Archive | December 23, 2019

Chinese Professor Declares That China Is Facing A Baby Bust Leading To A Population Crisis

China has been undergoing a lot of changes over the last four decades. Some of these changes have vaulted her into major positions of world power. However, some have also hurt her significantly. One of the more negative changes has been the incredibly low birthrates in China driven by government policy. However, some in the […]

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Trump Raises $10 Million In 48 Hours Following His Impeachment

People are told that “crime doesn’t pay”, but some will beg to differ. Trump can agree with this statement as in the 48 hours after his impeachment, he raised $10 million dollars for his 2020 campaign. An official for President Trump’s 2020 campaign said Friday that it has raised $10 million over the course of […]

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Jewish Terrorists Set Major Catholic Church On Fire Out Of Anti-Christian Hatred

One hears much about “anti-semitic attacks against Jews. What is less talked about are the many and increasing acts of violence against Christians. At the Catholic Church in Galilee which marks the spot where Jesus fed five-thousand people, Jewish terrorists recent set it on fire. The Galilee church where Jesus was believed to have performed […]

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