US Navy Forces Seamen To Sail In A Vessel To Be Named After A Notorious Jewish Sodomite Rapist And Pederast

It is said that ‘God has a sense of humor’ in the way that He will fool the wicked and mercifully chastise the sinner, as well as express His will before His creation.

The power of the sodomites continues to rise in the US, and they have become more unabashed with their actions. According to a recent story, a new naval vessel, which are named after famous people in American history, is now going to be named after the notorious Jewish sodomite rapist and pederast Harvey Milk.

By the time Harvey Milk’s supervisors in the U.S. Navy officially questioned him about his sexuality, he had graduated from officer school and served as a diving officer on a submarine rescue ship during the Korean War.

Then his superiors caught him in a park that was popular with gay men, his nephew said. The sighting raised questions about Milk’s sexual orientation in an era when the military banned gay, lesbian and bisexual service members. Milk was forced to resign.

In a move that signaled an about-face on the issue of gay rights, the Navy on Friday began to construct the USNS Harvey Milk, a fleet oiler that will provide fuel to ships and aircraft. The Navy announced in 2016 that Milk’s name would appear on a ship, along with other civil rights leaders, including abolitionist Sojourner Truth and suffragist Lucy Stone.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 2012 urged the secretary of the Navy to name a ship after Milk, one of the nation’s first openly gay elected officials. The answer to their request would come four years later.

“When Harvey Milk served in the military, he couldn’t tell anyone who he truly was,” Scott Wiener, then a San Francisco supervisor, wrote in 2016 when the Navy announced the ship’s name. “Now our country is telling the men and women who serve, and the entire world, that we honor and support people for who they are.” (source)

There is a lot to take away from this whole situation.

Harvey Milk was a sodomite pederast and rapist. Even the Huffington Post, a news paper with a history of supporting all things of sodom, admits that Milk raped teenage boys because he was a pervert. There is no way to avoid discussing this fact about him, and this is the first problem, which is why is the Navy choosing to name a ship after a rapist? It does not matter that one could say he did good things, because even the infamous sodomite pederast rapist and serial murderer John Wayne Gacy was an active member of the Moose Lodge and was a clown at a local hospital for children. What is next, the USS Gacy?

But if one considers the principle, even outside of just the infamous life of Milk, one must consider that the US military is naming a vessel after a sodomite. That alone should be a concern because it is a representation of a larger principle.

What does the US military fight for? Does she really, to quote the anthem of the Marines, “fight for right and freedom, and to keep our honor clean,” or does the military fight for sodom and to sodomize other nations who refuse to submit to sodom?

Right now the same US government is threatening the poor, southern African nation of Zambia, which receives foreign aid from the US, to withdraw all foreign aid unless she submits to sodom.

Ask yourself, why would the most powerful nation on earth threaten a nation that is mostly made up of poor black African people with worsening their already grave poverty situation unless they consent to grave immorality, which is, among other things, men masturbating into other men’s rectums?

Some people still say that “America is a Christian nation”, and it is impossible to see how this could be the case. I have argued before that the true religion of the USA has never been Christianity, but a secular religion of nationalistic worship, and that this is evidenced by what St. Juan de Ribera calls the “most pernicious” of ideas, which is the enthronement of “freedom of religion” in the Constitution, because by doing this, it creates a new religion under which the other ones must operate, which is a secular ethos that eventually becomes another religion and oppresses Christianity.

The American secular religion now worships at the altar of sodom and gomorrah. As such, the US is evangelizing the world, not for Christ, but for the legions of demons, by compelling people to accept the morally abhorrent. Likewise, the same US recently decreed a law by way of executive order that “anti-semitism”- which is another way of expressing the idea of ‘anything that [insert group here] of Jews doesn’t like -is a crime that can be prosecuted under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which given the openness of the law, could include simply expressing Biblical teachings on the Jews, such as how they murdered Christ just like how they murdered the prophets in the Old Testament.

All of these changes have taken place under the reign of Trump.

People criticized Obama, saying that he was a “secret Muslim” who was going to “destroy America,” “institute Islamic Shariah Law”, and “create a Socialist state” who “loves Saul Alinsky” and was a “danger to the republic”, and people panicked over it. However, the truth has come out that Obama, for all of the bad things he did, was liberal on gun laws by way of the fact that he did nothing to stop the expiration of the 1994 Federal Firearms Ban, and that he made peace with Iran for the time under reasonable terms, and stood up to the Israeli Lobby. Trump has talked a great line about “freedom” and “America” and “our rights” and “nationalism”, but all he has done is to bang the drums of war, support the perversions of the Israeli Lobby more than ever before done in history, to submit America to sodom even further, and even bring legal challenges to the status of the permissibility of Christianity itself in the nation.

Trump is no “alpha male”, for it is all on his watch that these things have happened, and if anything, he is the “beta boy” of Israel.

Now a ship is being named after a famous sodomite for the military, sign of the true religion of the nation.

What reason is there for somebody to fight for “freedom”, when the fact is that “freedom” is defined as another man masturbating into another man’s anus?

(PS: Russia is not a savior either, for she supports sodom as much as the US does, but does so in a more silent way and thus is far better at bluffing her position as opposed to outright lying about it).

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