40% of Evangelicals Support Removing Trump From Office

In something of a shock poll, 34% of Evangelicals strongly support and 6% somewhat support removing Trump from office.

The poll asked whether voters would “approve or disapprove of the Senate removing President Trump from office?”

Among registered voters in general, 42% of voters strongly approve of Trump’s removal, 9% somewhat approve, 4% somewhat disapprove, and 38% strongly disapprove.

Looking at evangelical voters, 34% would strongly approve of the president’s removal, 9% somewhat approve, 4% somewhat disapprove, and 49% strongly disapprove.

Non-Protestant/Catholic voters approve of Trump’s removal in general by 67%, while 32% disapprove. Non-Christians in general would approve of Trump being removed with 72% approving, and 26% disapproving. (source)

By comparison, which you can read the full results here, Christians as a total stand at 43% support in favor of removing Trump from office.

The chances remain strong that Trump will be re-elected, and he still retains a strong following among Evangelicals. However, the support of him is waning, and this comes at a time as there are a lot of changes coming to the US, reflected in particular among religion, demographics, and social movements where Christianity is in decline.

For years, the Republican party has been a bastion of Christian support. That is changing quickly and likely will in the years to come. It will be a trend that has to be watched and placed into the greater context of contemporary social movements. This will be of particular importance as the Boomers pass into history and are replaced by the Millennials and Zoomers, who are the least Christian generation yet, are overwhelmingly in support of sodom, represent a tremendous amount of racial, cultural, and linguistic diversity, tend to be politically liberal, and also are proportionately economically impoverished in comparison to previous generations.

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