Disturbing Clip Emerges Of Joe Biden Talking About Children ‘Rubbing His Hairy Legs’, Says ‘I Loved The Kids Jumping On My Lap’

Joe Biden may have been Vice President to the very popular President Obama, but it is difficult to take him seriously as a candidate for the Democrat Party as almost without fail each time, he finds himself making scandalous statements or doing things that just seem creepy or perverse.

For example, it is strange for a man to tell a pre-pubescent girl that she is as “smart as she is good-looking.” Another woman accused Biden of “gross” kissing her on the back of her neck.

In another statement that can only hurt Biden and add to his reputation as a disturbing man who parents should not keep their children near, he recently came out with statements recalling memories of how he enjoyed when children would ‘rub his hairy legs’ and ‘bounce on his lap’.

And now a ‘rediscovered’ viral video clip of Biden rambling at a previous speaking event is so bizarre and enters a whole new level of creepy that it’s put renewed spotlight on the question of Crazy Uncle Joe’s potential senility. It simply has to be seen to be believed. Surrounded by children, he goes on a free-flowing monologue about his hairy legs and how kids used to rub them to watch the “blond” hair pop up again.

He then randomly transitions to learning “all about roaches” but quickly gets the story back on track:

“So I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap and I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap.”

“The men, who are now all men… and they’re all guys at the time, they’re all good men,” he nonsensically continues.

It’s a new to surface segment from the prior epic Corn Pop episode he recounted about his time as a life guard at a public pool in Delaware in the 1960s.

Biden’s story of the unbelievable encounter with a gang leader named ‘Corn Pop’ had previously surfaced and drove headlines back in September, but apparently the even weirder hairy legs and “I loved kids jumping on my lap” segment was little commented on at the time. (source)

This also comes at a time when Biden has received criticism for sucking on his wife’s finger in public at a campaign rally.

The question that should be asked next is given these very strange statements and actions, why is Biden even still considered a possible candidate for the Democrat debate? That assumes, of course, that one believes he is being put forth as a serious candidate and not a political distraction.

No skilled political operative would ever put Biden anywhere near a political platform. If he did, it would be temporarily before removing him because Biden’s statements make people run away from him. Most people do not like the idea of a man making statements that sound like something a child molester would say to run for office, and even his own base could not support him in this regard because they are too outlandish. It is the same with Kamala Harris making racially-charged statements against ‘white’ people, or some of the open socialism expressed by other candidates, and to an extent, the blatantly effeminate male sodomism of Buttigieg.

These are not statements made by “winners” for an office. They are statements made by losers or people who wnat to lose because one does not win by making them.

The fact that Biden can make such a series of disgusting statements and still be presented as a serious candidate is a strong suggestion that the entire election for 2020 is just a farce meant to throw it for Trump to ensure a future Democrat victory.

Democrats are not stupid, but are excellent strategists, even if it means ensuring current failure for a near guarantee of a future victory.

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