Archive | December 19, 2019

Russia And India Have Created A Fighter Jet That Can Fire A Nuclear Warhead At 3,000 Kilometers Per Hour, To Scare China And Pakistan

By Theodore Shoebat Russia and India have developed a fighter jet, the Sukhoi Su-30, that can fire a supersonic nuclear missile at 3,000 kilometers per hour, making it the new weapons technology that strengthens India’s third nuclear triad (which is strategic aircraft with nuclear bombs and missiles). As Russia and India Report stated: “Individually, the Su-30 and Brahmos are […]

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Sadistic Employers Are Now Installing Modified Toilets To Intentionally Cause Employees Pain To Try And Get More Work Out Of Them

The struggle between employer and employee has been a theme since the beginning of time, and while it will not always be perfect, the Church has always emphasized balance between both. Employees need to give care to their employers that is justly due, and employers needs to treat their employees with mercy and justice. Ever […]

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Supreme Court Deals Major Victory To The Homeless

There has been a growing intolerance of homeless people in the US and Western World, where through laws and local ordinances, the homeless are finding their very existence being criminalized. However, a recent refusal by the Supreme Court to hear a case on homelessness has henceforth permitted the destitute to sleep on sidewalks and in […]

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