Archive | December 3, 2019

Trump Administration Proposes Photographing All People Leaving Or Visiting The US

While immigration issues in certain nations truly pertain to matters of national security and can pose a threat, in most of the Western world, migration is a weapon of political policy used to justify the expansion of government at the expense of the common people. In the name of “helping people” or “protecting the nation”, […]

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Fourteen People Murdered In Attack On Church During Sunday Services

In another horrible act of terrorism, fourteen people were murdered in an attack on a Protestant church this past Sunday in the West African nation of Burkina Faso. At least 14 people including teenagers have been shot dead at a church in Burkina Faso during Sunday mass. Several other people were wounded in the attack […]

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Was A Major Fire At A Russian Logistics Hub Filled With Rubber And Plywood An “Act Of Vengeance” For The Recent Fire In Texas?

On November 30, 2019, I reported that a major fire at a rubber plant in Texas which is responsible for 16% of the nation’s tire supply had the suspicious air of a strike engineered by a foreign country against the US. I gave a full analysis in my piece, which you can read here, but […]

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