Pope Francis Declares That “We Must Help And Save” Migrants, And “The Lord Will Take This Into Account On Judgment Day”

Pope Francis recently- and correctly – declared that “we must help and save [people] for we are all responsible for our neighbour’s life, and the Lord will take this into account on Judgment Day.”

Pope Francis today met with another group of refugees who recently arrived from Lesbos, Greece, through humanitarian corridors, 14 of them minors and a dozen Christians.

In his address, the pontiff issued a new warning against apathy and indifference in the face of those seeking help. He urged action to “empty the detention camps in Libya by evaluating and implementing all possible solutions”.

“[I]njustice,” he said, “forces many migrants to leave their lands” only “to let them perish in a stormy sea rather than die slowly in Libyan detention camps, places of torture and despicable slavery”. For this reason, “blocking their boats does not solve the problem.”

Instead, it is necessary “to expose and pursue the traffickers who exploit and mistreat migrants, unafraid of revealing the collusion and complicity” of people in power.

Francis began his speech by referring to the cross with life jacket displayed in the Vatican’s Belvedere Courtyard. The jacket “belonged to a migrant who went missing” at sea last July.

The cross is transparent and pushes us to look “more carefully and always seek the truth”. It is also glowing “because it wants to hearten our faith in the Resurrection.”

Saving each and every human life, Francis noted, “is a moral duty that unites believers and non-believers”. The jacket and the cross indicate the steps to take: “We are all responsible for our neighbour’s life.”

“We need to put aside economic interests and focus on the individual, every individual, whose life and dignity are precious in the eyes of God.

“We must help and save [people] for we are all responsible for our neighbour’s life, and the Lord will take this into account on Judgment Day.” (source)

Francis is absolutely right to makes this statement.

As with many things in life, there are “two sides” to each perspective. It is correct from the point of view of those in Europe and the US to note the many issues that have come from migration. This includes the rise of criminal activity from said migrant gangs, the intentional disregard for local considerations in Europe and the US, and the many economic problems that the migration situation has greatly exacerbated.

It is arguable that, at least in the US, a lot of the people who consider themselves “anti-migrant” do not consider themselves racists, and likewise many would most likely look for a genuine reform of migration laws as well as economic reforms that benefit both migrant and “native citizen” alike. Their view should not be ignored, because these concerns are real and do have long-term consequences.

However, what the Pope notes here, regardless of what one thinks of him or his other statements, is absolutely true and not just true, but Biblical.

The Old Testament makes clear that one must treat “foreigners” well, because as God says, once upon a time the Hebrews were “foreigners” in a new land, and so they must extend the same courtesy to others.

This does not mean to allow for abuse. But rather, to seek good intentions for all first, and to respond appropriately going forward.

Shoebat.com has constantly emphasized since 2016 that the “migration crisis” in Europe was not natural, but was manufactured intentionally by foreign policy decisions in the Middle East and Africa where governments created socially inhospitable conditions for tens of millions of people, then went so far as to advertise with promises of easy money and easy living passage to Europe, and then directly paid third party groups that included everybody from major NGOs, charities, corporations, and organizations, all the way to outright human slavers and traffickers to bring as many people as possible from the Sahel and Middle East into Europe. This has been outright proven twice over and cannot be understated because it is the real reason for the crisis.

This was not a “natural” crisis. It was a politically manufactured crisis that has come at the deaths or displacement of millions of poor people in their homelands. This crisis came directly out of the highest halls of power in the US and Europe.

It is NOT the fault of the people migrating that their native lands were either bombed or terrorized into wastelands worse than what their previous situations already were, nor is it their problem that they saw advertisements paid for by the US and European governments for free passage to Europe with lots of free stuff and decided to act on them. To blame them would be like a restaurant putting an advertisement in a newspaper for a “free cup of coffee” and then when a person goes to collect his free cup of coffee, the restaurant abuses him, and then calls the police and has him arrested for asking for the free cup of coffee.

We speculated that the refugee crisis was created in order to cause a political and economic crisis in Germany, which would lead to calls for nationalism, militarism, and then outright war in an attempt to do what Germany has done throughout her history, which is about every century to attempt to enter into military conflict with her neighbors. She has a long and consistent history of this behavior, and given the curious non-enforcement or extremely lax enforcement of migrant crimes, as well as how Germany is simply letting people into her borders when Germany has a long history of extreme law-and-order as well as organization, it all is too reminiscent of a Teutonic plot for social engineering.

One must not forget that the migrants- and it does not matter what country they come from -are people too. They may be different, and while there are real concerns that many have with them, the reason so many are in Europe is because they were basically manipulated as unwitting pawns in a game of political chess.

The same can be said about the many migrants from Central America that come to the US illegally. These people are also manipulated as pawns in a game of political chess while they serve the unspoken backbone of American foreign policy, which is cheap, below-market wages especially in the farming and industrial sectors where they produce goods or services at low costs that are then sold at below-market values to countries around the world to support the American imperial economic machine. Likewise, the cost of cheap food and cheap goods keeps the “natives” in the US quiet, for fat and content people are far less likely to enter into any sort of domestic insurrection than hungry and angry people.

The call to help migrants is not one of looking to “destroy society” or “destroy the white race”. Arguably most of the problems that are afflicting the US white population as well as the “native Europeans” is entirely self-inflicted. There is really no other way to say it, but many of them, especially in Europe, are godless and refuse to reproduce because they see self-aggrandizement as their purpose for existence and nothing outside of it. They have largely returned to paganism, and regardless of how they got to this point, the fact is that such is the current situation, and is evidenced by the overwhelming support of sodom among so many of them. For while the support of sodom crosses all races, look at any sodomite parade or rally, and what one will see- after the many Jews present -is a lot of white people praising sodom. Generally speaking, it will be sons of Ham who are the most vocal against this perversion.

St. Mary said in her beautiful canticle when the Angel Gabriel spoke to her that “[the mercy of the Lord] is on those who fear Him, in every generation.”

God made all races. He does not care about race, for as St. John the Baptist said, God could “raise up children of Abraham from these stones.” God wants people who love Him and care about Him because God is love. All men came from God, and all will return to Him.

This is the reason why Christians must care about migrants, because it is about helping the “poor, the widow, and the orphan”, regardless of what his skin color is or where he came from. Both “native” and “foreign” man need help-, and neither one must be emphasized over the other, but in proportion to his needs.

This is what must never be forgotten.

When one looks back at one’s life, it does not matter what title one had, how much money one earned, or how “powerful” one was, but how one loved his fellow man and lived out the commandments of Sacred Scripture in accordance with the will of God. This is what makes a man of a truly superior “tribe”, because the man who is favored by God is so because of His love for Him and his desire and his actions in doing what is morally right.

Using people- it does not matter who they are -in sick political games to start wars and make money is evil.

In the coming war, a lot of migrants will probably perish because they will be unrighteously blamed for the problems of Europe, and will be put to death in the name of nationalist violence just as how many Slavs perished in World War II. What happened to Poles, Czechs, and Ukrainians in the Second World War may be now the face of Malians, Nigerians, and Syrians. However, mass murder is wrong, as the “willful murder of the innocent” is a sin that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance”.

The good of the human race always comes before any political objective, because politics is made for men, not men for politics.

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