Archive | December 26, 2019

Catholic Thinker E. Michael Jones Metaphorically Burns Tarl “Styxhexenhammer666” Warwick At The Stake In Online Debate

The Catholic thinker E. Michael Jones, who has spoken for many years candidly about important issues pertaining to the Catholic Faith, debated against Tarl Warwick, a self-professed occultist and practitioner of all types of strange, evil, and demonic things with a popular Youtube channels about pornography on the Ralph Retort. The 67-minute long debate was […]

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Unmarried Chinese Woman Sues Hospital For Refusing To Freeze Her Eggs

A Chinese woman in China is suing a hospital for refusing to freeze her eggs because she is unmarried. n unmarried Chinese woman filed a suit against a hospital on Monday for rejecting her request to undergo a medical procedure to freeze her eggs due to her marital status, in China’s first legal challenge of […]

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