Merry Christmas 2019 From

This is the last Christmas of the decade, and with 2020 in sight, the world stands on the edge of a new decade with new hopes, dreams, and dangers, as the stakes for humanity have arguably never been higher as the shadow of a coming economic instability, technological transformations, and political movements threaten the survival of billions in the formation of major world war.

But now is not the time to think about such things. On this day, over two thousand years ago, the hope of the human race was born.

It is why Christmas is celebrated at the time of the year when for most people, the sun is at her shortest hours, because it is out of the darkness that has enveloped humanity that the True Light, Christ was born as a sign of hope and perfected God’s promise to save the human race from her sins with his death.

Christmas is a time to be hopeful, because Christ is our hope for everything as in the fullness of time, all things will be made right in and by Him.

On behalf of Walid, Ted, and I, and all of us at, we wish you and your families a very Merry and Holy Christmas.

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