Chinese Scientist Admits That Gene-Editing Experiment On Babies Went Wrong, Resulted In ‘Unexpected Mutations’

Darwinian theory supposes that life “evolved” from “lower” stages to “higher” ones by a series of mutations that resulted in further advanced developments. This is purely a theory, and as many have constantly pointed out, is highly questionable because it is a direct violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is that all things tend towards disorder, going from greater order towards chaos when left on their own. This process is something called entropy, and the only way to counter entropy, as it is a natural phenomenon and does not need direct effort to realize, is to invest direct effort into something.

For example, about ten miles down the road from where I live there is an old house. This house looked “OK” when I first saw it, but as I drive by it regularly, I have watched it slowly fall apart over time due to simple negelect. What was once a small hole in the roof became a hole the size of a basketball, then a garbage can lid, which then became the size of a chair or larger, which then started to cause the roof to collapse, which now half the roof is collapsed and the same side starting to buckle in on itself. While it as been sad to watch this house fall apart, this is an example of entropy in action, for the house will not, being exposed to rain, sun, and snow, suddenly rebuild itself, but will start to fall apart more until it is no more.

Likewise, the efforts that one puts in also must be worthwhile. I can recall a similar situation of a house that was owned by a man with serious drug problems, to the point where he was both destitute and unable to function. It was always interesting to watch him attempt to make “home improvements” because while I never met the person, his “improvements” were always visible, but with each change he made the house worse. It has been over five years now, but I have watched him turn a once decent looking house into an unfinished shed with half of the siding gone, the windows completely knocked out, and the wood rotting with what appears to be some sort of fire pit in the house on the floor. It is only time before the structure falls apart.

Thus entropy can be caused by natural means or it can come from attempts at “repairs” gone bad. The larger and more complex the instrument, the more the possibilty for damage exists. This is the reason why it is OK to have an unskilled laborer, for example, lay and tape drywall, but it takes a highly skilled mechanic with years of training to work on advanced electronics or parts for a Jaguar or Ferrari. It is no problem if our drywaller in question adds too much putty, overtapes, or mis-aligns a drywall board, for it is easily fixed, but this is not the same with the case of the wrong part, misplaced part, or poorly installed part on a vehicle that costs more than many homes do.

There has been a lot of talk about genetic editing as the “future” of the human race and an important step in “evolution”. However, this is an utter farce and a grave danger. The law of God warns that man cannot become God and that his attempts to do so will always end in disaster, and the laws of nature, specifically the law of entropy, suggests, that man’s attempts to modify himself will be similar to the child who took apart his parents’ alarm clock and now can no longer put it back together, and it does not work right. Just like that man with the drug problem, who thinks he is doing “home repairs” when he is just destroying his house by another means, the same could happen with genetic editing, except the “machine” is the human body, and could result in its death.

It is with interest then that a Chinese scientists involved in the genetic modification of babies has admitted their attempts at “editing”, specifically concerning resistance to the HIV virus, have produced unexpected “mutations” of which they would not further clarify.

The gene editing performed on Chinese twins to immunise them against HIV may have failed and created unintended mutations, scientists have said after the original research was made public for the first time.

Excerpts from the manuscript were released by the MIT Technology Review to show how Chinese biophysicist He Jiankui ignored ethical and scientific norms in creating the twins Lula and Nana, whose birth in late 2018 sent shockwaves through the scientific world.

He made expansive claims of a medical breakthrough that could “control the HIV epidemic”, but it was not clear whether it had even been successful in its intended purpose – immunising the babies against the virus – because the team did not in fact reproduce the gene mutation that confers this resistance.

While the team targeted the right gene, they did not replicate the “Delta 32” variation required, instead creating novel edits whose effects are not clear.

Moreover, Crispr remains an imperfect tool because it can lead to unwanted or “off-target” edits, making its use in humans hugely controversial. Here, the researchers claimed to have searched for such effects in the early-stage embryos and found just one – however it would be impossible to carry out a comprehensive search without inspecting each of the embryo’s cells, and thus destroying it. (source)

The terms “novel edits”, “unwanted”, or “off-target edits” whose “effects are not clear” should deeply frighten anybody paying attention.

What does “novel edits”, “unwanted”, or “off-target edits” whose “effects are not clear” really mean? What consequences have been observed?

I noted earlier the danger of effects to the human person. However, what about changes possibly that involve the virus itself? For the sake of example as stated above, I will use the HIV virus.

We know for a fact that HIV is spread by direct transmission from bodily fluids, and usually within a contained environment, and that it dies when it comes into contact with air. While there are theories that HIV could be spread from saliva, urine, or feces, it is very unlikely this would happen because there is either exposure to air or other substances that would harm the virus. Rather, the two main vectors are blood and sexual fluids from either men or women, but in particular from males (semen). This is why HIV is so prevalent among sodomites, because when one considers standard sodomitic practices, they masturbate into each others anuses, and as the rectal wall is only a cell thick, small tears are easily formed that result in direct contact between semen and the bloodstream. There is likewise how sodomites are also know for masturbating directly into bodily wounds for sexual gratification, which spreads the virus. That said, unless one is promiscuous or engages in sodomitic practices, then the chance of contracting the virus is low.

However, consider these genetic mutations. We know that the HIV virus actively is mutating, so much that only about 10% of all strains can be effectively controlled by antiviral medication.

What if, during the course of these “unexpected mutations”, it became possible that the HIV virus was itself accidentally mutated by way of the genetic modification being done to a human? That is, think of the genetic edits in the human person as while creating resistance to certain strains of HIV, also acts as an unintentional catalyst for the virus that results in a strain that is more powerful or perhaps even becomes airborne?

People say that such things would be impossible, but how can one be sure, especially if one does not know the full effects of genetic mutations caused by experiments?

The modern “science” world is walking on a very dangerous platform right now because she is not attempting to make the world a better place for the human race, but to attempt to become God by means of a new perversion that is just the sin of Eden and Babel but with white gloves and a sterile apron. People can say what they want, but when scientists declare that they do not know the effects of their experiments, this can apply to both the human person as well as the environment, because as noted above, natural substances that would interact “normally”, for good or for bad, with a person under standard conditions might greatly change if the genetic biochemistry of that person changed, and with unknown effects.

From what we have seen, most of the biotechnical research has been focused on integration with computers by way of the military, and it seems for the development of Terminator-type “cyborg” robots, which I suspect will become the next major development in war, revolutionizing the concept of the soldier just as the machine gun revolutionized the concept of the gun in World War I and the atom bomb revolutionized the concept of energy, atoms, and bombs in World War II. However, there has also been evidence of new diseases being developed in order to target certain populations, and as such, it would suggests that either medicines to counter such diseases or attempts to modify people to be resistant to these diseases would also be under research as well.

However, the warning of the Bible as well as the entire “Science Fiction” genre of literature is clear, which is that man’s attempts to “improve” things will result is horrendous disaster, misery, and death for the human race, and yet the darwinist acolytes of today are persisting in their traverse of this path.

Science fiction is no longer a theory, but a trend that is real because it is coming to life. However, we are only at the beginning of this story- the chapter that results in the horrible destruction from such meddling is a few dozen pages away.

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