Highly Connected Paramilitary Organization With Members From German Intelligence, Were Planning On Doing A Terrorist Attack And Making It Look Like An Islamic Terrorist Attack To Spark Nationalism

By Theodore Shoebat

A paramilitary organization in Germany, called Uniter, was planning on doing a terrorist attack and make it look like an Islamic terrorist attack in order to spark German nationalist sentiment. As we read in a recent report from the Guardian:

A network of elite German combatants with links to far-right “prepper” circles secretly trained civilians in “commando-like structures”, raising fears the group planned to build up a paramilitary fighting unit.

Drone footage filmed in June 2018 at a former barracks of the German armed forces in the southern town of Mosbach shows a group of around half a dozen men in military-style gear moving in formation across sandy terrain, holding what appear to be assault rifles in a firing position.

Experts interviewed by the German public broadcaster ARD’s Monitor programme after viewing the footage classified the exercises as “combat training” – illegal in Germany unless carried out by active members of the military, police or private security companies and supervised by state authorities.

The exercise in Mosbach, however, was organised by Uniter, a private support network for active and former soldiers and security personnel. Its founder, André Schmitt, is known to have founded and administered a Germany-wide Telegram chat group, which had sub-groups in which so-called preppers discussed plans to build up parallel infrastructures in preparation for the anticipated collapse of the prevailing social order.

The group chat, which was divided into southern, northern, western and eastern districts, expanded in the autumn of 2015, when Angela Merkel’s refugee policy became the focus of the national debate in Germany. Members discussed the threat of terrorist attacks and how to respond to them by hoarding weapons, munitions and food supplies.

They have since dismissed their chats as “thought experiments”.

When approached by Monitor researchers, Schmitt, a former member of Germany’s Special Forces Command (KSK) who refers to himself as “Hannibal” in the group chats, said the exercises in Mosbach had been part of a medical training course and that participants only had airsoft guns.