Archive | December 11, 2019

Trump, A Son Of Bar Kokhba, Signs Executive Order Interpreting Judaism As A ‘Nationality’

President Trump is arguably the most “zionist” president the US has ever had. The direct overlap of his connections to persons promoting ethnic nationalism in Europe and racism alongside the overwhelming ties within his family and administration to Jews, Israel and Zionists underscores a point that has written about and goes back many years, […]

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Canadian Court Forces Infamous Canadian Human Rights Commission To ‘Re-Examine’ Case Of Normal Man Against Employer Who Tried To Force Him To ‘Go Gay For Pay’

To ‘go gay for pay’ is a saying whose origins stem largely from the world of bodybuilding, which behind the veneer of muscled men in their (veritable) underwear selling supplements and flexing their wares is an entire industry of gay pornography and perversions of sodom. There is much information available about the connection between homosexuality […]

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US Government Warns Against Hindutva-Based Religious Persecution In India

Beginning in 2017, I started warning that India was going to be a point of focus for the next decade because the grave persecution with no foreseeable end being caused by Hindu nationalists against Christians and Muslims was a harbinger of a deadly future. As we were able to uncover and detail, there are strong […]

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