Archive | December 8, 2019

Highly Connected Paramilitary Organization With Members From German Intelligence, Were Planning On Doing A Terrorist Attack And Making It Look Like An Islamic Terrorist Attack To Spark Nationalism

By Theodore Shoebat A paramilitary organization in Germany, called Uniter, was planning on doing a terrorist attack and make it look like an Islamic terrorist attack in order to spark German nationalist sentiment. As we read in a recent report from the Guardian: A network of elite German combatants with links to far-right “prepper” circles […]

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Evangelicals Lash Out At Fellow Evangelical Who Says That Trump Has Deceived Christians

Last year, I wrote about how the Trump movement has become a cult of personality, and many people who support Trump will defend his worst pathologies and claim that those who point out said behaviors either “hate America”, “hate Trump,” “are a Democrat”, “are evil”, or some combination of these attributes or all of them. […]

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It’s Not Just Japan- Dating, Marriage, And Family Plunge Among Chinese And Koreans

For many years, much attention has rightly been dedicated to the abysmal fertility rates in Japan, where there are veritably more elderly than children, and the technological powerhouse has been shrinking in size as dating, marriage, and family rates fall well below replacement levels. Similar comments have been made about all of Europe and Russia, […]

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