Trump Raises $10 Million In 48 Hours Following His Impeachment

People are told that “crime doesn’t pay”, but some will beg to differ. Trump can agree with this statement as in the 48 hours after his impeachment, he raised $10 million dollars for his 2020 campaign.

An official for President Trump’s 2020 campaign said Friday that it has raised $10 million over the course of two days following the historic impeachment vote in the House this week.

“That’s just in 48 hours, so two days, $5 million dollars a day,” Tim Murtaugh, the communications director of Trump’s reelection team, told Hill.TV. “The president’s reelection campaign gets bigger and stronger.”

“Every time the Democrats in the media into a frenzy like they did on Wednesday with the vote, we collect more data — we have greater interaction with the voters and we raise more money,” he added. (source)

In fairness to Trump, there has been a concerted Democrat effort since the day he was elected to attack or thwart him as much as one could. Nobody can deny this, as it is well-documented. However, this does not absolve him from what I have said many times, and that is his systematic failure to follow through on basic campaign promises and major plans while at the same time going to unnatural ends to please the Israeli lobby.

But for the purpose of this discussion, I am not interested in criticizing Trump. Rather, I want to point out that just as expected, the fact that he was able to raise $10 million in 48 hours, likely as a result of his impeachment, is a strong indication that he will win.

Michael Moore, a person who I strongly disagree with on many things, made a recent observation that is overall accurate concerning Trump.

This is going to be the biggest mess. We’re not even prepared for what we’re going to see. … I think if the election were held tonight, Trump would win. Not in the popular vote. Oh, no. Hillary won by 3 million votes? Whoever the Democratic nominee is, is going to win by 4 or 5 million votes. The gap will be even larger. … The popular vote is going to be huge. But Trump has not lost his base. They’ve gotten bigger, and angrier, and whiter, and madder. (source)

He is very correct about the numbers of people voting Democrat, for this is a reflection of larger demographic changes that will likely be reflected in 2024, with a strong possibility that Texas will become a swing state that may swing blue as well as Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina. However, for now an because of the Boomers, based on the electoral college, Trump will likely carry a 2020 victory.

Compare this with the Democrats for 2020. They have put forth no serious candidate, no serious investments into any candidate, they look like complete fools after having done so much to merit such designations, and are completely boring their own base.

The Democrats could easily win in 2020 provided they had not done this. However, this leads one to suspect that it was done for this reason, to ensure a Trump 2020 victory, that would lead to a near guaranteed Democrat 2024 victory with a potentially radical candidate. If one speaks of how Trump’s attitude has changed the level of political discussion, one can only imagine what happens when the exact same techniques are then employed by the Democrat party. It would be a Democrat landslide.

There are going to be a lot of political changes in the years to come. Things are going to get very interesting, especially as the country has largely embraced socialism and has pursued policies to see it realized, be it coming from the left or from the right. The change has been set, the die has been “cast”, and at this point, it is for the wise to stop trying to fight this, to accept what is coming, and to get ready for it.

Trump has likely grabbed the 2020 election victory based on what one is seeing. The more he is attacked, the more popular he becomes and the more he rallies his base to support and away from the memories of promises broken. He needs this in order to win, and the strategy is working well. It is the same with the talk of “racism” coming from his administration, which is something that Trump seems to want because it polarizes the issue between parties, rallies his base to him, and makes him more popular.

The 2020 election is less than a year away, but the outcome is likely a Trump victory barring any major changes.

It will not be generally helpful to continue to argue politics because, essentially, the “leader” has already been selected. Rather, it is a better use of one’s time to put it towards productive things that better the self and those immediately within one’s circle of influence.

Instead, start looking at the Democrat Party after the 2020 election, because that is when one will likely start seeing the “rebirth” of a “new party” that will be far more virulent than the Democrat Party of the Boomer generation.

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