Archive | December 9, 2019

Could The Russia Report Allegations Against Trump Actually Hold Some Merit?

There has been a lot of talk about Trump and his possible connections to Russia. Some have said they are wholly true, others wholly false, and very little otherwise middle ground. Now, according to a recent report from the Justice Department Inspector General, he has found that the allegations against Trump and the Trump campaign […]

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The Bolivian Government Tells Israel: ‘Train Our Military To Fight Left-Wing Terrorists.’

By Theodore Shoebat The new interim government of Bolivia has recently asked Israel for help to fight ‘the Left.’ The new government of Bolivia took over the Evo Morales government after allegations of voter fraud and the military pressured Morales to leave his position. The interim government, unlike the prior administration, is Right wing and […]

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Report: Zimbabwe On The Edge Of Another Mass Starvation

Famines are often political in that while true crop failure do happen and people have died throughout the ages in large numbers, in modern times due to advances in farming, they are often allowed to happen and worsened for political ideologies. This was also true in the past at times too. The Irish Potato Famine, […]

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