Archive | December 20, 2019

Trump Attacks Major Evangelical Christian Magazine, Calls Them “Far Left” For Pointing Out His Absolute Moral Failures

The major Evangelical Christian magazine Christianity Today recently put out an article that is heavily critical of President Trump. I highly recommend anybody read it, which you can do here, because it summarizes all of the points which I have made and in excellent detail. The summary? President Trump was given a chance, and he […]

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“Based Putin” Practically Begs For Central Asian Migrants To Come To Russia, Says That “The Economy Requires An Influx” Of Migrants

“Based Putin” is a meme that has appeared online in right-wing circles ostensibly praising the Russian leader for “standing up” to “migrants” and not taking lots of migrants like Germany did. However, I have noted that reality is far from this, for Russia has only bluffed that she opposes migrants, but to the contrary is […]

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Pope Francis Declares That “We Must Help And Save” Migrants, And “The Lord Will Take This Into Account On Judgment Day”

Pope Francis recently- and correctly – declared that “we must help and save [people] for we are all responsible for our neighbour’s life, and the Lord will take this into account on Judgment Day.” Pope Francis today met with another group of refugees who recently arrived from Lesbos, Greece, through humanitarian corridors, 14 of them […]

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