


The kolovrat, or Slavic Swastika, is the black sun disk that was used by the Nazis, and it is the same image used by Slavc ne0-Nazis:


The Nazi black sun on the ground floor of the SS “Obergruppenführersaal”

The Nazi black sun on the ground floor of the SS “Obergruppenführersaal”

Kolovrat Neo nazi tattoo, with rune symbols

Kolovrat Neo nazi tattoo, with rune symbols

The same type of Swastikas that both Zivkovic and Anders Gravers admire, are the same ones worn by Slavic neo-Nazis. Here are some examples:




There is even a neo-Nazi music group called “kolovrat,” that praises the Slavs who fought for the Nazis for “Aryan blood cleanness”:

Here is a video made by a Belarusian Nazi music group, in which they put a Kolovrat right in the beginning:

In the article, posted by Bratislav, one will find an image of the Swastika used by the Nazis:


Under the photo it reads: “Earliest swastika found in Mezine, Ukraine.” And above the photo it reads:

“Swastika or Kolovrat symbolized infinite values in our culture for example from mythological aspect the spinning wheel symbolized the infinity and repeating the cycle (the fight between Slavic Gods Perun and Veles) in fight between Good and Evil. Kolovrat and Swastika also beside the never ending cycle symbolized the sun, that grants us life and warmth. Just as among other Indo-European cultures as Germanic, Latin, Celtic, Vedic (Indian) and Iranic, among Slavs some of the oldest examples of Slavic Kolovrat Swastikas have been found in Ukraine.”

At the end of the article it reads of how the Kolovrat Swastika is popular amongst neo-pagan Slavic groups:

“Today there Kolvorat as a symbol is gaining large popularity among neo-pagan Slavic groups holding Kolovrat as the symbol of their identity.”

The article is written by Wilk Vatroslawski, a pagan ethnocentric writer obsessed with Slavic paganism. In one article he boasts of how the “Mayan calendar has its source in the Slavic calendar”; he writes of “Pagan Masks in Slavic folklore”; he also writes of the “Rituals of remembrance of ancestors in the spring date back to ancient Slavic ideas that spring awakening of nature also wake up the dead ancestors  from winter sleep and return them to the places where they used to live, to live to see their relatives and descendants.” And he decries how the Church “tried to ban this festivity and tradition due to it’s pagan roots.” He writes, in sadness, of how:

“the true religion of Russian (Slavic) people that was destroyed by early Russian Christian church 1000 years ago”

And he writes of how Christians in Russia:

“don’t like the raising awareness of pagan traditions, so when they see these idols built somewhere in their proximity they get in a very destructive mood.”

Geller’s partner, Bratislav Zivkovic runs his anti-immigrant gang, attacking migrant vendors selling food on the streets, much like the Golden Dawn in Greece. There is a video showing this, made by Zivkovic himself, and at the end of the video he shows supposed Serbian police brutality, with the words “Fuck the police.” It is obvious that Zivkovic is trying his own mafia, his own police force, which is something done usually by subversive groups:

Zivkovic works with Marin Marinov, another Bulgarian nationalist and pagan who reveres the Bulgarian sun disk, very popular amongst Slavic neo-pagans. He even has it tattooed on his body:


According to one Bulgarian website,

Runes in the outer circle are the signs of the fifth known planets in the ancient time together with the Sun and the Moon: Venus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. … The most famous Bulgarian rune symbol- IYI is carved on the back of the rosette. This is the symbol of the Sun and expresses the religious ideas of protobulgarians.” 

Marinov is big with Geller’s SIOE, as can be seen here in this picture, with SIOE leader Chernov:


Marinov, second to the left

Here is a photo of Zivkovich holding up his “Orthodox Dawn” flag, with Jivko Ivanov and neo-Nazi Mario Tankov (farthest on the right):


Here is a photo of Mario Tankov who proudly wears a t-shirt with the German Nazi Swastika:


Zivkovich is partnering with the “Balkan Guerrilla” and communist Zak Novak (middle), alongside the neo-pagan Ivan Ivanov:


Here is a photo of Zak Novak with a banner of Maoist communist, Che Guevara:


Shouldn’t Geller, who on her 990 U.S government forms “counters” “socialism and Marxism“, be exposing instead of having her ‘associates’ associate with these?

Here is a photo of Zak Novak with the Che Guevara flag, alongside one of his comrades holding up the official flag for Bratislav Zivkovich’s “Jovan Shevich” militia:


Here is another photo with Zak Novak proudly wearing a communist T shirt:


How is all this compatible with AFDI’s “combating” “socialism and Marxism”?

As for Ivan Ivanov (the other person on the photo with Zivkovich), a quick look at Ivan Ivanov will show that he is an anti-Christian neo-pagan. His Facebook page is full of rune symbols, Slavic idols and swastikas. Here is but an example of a 6 pointed swastika (two swastikas overlaying each other) on the forehead as mark of allegiance:




(FROM RIGHT TO LEFT) Tommy Robinson, Pamela Geller, Anders Gravers

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller with Anders Gravers

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller with Anders Gravers

Lars Hedegaard is a Danish open marxist. President of the Danish Free Press Society, he is also a high ranking figure within the SIOE circle alongside Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Anders Gravers. In an interview with conservative radio host Dennis Prager he was asked: “Do you still call yourself a Marxist?” Lars responded with: “Yes, to some extent. I don’t believe in the desirability or inevitability of revolution or socialism. But some of the analytical terms of Marxism I still use to the great amazement of my friends, who think I’m an idiot. But I stick to that.”

In a 2008 interview with Danish publication, Information, Lars said:

“Marxism is a tool, not a promise of paradise on earth … I know very well that people think I’m an idiot when I say I use a Marxist analysis. And those I work with today, they shrug when I say that. But it must be so be.”


Lars Hedegaard

How does this jive with Geller’s AFDI statement of faith to combat “Socialism and Marxism”?


Internationally, Spencer and Geller will partner with anyone, not just communists and neo-Nazis, but even with an anti-Christian extremist Hindu, Babu Suseelan. This goes contrary to Geller’s and Spencer’s own religious claimed backgrounds and the bylaws they supposedly proclaim on their 990 forms. According to a piece posted up by Robert Spencer, one of the members of the “Board of Advisors for SION,” is “the Hindu human rights activist Babu Suseelan” from India. But, when we did research on Babu Suseelan, we found that he is a vehement hater of Christians. In one article, Baby Suseelan states:

“The goals of Freed Trade and globalization include: endless accumulation of profits; the commercialization of everything; introduction of extreme, capitalist, Christian culture  They are supplanting the primacy of our nation, destroy our social fabric and tradition, promote religious conversion, and introducing western Christian values.”

Babu Suseelan calls for a Hindu revolution against Christians, writing:

“For hundreds of years, Christian missionaries have been selling fake paradise in India. …Let all Hindus join to be free to create, and let a Hindu spiritual revolution be born.”

Babu Suseelan called for Hindus to vote for Hindu fanatic party, Baharatiya Janata Party and their leader, Narandra Modi, not simply as a nationalist, but as a means to purge India of any Christian influence:

“At the center and in several states, the government is controlled by a classically constructed ruling elite that are completely alienated from Hindu culture and deeply absorbed into a rootless and self-serving clique of Muslims, Christians, and mafia gang that seeks power for its own sake.    The powerful elite want to destroy our sacred Hindu culture receive generous help from the Islamic and Christian world. … To ensure safety, security, social development, and good government as well as to ensure freedom for our children, we have to join together and vote for BJP.” 

In 2014, Babu Suseelan wrote:

“The brilliant MODI, the creative, innovative and integrating leader could bring all Indian citizens to glory and is capable of leading us to change and reform. MODI is destined to have a profound impact on  the thinking and discussing of paradox and dilemma in India….  I endorse MODI and his BJP team.  They  are capable and willing with imaginative and creative forces  take India into its greatness. Indians under MODI can walk as a freeman with self-esteem and pride as a HINDU.”

In 2013, Baby Suseelan scolded an Indian man for converting to Christianity, writing:

Evangelists and our enemies will give you enough beef to go against eternal  Dharma. You will be abandoned later, and float like a parasite without any anchor. As a converted Christian you can murder any animal of your choice and eat whatever decaying flesh until you are satisfied.”


So what is a Jew like Geller doing with neo-Nazis and what do neo-Nazis have to do with a Jewess like Geller? What is an Amalekite Catholic Christian like Spencer doing with anti-Christian neo-pagans and what do anti-Chritstian neo-Pagans have to do with Spencer?

This might be mystifying to some, yet it is a fact etched in both of these histories heading on the path of self-destruction.

But mystery should not be the case once we examine who is influencing all this at the top: the German eugenist Thilo Sarrazin. It is this connect that will reveal motive and evidence of knowledge of culpability. On November 23rd, 2015, Spencer wrote:

“Particularly infuriating has been the attempt by Muslims and apologists for Islam to label the many Germans now mobilizing and marching against Muslim immigration as “neo-Nazi.” What makes a member of Pegida, disturbed at the Muslim flood, and watching as, in Thilo Sarrazin’s memorable phrase, “Germany undoes itself,” a “neo-Nazi”?

On September 1, 2011, Spencer expressed gratitude towards Rene Stadtkewitz for accepting “the invitation from the organization ‘Stop Islamization of America’ (SIOA) and the well-known political activist Pamela Geller,” and shows how Stadtkewitz references Thilo Sarrazin’s social-Darwinist book. Its not as if Spencer does not know of Sarrazin’s thoughts and ideology. On February 20th, 2016 Spencer published an article written by Hugh Fitzgerald that explicitly praised Thilo Sarrazin’s eugenist book fully understanding its racism and lamenting its failure:

“In Germany, a politician, writer, and Bundesbank officer, Thilo Sarrazin, wrote Deutschland schafft sich ab — ‘Germany Does Away With Itself.’ This book, warning Germans about the effect on the national I.Q. level of large numbers of Muslim immigrants, became an instant bestseller. Of course, Sarrazin’s study was largely ignored by the political and cultural elite of Germany: it would not do to praise a thesis that even hinted at ‘racism,’ and any discussion of comparative I.Q.s does not just hint at but for many people hollers ‘racism.’

It is about racism and eugenics. That Thilo’s book was ignored is not true, for it helped in the formation of the Alternative for Deutschland party, now the third most influential party in Germany. Spencer likes to play the victim while playing with the big boys.

Therefore, there is a conflict. Spencer’s claims to adhere to the Christian faith, claiming to be Amalekite Catholic, are therefore questionable and doubtful. He is clearly a socialist which confirms the original background. Spencer has worked for communist cult leader Bob Avakian in the early seventies.

Avakian became involved with the Students for a Democratic Society at Berkeley, the Free Speech Movement which is similar to AFDI’s call to protect and defend “free speech”. Spencer never renounced his service for the Avakian cult. According to an August 2010 New York Magazine article, Spencer’s father also worked at the Voice of America during the Cold War. Despite his current ideological leanings, Spencer:

“spent part of his youth working at Revolution Books, which is run by the Revolutionary Communist Party (and its cultish leader Bob Avakian), a hard-line Maoist group most sixties-style radicals, like, say, Bill Ayers, would consider beyond the pale.”

Maoists are hardline communists who openly advocate for genocide and mass extermination.

These activities with SIOA confirms beyond doubt that this is still the status quo of Spencer’s spiritual and ideological aspirations.

As to Pamela Geller’s motives, it wasn’t as if she did not know. There is evidence of knowledge of culpability. On May 19th, 2015, Pamela Geller wrote, “Anders Gravers, our colleague and SION board member, plans on showing the Mohammed drawings at the political festival on the island of Bornholm next month. There are many of us who won’t be cowed, won’t submit and won’t abridge our freedoms so as not to offend savages.” Lets see who is hosting and organizing this event in Bornholm. The Danes’ Party. In the very post published by Pamela Geller, it says:

“After the uproar surrounding the invitation to Dutch politician and prominent Islam critic Geert Wilders, it was announced that a host of European nationalists will attend at the invitation of the far-right Danes’ Party (Danskernes Parti).”

There is no excuse. The official website of the Danes’ Party is a click of a mouse. That is all it takes to see their open Nazi sentiments. On their official site, the DPP affirms that they — like the Nazis and like Margaret Sanger — want to control the propagation of children, and to determine who can have children, and who cannot:

“Couple on the labor market must be able to support the family, even if only one parent is active in business. Those who can be characterized as particularly suitable parents should be encouraged to have children, and preferably more than average, by being given various rewards.

“Individuals who because of unhealthy lifestyles or hereditary disease may be categorized as unfit to procreate, be humanely prevented from making children victims of their own misfortune.”

And here we have Anders Gravers of Geller’s SION, being a major participant in an event organized by a Nazi party.

Now we come to Stefan Herre, who is on Geller’s board for SION, and who fixates much of his writing on genetics, and like Spencer, uses Thilo Sarrazin as his reference. In one post, Stefan Herre writes on how Jews have genes that differentiate from the rest of the society, and mocks liberal Jews for making charges of racism on the statement:

According to Thilo Sarrazin, the bearers of the German indignation gene are turning on the wheel, Jews bearing genetic traits that distinguish them from other people. The WORLD believed that it was a “crude theses” of the success author, and Guido Westerwelle suddenly claims to know what is a gene and there is the “anti-Semitism alarm” – and Stephan Kramer joins in. They are all wrong and Sarrazin is right. It is indeed scientifically proven that Jews, like, of course, other groups of people of common origin, carry clear traces in their genome. This is not a “cruel thesis” of Sarrazin, nor a hypocrisy of national socialist racial theory, as the German Foreign Minister, as well as all German journalists and politicians presume, but the result of scientific research by American and Israeli researchers.


Robert Spencer with Stefan Herre

In another post, entitled, “Germany can not be accused of Nazi crimes,” Stefan Herre proudly cheers that the International Court of Justice won’t take anymore cases blaming Nazis as it’s been 60 years since the fall of the Reich, writing:

More than sixty years after the end of the war, new individual victims had always been brought abroad before the courts, and they wanted money from Germany for some injustice, decades after state treaties had settled everything.

In another post, Stefan Herre posts up an extensive piece of writing by Thilo Sarrazin, in which it says that people of a genetically inferior intelligence have more children than those of a higher genetic intelligence:

the number of children decreases with the level of education of their parents and vice versa. This is exactly what we have been observing for several decades in Germany, and this is becoming quite embarrassing when, for example, the Federal Institute for Population Research writes: “Part of the German low-fertility situation can be explained by the low birth rate among the highly qualified .”

It follows that if high-qualification is also partly interrelated with the genotypic, inherited intelligence, a permanently lower birth rate of the highly qualified can not be without impact on the average genotypic intelligence. This is a purely logical truth, in which one can argue at best about the extent and the practical meaning in the shorter term.

But how does this “low fertility” links to blame this on Muslim immigrants? This is the scapegoat of the west’s own failure and the lack of following Christian ethics. Herre’s eugenist beliefs come straight from Charles Darwin, as the rest of the post states:

Since Charles Darwin published his work The Origin of Species in 1859, and Johann Gregor Mendel, 1865, his essay “Experiments on plant hybrids “, it is clear that the animated nature – and thus also the human being – is fundamentally influenced by selection mechanisms and the inheritance of Properties. Hereditary traits also include the abilities of the brain.

Herre promotes the work of the Turkish atheist, the foulmouthed Akif Pirincci. In one article by Akif, published onto Herre’s website, Akif utilizes social-Darwinist ideology and describes the struggle between Muslims and Germans as a Darwinian and evolutionary struggle, writing in a very disgusting way:

What does all this have to do with evolution? You will be asking yourself now. Quite simply, this is about improving the opportunities for reproduction. These are most easily achieved by forming groups and by giving other groups that oppose the goal to destruction. As I said, this is not going to happen, you simply do it and wait. Normally, the opposing group makes a fierce resistance or offers a compromise with which everyone can live. But even in evolution it is very rare that she just lets herself be fucked, and she also kisses the cock of the rapist. And certainly not lick the tail of the one who has murdered his own son. For this one must have a very special species of tit, and belongs to the institution. Apropos fuck: The (German) women are as mentioned at the beginning not brought, but mostly raped. Most rapists are now Muslims in Europe. The evolutionary model demands that women have to stay alive, whether or not they are born or not. Evolution is now a blind, stupid program, but extremely effective.

Herre pushes the work of Martin Sellner, the Austrian activist and face of the German “Identitarian Movement”. Sellner was a member of a neo-Nazi gang, and claims to have broken from his Nazi past. But, if he truly did break away from his Nazi past, then why did he all of a sudden become a head advocate for identitarianism? which is simply another title of ethnocentric ideology. 

Therefore, believing in eugenics, is not some monopoly held by only German neo-Nazis. It is not a divide between Jew and Gentile. Eugenics at times unifies evil Jews and evil Gentiles, regardless of their racial heritage or national stock. It is the case just as good unifies Jew with Gentile in our efforts to preserve humanity and allow everyone to reproduce as a God given right for freedom and the pursuit of happiness as the U.S Constitution upholds. Spencer’s and Geller’s bylaws are a sham, a front, a scam meant to deceive innocent donors in contributing for a nefarious outfit called the AFDI: American Freedom Defense Initiative. What is on the 990 forms is all fictitious.

Having written all this so far brings an issue we at need to learn and repent from. What we have experienced and done throughout the years, while we tried to do good, we have neglected the outcome of our doings and there is much to repent from and apologize for. We regret not realizing whom we were at times collaborating with. We should have investigated further prior to us engaging with Spencer and Geller. We have also said things at many instances in haphazard ways without realizing that our words could inflict much harm and damage on innocent people. Therefore, we ask forgiveness from many whom we might have inadvertently harmed or offended. Righteousness can go beyond what a person is affiliated with as their religion, be they Jew, Christian, Muslim or even an atheist.

We should have followed better examples. An Arab Muslim named Haj Eissa El Kourdieh, saved a group of 33 Jews after he insisted for them to hide in his cellar. There they waited with a “deadly fear” for the trouble to pass, worrying that the “murderers outside would hear [the little children who kept crying].” From the cellar, they heard cries of “today is a day that is holy to Mohammed. Anyone who does not kill Jews is a sinner.” Meanwhile, several Arab women, stood guard outside, repeatedly challenging the claims of the screaming mob that they were sheltering Jews. Yonah Molchadsky gave birth while taking refuge in an Arab basement. Molchadsky later related that when the mob demanded for the Arabs to give up any Jews they were hiding, her host told them “we have already killed our Jews,” whereupon the mob departed. The Muslim family of Abu Id Zaitoun rescued Zmira Mani and other Jews by hiding them in their cellar and protecting them with their swords. They later found policeman to escort them safely to the police station at Beit Romano. (Zmira Mani “What I saw in Hebron”, Haaretz, Sep 12, 1929).

The case of Spencer and Geller is therefore simple to explain. To these it is not about our duty as humans to be human and love our fellow man, be they whatever religion they are, Jew, Muslim or Christian. They are not motivated by Judaism or by Christianity. They are motivated by pure and unadulterated hatred of foreigners for they believe that these do not contribute to a select superior gene pool. This is an ideology that one finds in common with hardline eugenists and hardline evolutionists. As we say in Bethlehem: “Each village has its dumpster,” and dumpsters uncovered produce much stench and much disease.

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