Archive | December 17, 2019

First Brexit, Now Polexit?

Brexit was a tremendous event because it represents the removal of one of the major obstacles to Germany’s rise in Europe, which is the UK. The sixth most powerful military in the world and the greatest thorn in German political ambitions throughout modern history, the UK’s departure from the EU is a major vacuum that […]

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Ottoman Sultan Aspirant Erdogan Threatens To ‘Recognize The Genocide Of Native Americans’ After The US Recognizes The Armenian Genocide

Recently, Congress passed a decree recognizing the Armenian Genocide. In response to this, President Erdogan of Turkey has declared that he may pass a resolution recognizing the massacres of the native Indians in the US according to a report: However, with the bill now passed, Mr Erdogan has threatened to respond by recognising US killings […]

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US Navy Forces Seamen To Sail In A Vessel To Be Named After A Notorious Jewish Sodomite Rapist And Pederast

It is said that ‘God has a sense of humor’ in the way that He will fool the wicked and mercifully chastise the sinner, as well as express His will before His creation. The power of the sodomites continues to rise in the US, and they have become more unabashed with their actions. According to […]

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