Was A Major Fire At A Russian Logistics Hub Filled With Rubber And Plywood An “Act Of Vengeance” For The Recent Fire In Texas?

On November 30, 2019, I reported that a major fire at a rubber plant in Texas which is responsible for 16% of the nation’s tire supply had the suspicious air of a strike engineered by a foreign country against the US. I gave a full analysis in my piece, which you can read here, but the summary (tl;dr) is that the fact this plant produces so much rubber for tires, that trucks are critical to the US economy being able to deliver goods or services, that the fourth quarter accounts for 25% to 40% of the nation’s GDP by way of the sale of goods and services, and that the US is actively engaging in two proxy wars against Russia and China, that there was a reasonable chance the fire at that plant in Texas was an intentional strike by either of those nations to damage the US economy.

Last night on December 2nd, 2019 (December 3rd in Russia, as it was the early morning at that point), Russian news reported a major fire at a large logistics hub in St. Petersburg that houses rubber, plywood, and fertilizer for a major logistics company.

In a burning warehouse in St. Petersburg, various materials and substances, including plywood and rubber, were stored, no one was hurt, the head of the regional head of the Ministry of Emergencies, Alexei Anikin, told reporters.

“There is rubber, there is plywood. The main efforts are concentrated to protect non-burning containers, stacks of building materials of various kinds,” he said.

According to him, no one was injured in the fire.

As previously reported on Tuesday, a warehouse with chemical fertilizers caught fire in the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg. The hangar, according to preliminary data, is owned by the logistics company Logistics Terminal.

The message about the fire, which is extinguished by the fourth number of complexity, was received by the Ministry of Emergencies in 2.13 Moscow time. The area of ​​ignition exceeds 10 thousand square meters. meters. The fire covered the entire warehouse, there was a collapse of structures.

Two fire trains, 220 people, 49 pieces of equipment were involved in the elimination of the fire.

As an informed source told Interfax, the causes of fire are considered to be electrical wiring and the human factor.

At the scene of the fire, Rospotrebnadzor and a chemical radiometric laboratory are working to monitor the air condition. (source)

News like this, from the general experience that I am accustomed to, would normally have made international headlines. The same can be said about the fire in Texas.

There was only one newspaper as of yet which has picked up the story in Russia, and that is the Famagusta Gazette out of Cyprus, which reported its news from the Russian Sputnik (and it had to have come from the Russian version, as the English one as of yet makes no mention of the story), and says that the fire has spread and the entire facility has collapsed.

“At 02:59 (2359 GMT Monday), the fire danger rating was increased to level 4. The hangar is burning across its entire area, the structure of the facility has collapsed,” Sputnik reported, quoting a representative of the local branch of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. (source)

It should be noted that we also checked the news and press releases from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which makes no mention at all of the fire.

All of this is odd. This is a major event, and yet there is such a lack of reporting about it.

Some may wonder if there is a real struggle between the US and Russians taking place. Likewise, some may wonder if it could also be two terrible accidents. But before assuming any possibility as a reality, it is worth saying that we really cannot say what happened because we do not have clear details and there is no figure of authority or further supporting evidence to state as an affirmative, absolutely true fact the exact series of events.

As such, all that we can do is acknowledge both events as they are. But what we can say is that the timing is very interesting given the current state of events between Russia and the US as proxy wars and military buildup continues. The possibility of a real-time struggle taking place beneath the surface by way of these two fires should not be discounted, for it is in the small, barely or unspoken events such as this throughout history is where much of the struggle of history take places and eventually, when allowed to continue, builds up to something more serious and public, such as a war.

The major events of this life are never “major” as solid blocs of a single event, but are the combination of many small events built upon each other. A car is made of parts, which are usually made of smaller parts, and sometimes there are even smaller parts, but all come together to form the great machine that brings a man thousands of miles in a matter of hours. The same can be said about political events, where a “tit-for-tat” series of events becomes something more serious, to even more serious, to a full-scale war.

Was this an act of vengeance by the US for a Russian strike on her rubber plant?

Was this a series of two unfortunate events?

Was this something totally different?

We may never know, but what we do know is that the world is destabilizing once again, and instead of wasting time in speculation, it is better for the common man to prepare himself spiritually, financially, and provisionally to weather the coming economic and social storm.

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