Federal Judge Rules That Samoan Citizens Automatically Receive US Citizenship

A federal judge in Utah has ruled that people living in American Samoa now automatically receive American citizenship:

A federal judge in Utah has ruled that American Samoans are full U.S. citizens and ordered the Trump administration to issue the plaintiffs in the case new passports reflecting their full-citizen status.

The ruling came Dec. 12 after American Samoans living in Utah filed a lawsuit in 2018 in the case cited as Fitisemanu v. United States of America, asserting that because they are deemed “non-citizen nationals” instead of U.S. citizens, they are denied various rights, such as voting, that U.S. citizens take for granted. Their passports contain an endorsement that reads: “The bearer is a United States national and not a United States citizen.”

American Samoa became a U.S. territory in 1900. Congress adopted laws granting citizenship to those born in other U.S. territories—the Northern Marianas, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico—but not for American Samoa.

The judge in the case, Clark Waddoups of the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah, wrote in the 69-page ruling that the court was “not imposing ‘citizenship by judicial fiat.’ The action is required by the mandate of the Fourteenth Amendment as construed and applied by Supreme Court precedent,” the judge stated. (source)

While little attention is usually paid to the southern Pacific, it is going to come under much closer attention as China attempts to assert herself and extend her economic and political reach.

The US and UK control many small island chains in the Pacific, and American Samoa has been under the control of the US since 1900. These islands serve as important “launching points” for exerting the influence of what Professor Carroll Quigley has called the “Anglo-American Empire” by controlling the seas. It is similar to Russia’s emphasis on influence from her European capitol to the eastern edge of the Baring Strait as well as her push into all of Central Asia, for what the US holds on the oceans the Russia’s hold on the Asian land mass.

The reason for giving American citizenship to Samoans right now is to counter the direct influence of China as she attempts to assert herself around the world.

The Chinese have been going on a worldwide rampage of threatening other nations to buy Chinese Huawei products or else face trade sanctions. While the US certainly has done similar things, the Chinese are not subtle at all about their actions, and can barely conceal their viciousness, something which they also put against their own people throughout Chinese history. So far she has openly threatened Denmark, the Faroese Islands, Germany, Canada, the US, and will likely continue to do this. She has also been forcing herself into Myanmar as well as attempting to push against Russia’s presence in Central Asia, to which Russia has responded by building another military base in Tajikistan near the Chinese border, for in spite of the cheap resources they sell China, this is but a ploy to keep the Chinese dragon caged as long as she can.

China has been eying islands in the Pacific for a long time for the same reason the US took them, and she has made no secret of her attempts to extend her economic influence into them. Samoa has been a major target of China likely for this reason- that they exist as a semi-territory of the US as the people there do not have full American citizenship. Australian news has noted that Samoa and the Asian dragon have been making major trade deals and China is the island nation’s largest creditor. While these many appear to be harmless, they are anything but harmless because they are Chinese attempts to pull the island into her domain. US News reported last month that the US has been asserting her presence in the Solomon Islands, which are west of Samoa, and even closer to Australia because of Chinese influence growing in that area.

The US is no fool to the game of Empire. She has been doing this for over a century, and while she is not afraid, she is preparing for what she knows is going to eventually culminate in a military conflict with China over who is the most powerful nation in the world.

Samoa may be small, but it is always the little things that matter most in major conflicts.

By giving those people American citizenship, they are now under the “protection” of the US.

Expect to see significant military buildup in that area and on the surrounding islands from more than what is currently present. The song of the age is turning again to war, and we are but hearing some of the melodies of it play.

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